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Do I need to keep these?


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remember bluerite is about the same as an iron weapon.




silver light works about the same as addy on demons, but around steel on everything else.




I suggest you throw them out.

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You could always use them as weapons but of course there are much better choices out there, other than that, no they dont have any uses outside the quests they are part of. However, Silverlight may be a good choice to train with if you are fighting demons, i believe it is about as strong as a rune long.


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you can drop your silver light, you can buy it back from the guy that gave it to you when you were doing demon slayer in the varrok castle for 500gp.

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Actually to be more accurate, silverlight will hit 2 points higher than your max hit with a rune scimmy.




Ex: if your max is 15 with a scim, you will hit 17 with silverlight against lessers




...which is like a rune long, if i am not mistaken. last time i used one, i was able to hit 2 pts higher max than with scim.

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