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  1. Everyone is saying to camp Abyssal Demons, but with full equipment and potions you usually only get one every 3-5 hours, as the drop rate is pretty lousy. It would probably be faster to make some cash from thieving or selling stuff to stores and buy a dragon scimitar from Ape Atoll.
  2. Stopwatch + full load of fish, figure it out yourself
  3. I think the opposite, my reasons for that are in my post. I've at least gathered a hunch from experience, do you have any evidence to say why the rng would be after the success of the attack is determined?
  4. From what I've observed, a noob is... ...anyone who levels up a skill or does so in an efficient or inefficient manner, kills monsters, kills players, dies to monsters, dies to players, has a low combat level, has a high combat level, has 200M experience in a skill, wears an untrimmed skillcape, wears a skillcape, eats food, buries bones, uses the ectofuntus for prayer, uses a gilded altar for prayer, trains on rock crabs, uses the normal spellbook, uses the ancient magicks spellbook, uses the lunar spellbook, doesn't train slayer past 85, doesn't train slayer past 90, trains slayer past 90, uses the dragon claws special attack, trains at pest control, completes quests that don't offer good rewards, completes quests, has not completed While Guthix Sleeps, uses the Report Abuse feature, types using correct spelling, types using incorrect spelling, uses the Protect from Magic prayer, uses the Protect from Missiles prayer, uses the Protect from Melee prayer, uses prayer, uses a Spirit Terrorbird, levels summoning, doesn't level summoning, uses familiars, doesn't use familiars, and anyone who has ever and ever will play Runescape.
  5. Oh come on, if i offered you all of the riches of the world, guns, women, and omnipotence, you wouldn't give it up? For me: about 400 usd
  6. The reason attack isn't valued as much is because strength, while making you hit higher, also doubles as a stat that increases how often you deal damage. From my experience, the combat system works kind of like this: First a rng gives a number of damage your character is trying to deal, your strength and strength bonuses increase the maximum number the rng can pick. Then, actually dealing the damage is based on 3 things, your attack level and your attack bonus, your opponents defense level, and how high the number is that you are trying to hit. For example, it's harder to block a 35 damage attack than a 5 damage attack (If you notice when you are fighting someone with a lot of defense/armor, the majority of your non 0 hits will be closer to your maximum damage potential than your minimum. If you are fighting something with low defense like a pure, you will see that in place of those 0s you hit before are lower numbers). Because strength increases how high you hit, it also increases your accuracy. Not sure how off topic I went with this, but this information has all been hypothesized by my own personal experience in combat.
  7. My first account was named Kubert7 because Kubert was my nickname for a long time(I can't exactly remember how it came to be, however...). Had to put a 7 after it because Kubert was already taken. After Kubert7 got banned, I made Super Kubert. It's like Kubert7, except super.
  8. Your motive in runescape should be to have fun, not to impress others. It may sound cliche, but it's true.
  9. I think that the second ranger was having more fun.
  10. I see that a lot of people have been suggesting a prayer update that includes benefits for noncombat skills. However, I think that prayer's power should be exclusive to combat skills, because it does affect one's combat level. Even from a flavorful standpoint, would the gods really grant a hero the power to catch more fish or cut more logs? The gods of runescape seem to only be interested in the glory of warfare, sadly, and I think that the introduction of noncombat related prayers would compromise the existing character of the already crafted deities. A little more on topic: I would love to see more prayers, but I'm led to believe the quick-prayers update was the update that Jagex was talking about.
  11. I usually say something about how I don't know them well enough to be friends, and if they can't accept that, well then they probably wouldn't have been a good friend anyway.
  12. That happens a lot when you lag and teleport out of the wilderness, happened a lot to me on free to play.
  13. I like every single idea in there, advanced cape of legends is alright I guess, but i would make it have no attack bonus, and only 1 prayer bonus. Very good ideas =D>
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