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I have a stupid question


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Dont laugh with me but eh




WTF is a half key, what is it worth and what can you do with it? (I'm f2p so can i have em to?)





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you cant have if u r f2p, if you get both halves it will make the crystal key, which opens a chest in taverly containg a dragonstone and a varied reward. loop is worth 30-35k, teeth 35-40

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As yuo are F2P you do not need to worry about them.




Members can collect the tooth and loops ends to make a crystal key. This opens a chest in Taverley where you get an uncut dragonstone and possibly some treasure.

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why would we laugh at you?




this is a place to get help not flamed.




its members only sorry F2P'ers.




it can be combined with the other half (loop and tooth) to make a crystle key.




this is used to open the crystle chest in taverly which gives one uncut dragon stone as well as some other goodies (possibly another half key)


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