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Trading from bank inventory.


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I might very well be missing something here. See back in the day, several years ago, when I used to play this game regularly, I remembered hearing something about the ability to do trades through your bank iventories. Now mind you, this was back before members accounts were started. Has this gone into game yet or did it not work out?




The idea was that you could use the bank box to set up your trade so that you could sell 1k cooked lobsters in a single shot. The money for the purchase would would go from the buyer's bank inventory to the seller's. This would also be true for the purchase items.




When the two of you would agree on the trade, you would both open the bank box. You could then select to offer x amount of an item and it would go into the trade window as a stack, just like if you had depossited to your bank inventory. If the trade is agreed and finished, you would close it just like a normal trade. The only difference is the end of the trade would simply swap the items from each other's bank inventory.

Tsi Ani-Yunwiya



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It was being discussed back when they were switching over from RSC. They didn't want the hassle and the scamming that came about with certs.




But instead they decided to go ahead and do what they do with bank notes. And I think it works pretty well.

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Make notes? Thats something I haven't heard as of yet. What is and how do you make notes?




That means that you can have infinite of one item in your inventory but you can't use it, when in the bank there's two buttons "withdraw as: items/notes" choose notes to withdraw them as notes :)



R.I.P. Shiva and Steve

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