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General Guide: Stronghold of Security

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The submissions received and used to update the guide (or were invalid) have been cleared from this topic.




Thanks for your contributions, everyone!

103 combat | 1M+ xp in each skill (lvl73) | 1800+ skill total | quest cape

Level 86 herblore, 85 farming

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The War level Goblin levels are all wrong.




As you enter the War level the first two chambers contain Goblins of Levels 5, 11 and 13.




The other chambers that contain goblins contain a mixture of level 16 and level 25 goblins

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on the stronghold map you didn't have a guide line to solve the maze so i took the pic and used paint to add one




[hide=stonghold map with my line added]Stronghold_of_Security.jpg






edit: forgot to add a code







refresh to see another sig =P

also click on the sig to go to The Art Bazaar

thanks to everyone who made me a sig

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