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What do I do about Abyssal pouches!?


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Bring prayer potions and the highest prayer bonus you can (initiate, zammy book, etc), and a ring of wealth. It shouldn't take that long like that. Pouches GREATLY help the task of runecrafting, and if you can use the giant one, it almost doubles the amount of essence you can carry per trip.

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I wouldn't waste prayer pots there, just normal rune full, fremmy helm, dlong or scim and rune kite will do.




Take a few pray pots with you though, along with food (lobs will do). Once you enter the abyss you will loose all the prayer you have and you might need it.




A good spot to kill the lowest lvl of them (leeches?) is at the west side of the abyss. there are also few walkers (lvl 81) there but after a while they will stop attacking.




Stay there until you have all 4 of them, small one you will get in the quest so you have to get 3 from there. ring of wealth wouldn't hurt, but i've never taken it with me.




Good luck :)

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don;t need any prayer get rune armor + d weapon with the little extras like fremmy hat etc, your normal cheapo melee kit.




As always!!!!! have a filled ectophial in an easy to click spot and run to abby with inventory screen open. As you are in melee equipment, your magic def will blow so test run for pk's or just have a fast ecto click if you see spells flying.




bring a ring of wealth and 3/4ths inventory of good food like lobs +




once in , run over to the nw area of the outer abyss. If you get in trouble, ECTO.




hole up in one of the outer branches so that only one mob can get to you and wait for them to come to you.




The leeches only have like 10 hp but they hit alot... For the first 15 mins there, try and find the branch where a level 59 guardian pops close to the cubby.




It takes longer to kill a guardian but they hit so rarely it's all good. stay away from the level 81 walkers, they can hit hard and do not die fast.




Once you lose the abby induced skull and the mobs go non aggro, it's safe to explore a bit and attack leeches since first hit has a great chance of killing them.




expect to spend about 30 to 40 mins getting the pouches so choose what your loot wisely as you'll have alot of food with you. Keep in mind that the unnoted ess you get can go into the pouches as you get them and necklaces of bindeing are nice.




have yet to see a use for an elemental talisman like ever... =)







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well i got 2 pouches in like 100 kills or less i used like 5 prayer pots (60 prayer when i got them) and monks robes and dds


now im 51 rc and i went back to repair mine and i killed a few for fun and got a giant pouch which i cant use until 70 rc, i dont think u would really need a wealth


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I take a guthan set (so i have 4item so i cant loose if i die bcoz of pker)


And I only killl larva. (take an instant tele like an ectophial in case)


And jump from one kill to another kill without taking dfrops, except pouches (they are always on the top of the drop.


I usually get all in less than 15 minutes (up to giant included)

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ineedequip - just with small, med and large pouch, you get 43 runes per trip, as opposed to a max of 28 without.




That makes a VERY big difference over the course of time ;)




Getting the pouches is a little bit of a pain. Going through that as I type this, after having been PKed while doing abby runs. Can quite gleefully say, however, that I went back and fried that little bastards [wagon]... mwahahaha... DAMN that felt good, and well worth the time it's taking me to get my pouches back lol...

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RHQ sucks...


nice guide! when i was going to become a member i was searching all over what quests should i do to get fletching/herby xp (shame im still f2p lol)




respect 11/10

Use Tinderbox -> RuneHQ / 32 more options

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