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piman1053's goal for 85 mining and smithing [71/85 mining]

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Here's the story-I've been making cash in any way possible, though it is difficult for me as a skiller, because I usually don't like selling raws or ores...etc., but after a lot of oaks and countless other worthless methods, I finnaly got 3M, and then bought a whip. I had fun with it, did pest control for a few days, and then got bored with it, as i usually do with melee. Then, a broke man, i stared at my stats and wondering how I should make cash. I had always heard that runecrafting is a wonderful method, so I spent 300k and a glory in my house, thinking that it was efficient, but later realized that even if I do get pked, I still lose pouches, so that was out of the question. I had recently got smithing up to my mining level (62 atm) by smelting iron bars, which isn't a bad way of making cash. I ended up smelting about 14k and sold the bars for 200-250 each.




Then, i sorta stared at my stats again...




I didn't really think of anything intriguing, so I searched my stats in the highscores and found that my worst ranked stat was mining. I had never really cared for mining, it was one of those repetitive skills that you actually had to pay attention to, unlike woodcutting or cooking, etc., so I had the wild thought that i should get 100k iron ore, just for fun.




This ill be a very difficult goal for me, and I have thought it out. There will be 3 phases-




1)Mine 100k iron ore.




19k/100k iron ore mined
















This will be extremely boring, and I am quite aware of that. To break up the utter monotony, I will not smith, but rather get agility levels. I want to have a pic of 100 iron ore and i need agility levels for roving elves and the benefit of mining, so that's what I will do. I will be mining north of Yanille, as it is the easiest to bank. While I am there, i will be farming in the nearby hops patch and getting sand from bert, if I ever do the quest.


Using the tip.it planner, I will have 86 mining. Why not just 85? 86 is for fun. :thumbsup:






2)Smelt 100k iron ore into bars.




0/100k Smelted
















I am hoping that wearing a glory will pay for the rings of forging, but if not, I will buy them. I will be smelting using the port phasmatys and farming in the nearby farm to break up this monotony. Just like the mining part, i want a bank pic of 100k iron bars.




3)Smith 100k iron bars into 500k iron knives and then sell.




0/500k smithed
















I will be using Yanille again for this phase. Im not completely sure if this anvil is better than varrock, but I know that it is less crowded (so I don't accidentally "use iron bar -> [person]"). Just like the mining phase, I will be farming and getting sand. Using the tip.it smith/smelt planner, I will end up with 86 smithing.






After this goal is completed, I am hoping on getting 15-20M off of the knives, and then I will do a few other things with it-




Get 99 cooking.




At current market prices (250 each for raw lobs and 200 each for cooked lobs) It will cost about 5M to get the nessicary 12M xp. I will use the forums (both official and tip.it) to get the raw lobs and then sell them in world 1 or 3 edge, and see what I can sell on the forums. I will eventually be cooking sharks, but am going to wait a while to get a good grasp on market prices.




Get 99 Fletching.




This will be another long-term goal, but I will use the cash from the iron knives to buy lots of yews and bs and then use forums to get free fletching xp.






Get 94 mage.




This, yet again, will take a while. I will achieve this goal through alching, of course. If I manage to come through with this, I will do desert treasure and pk. (94 mage at 87 combat=0wnage!) Of course, 85 will also be satisfying.








Oh, and the other skills I have mentioned-






I am looking for about 60-70 agility, mainly to eventually do ME2, and also mine better.










I don't really know how high this will get, but I am hoping for about 50. I will be farming sweetcorn, hops, and herbs, so I will get herblore up a bit, and then do Legends Quest.




I will be posting pics at every major level I get. Wish me luck! :thumbsup:

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Only 7K iron ores mined.








Better step it up if you ever want to get level 85 mining. I have the same goal, I'm level 80 mining now. Mining is boring.




Good luck on your goal, you can make it.





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I am trying to mine 20K Iron to Smith into Knives and I don't even want to get started lol. Not looking foward to that at all, so good luck with 100K :shock: ...

I_Xpk3r_I: Future Mayhem Maker

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same 100k goal ecpect i hope to get willow




it will take a while i no but i am now 75 wc:)




party on!!!!!!!!! any way good luck and i know it takes a long time jsut to geta 1k iron, trust me i took forever just to get 1.5 ore lol well good luck and wish me luck on my 100k goal. man it will take me high in stats and money i hope but it a lot. again good luck

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dude related to the 99 fletch goal...


if your planning to trade strung yew longs for yews and bs thats wrong


i am also on 99 fletching and i suggest:


sell the yew longs 550 ea


then buy yews and bs with all the cash you have


make into yew longs strung


sell 550 ea


buy materials all cahs u have


do this until 99


thus it will take a few hours to sell the yew longs and buy materials BUT


you will get a very nice profit


from your level to 99 you should get over 10m gps profit and only a 1-2 hours longer than just trading for materials


thats how i do it :twisted:


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good luck... i might try for 85 mining <.< i know its good cash, but im not looking forward to mining 70k iron...


Noted raw mackerel drop... Wtfh?

Always buying: Watermelon seeds, 2K each. Strawberry seeds, 800 each. Contact Via PM on forums.

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Thanks kamykazee for the advice, im split between sellin them or alching.....maybe ill get 99 fletch by selling and then make my own for alchemization purposes later. Besides, a little extra xp never hurts :thumbsup:




Just got 68 mining, still not really proud of it, but Im back to mining, as long as I don't keep getting distracted #-o

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Good luck with it and don't give up!




I am doing a similar task...




Mine 100k tin


Mine 100k copper


Make 100k bronze bars


Make 100k bronze daggers




gets me to level 86 mining & 80 smithing plus a picture of 100k bronze bars, and a trophy of 100k bronze daggers...

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Karma strikes again!




Im thinking that im supposed to mining more. For the past week or so, I have been training other skills. I got some notable ones, including 70 mage, 35 herb, 38 farming, and 80 fletching, but a few minutes after I started merchanting ddses in w2, I got scammed out of about 1.9m, :cry: so its back to mining for me.

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