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I'm at the gnome stronghold.








Anyone know where the nearest place I can get a pineapple?








Trying to make a dirty blast and its the last ingredient I need. Just so happens to be the only one I can't find too. >_<








you can travel to the port in ardougne and travel to brimhaven for a fee and i know theres some pineapple trees on brimhaven, i dont know if theres anything closer though.

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yeah, there's a food store in the stronghold that has some. I think you can get some at the alcohol shop too.








Tried them. Only lemons and oranges.








I read something about a huckel funch, but I don't know where to find him.

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buy a premade wiz's blast from the barman, i think.




Does not work. Don't pass off what you "think" as what you "know" unless you've verified it.








You can buy pineapples in the grand tree, from the trader crewmembers at various docks, pick them from the plants on karamja or ape atoll, or grow them using the farming skill.








If all of these fail, give me a yell in game and I'll give you one.

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