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Runescape:World at War


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It is the near future of runescape on a normal day filled with normal... and odd people of sorts living there lifes when suddently all gone to chaos..




the monsters of morytania flood west across the river salve even though it was supposed to defend everyone.. the wilderness monsters flow south..




trolls from the troll mountains attack the natives there....the world has been curse with being skulled and being able to fight each other no matter what lv...




the goblins attack farmers... numerous monsters from the far far west cross over to the land blood thirsty... no one knows what causes this but the world is in panic...




its been sometime since this chaos as most newbs are dead along with most gnomes.... the stronger players kill the weaker ones wanting to be rich.. and while this is happening several heros shall rise to calm the world from this chaos...




~part 1~




A boy named Alexis enters the city of lumbridge which is in ruins and sourounding buildings are ruined... farm houses ablazed.. he hardly can stand the fact of his world being ruined.... he walks into the castle and he hears running behind him and he turns just as a man in full dharocks trys to kill him with his great axe but misses and it hits the wall alexis quickly takes his twin swords and kills him... he takes the armor but dosent wear it.. then he sees people running down from the north people of varrock and monsters running behind them and stronger people trying to fend them off..




It seemed like the leader of the group and was weilding a staff but with a kinda zig zagged top he was infrontof everyone else. He raised his hands and a giant burst of energy went into the sky as a giant eletrict ball flew from his hands then the ball above the terrible monsters exploded in lighting blasts hitting 5's on each monster below it blackening the ground with scarches of heat. The monsters lay dead.




Alexis walks up to this mage and ask what hes doing here. The mage tells him that hes a wizard from the very far east a master with lighting spells. He also tells him that hes with this group trying to find a save place to escape from the monsters...He thinks that there might be save lands to the far south beyond karajama past the sea.




Alexis Decides to go on with them and to help defend them from the monsters.




~part 2~




They go west with the rest of the people into the town of draynor it is in ruins also. They set up camp there and the people fish for food on the sea and cut down wood to make weapons.




The wizards name is Zeldar and he announces the plan to find a save area.


First there going to go arround runescape gather more people.


Then they will go get a boat on port sarim where some member of the team are. Then they are to set sail far south to find save lands. Zeldar believes there are save land there because little history has been told about the land far south and that a story tales of a hero that sailed far south and found a wonderful land of peace and riches.




Then the next day they leave to go to falador. When they enter its also in ruins but the castle isnt as bad there white knights defended the castle during the attack from the northern monsters.




They entered the courtyard of the castle there tents set up all arround the couryard and infront of the castle for the knights to sleep in.Zeldar tried to convice the king to join them but he refused his offer telling Zeldar that he could be wrong and could cause more trouble among the people.




Then the group went to the barbarian village. When they arrived no human was alive. Then in the blink of a eye a valley of arrows flew down most missing the group. It was goblins! Then goblins surrounded the group.


The warriors went to sourround the group along with Zeldar and Alexis.


Zeldar casted a lighting bold strike on the goblin archers. Alexis ran out and met his sword with the goblins along with any brave hearted man in the group. The goblins were quickly slaughtered.




Then the group moved towards Varrock...




~part 3~




They entered the city it was mostly in ruins also. They moved towards the castle it was also in ruins.Windows broken even a giant hole in the wall. The group walked in and it seems like nothing in sight. Then alexis went to the northern part where the library used to be. And a trapdoor opened. It was the librarian. He told them that the loyal family servived and hidden down the trap door.The group went down accept for most of the warriors who stayed and putted up tents arround the ruined castle.




The king was surely well along with the queen. Zeldar proposed that they come with him but he rejected but asked him if he could take him to the white knight castle and Zeldar agreed it be best if they went there.




The next day they set off to taverly. Once they went up to the road that went to falador zeldar had 4 men go and take the king and queen and librarian go to the castle.




Then they went off to taverly. It wasnt as bad as the other places then Zedar decided they should take camp there.




They fished for more food and Alexis walked arround checking out the land. He heard bird chirping on the trees and went to touch the tree when then the tree and Alexis felld own through the ground. He was in a terrible dungeon. It was pretty dark except for the hole above then he had to think of how to leave. But then he saw a sparkle and walked over there was a normal stone statue. In its hand was a gold bladed sword. But the sparkle couldnt have came from it since there wasnt light shining on it. Then a light blew behind him. And he neary dodged the flames of a giant blue dragon! He noticed that the right eye was made of onyx and thats what sparkled.






~~ to be continued ~~

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:shame: One word, GRAMMAR!




This is a story section. It's important we are able to read your story.


Treat this as a school assignment. We aren't asking for a [bleep]en's novel, but it should be well put together.

Im a borderline alchoholic raised by my mother in an inn in Port Sarim. I quite frequently break out in dance. How are you today?



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