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rune pure help


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i have an account with these stats, would this be good in wildy??




50 att, 65 str, 45 def, 28 pray, 30 mage, 27 range




cb lvl 66




would that be pretty good with a str pot, and lobbies??




would wear full rune, and schim or 2h




non membs

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Your melee stats work. You're not really "pure", but still, good pk melee stats.




The pray I don't personally agree with, but whatever, no complaint from me.




That said, anybody with fire blast will eat you for breakfast. Get 40+ range (for hides) and 50+ mage.




Also, you want an alternate form of attack so that protection prayers aren't quite as effective against you.




Your goals should be:


70 str (why'd I write atk?!)


40 range


50 mage




And then get one of:


60 mage


70 range




And go from there.



Click (above) for my blog!!


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