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Am i ready


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i am becoming member again, and i do not think i am ready to do barrows, but plz tell me where i need to go with my stats to get there.




52 str












55mage(almost 56)












i would loved the help thanks,





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You need a minimum of 43 Prayer because without it, Dharok will one hit you when you get him low.








You need to raise all of your melee stats to at least 60, as well as ranged. You also need a little hit higher mage for slayer dart.








Remember to brings prayer pots, and food, or else you won't make it very far.








Good luck!

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I suggest you get your Slayer up to 55 so that you can use slayer dart which is a cheaper way to do Barrows since you get most if not all of the runes back at the end of a run. I wouldn't attempt Barrows with less than 80 combat because it would be difficult and more expensive.




Prayer over 43 is a must or you will die very quickly against Dharok.










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