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Setup for desert treasures


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I plan to fire blast khamil, water blast fareed, earth blast Dessous, and earth blast/snare damis.




Three questions:


Are there better ways to attack these guys?


What should my setup (Inventory and equipped) be for each of them?


What prayers should I use on Khamil and Dessous?




My stats


77 attack


75 strength


75 defence


77 hitpoints


64 ranged


70 mage


55 prayer




Any advice in general?

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Damis - Protect melee the whole time, keep using prayer pots. Alternatively, snare and run... but this doesn't work too well because you'll still take hits from the skeletons.




Fareed - Protect melee and just manually cast your spells, or use your gloves. He's easy.




Kamil - Protect melee, stand up close, and MANUALLY cast your spells out of the spellbook. Otherwise it's a pain to attack him because of the ice spells... I don't know why but they interfere with auto-cast.




Dessous - Stand behind the fence and fireblast... or up close with protect melee. I got him on my pure with level 13 prayer using waterwave and alone with 1 defence so he shouldn't be a problem.

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wear ghostly robes and glory/mage ammy then mage them all with protect from melee




i taught you only got ghostly robes after the quest? not much use during it...


~hawt Knight of the Void~


Barrows drops: 3. veracs brassard, torags hammers & dharoks greataxe (double drop)

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