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Jungle Horror Droplist


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I didn't find any droplists for these guys (NOT the sames as cave) so i'll start one




Name: Jungle Horror HP: 45 for all


Agressive: Yes


Member: Yes


Retreats: No


location: Jungle of Mos Le'harmless




Examine: A Horrible, emaciated ape like creature with beady ___* eyes


*comes in five colors, each with different sizes, colors, and colored eyes


Green: Large and Green


Pink: Large and Very pale green


Red: Large and Gray


Yellow: Small and Pale Yellow/Green


Blue: Medium and Green






100% - Bones


Weapons - Iron Spear, Iron Warhammer, iron javelin (5)


Armor - Iron Kite


Runes/Arrows - Nature runes (2,4,5), Death Rune (1)


Misc. - Bundles of Big Bones + Small bones, low seeds, herbs, Mahogany Log (1), Noted Teak Logs (3), Pineapple (2), Iron Ore (1)




Ill update if i get more

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