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Looking for Old User!


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Like, ages and ages ago (maybe two and a half) in RSC I was friends with someone.




And I know he used this forum, and I know his signature had a Green Party Hat in it, not like a screenshot from game, but one someone would have made on some graphics program.




Anyway, I was wondering if any of you older users could remember him.





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Did he had a rune pick next to it? Isn't it Fnaa?


(His comics rock)




Nope. The Party hat is drawn the same way as the party hat in that one, but it's a signature, not an avatar.




Also, the party hat was the main feature, i don't think there was anything else except a username. I believe it didn't have a background either, just black.




Thanks for your help, though!

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there is a sticky on this please use the sticky




This is why I asked an admin first.




My post does not contain a name, it's the name i'm searching for.




So it doesn't fit into the sticky.




The admin said it was fine if I made a post here (or in P2P discussion), so I did.

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it ok though i'm terrible with usernames but i am pretty good at remembering their signatures, maybe you're the same way. i ahven't been around for that long, so i'm afraid i cannot help you.




i hope you get in tough with your friend! (i really do)


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i just saw him his name daxter272 or daxter727 he wa sin help and advise for steel drgaon safe spot


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