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House Redecoration = Dungeon Redecoration!


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I was offering some freshly bought dragon bones on my gilded altar(252 xp per bone! :thumbsup: ) when I decided a change of scenery was needed.




I headed to an Estate Agent and redecorated my house to fremmennik style wood and when I went back to my house I noticed my dungeon had changed as well!




Here are pictures of the dungeon with different house styles.








dungeonsj4.th.png~ Basic Wood style. (Looks like Barrows! :D )


dungeonuz6.th.png~Basic Stone


dungeoniu3.th.png~Whitewashed Stone/Desert style


dungeonws6.th.png~Fremmennik style wood


dungeonzm6.th.png~Tropical wood - my personal favorite, makes the spiders blend in and makes your dungeon look something like the metal dragon dungeon on brimhaven.


dungeonwr7.th.png~Fancy Stone




Enjoy not spending 100k trying to find a cool looking dungeon! :mrgreen:



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That is great :)


I wish more people post things like this and wish I could see what throne look better oak/teak/mahagony/guilded.




btw any one got guilded trone I can sit on and take picture ? (need to change the welcome screen in my home designer java applet).

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I wish you could make it so that the dungeon design and your house design were seperate. I like my fancy stone, however I'm not too fond of the dungeon walls that some with it. I would love to have the barrows style in my house when I get the con level, but the basic wood is so ugly.


"Those who know nothing, can understand nothing"

- Ansem, Kingdom Hearts

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I found this out awhile ago after visiting peoples houses and I noticed a difference in the dungeon appearances. I agree with you in thinking that tropical wood looks the best. Even tho fancy stone is the most expensive to get, I think that it makes my house very plain looking. I like the look of tropical in the dungeon and the regular normal house as well :D

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