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Guilded Altar! / Open House!


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Well a long time ago when construction was still on the main page I completed my goal of 72. I said I would throw a party but that never really happened...




So today I just hit 70 prayer and got my crest changed to the zamorak one to match my chapel. I've been training with a couple people for the past few hours and now I'm just hanging out while they use the altar.




So now I'm inviting anyone who wants to come to see my house or use my guilded altar.




STATUS: CLOSED - Be back tomorrow!


World: 112






Guilded altar info:




Bring noted bones plus some money. When you need more bones sell noted to general store and buy back some unnoted. I will not be training any more prayer as I have reached my goal of 70. You will need to bring your own tinderbox/2 marrentil.

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I don't have any bones, but gratz on 70, I got 70 Prayer as well.

All Quests completed

99 Thieving achieved on January 10th, 2008

99 Defense achieved on August 3rd, 2008

85 Slayer achieved on July 31st, 2008

6 Dragon boot drops, 14 Whip drops

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