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  1. PMG Dragon Boots were 8 million gp the day they came out.... that was a year ago, now they're 300k. Stuff goes down. Nuff said.
  2. My Sister's Keeper. A girl I went to High School with used this for her Speech and Debate piece (OI)
  3. If you think 68 is close to 99 you are a math noob and fail @ runescape math class. 1-68 Slayer is like only 10% of the way to 99 on a level 3 account when you factor in the 10 years it would take to get that many exp lamps. I would assume that the rest of his non-combat skills are already at 99 and hence he is close to getting all non-combat 99s.
  4. Google Chrome... best browser with a small monitor.
  5. The GE eliminated a lot of the overhead and cost of selling a product... when you bought an item before, you paid for not just the item but also the effort of the person that collected it all so you would be able to buy it all at once.
  6. It's a script... to the person above who said that it is a waste of resources to do this, it's really not because once it's set up it requires little effort. To the person asking about if this takes as long as the rs GE page, the values are all stored somewhere on our end.
  7. sharks are a waste if not all of your inventory is full. Try either pineapple pizzas (22 in 2 bites) or mid-range food like lobsters (12) or monkfish (16) which are half the price of sharks.
  8. Mine are: Hellhounds Greater Demons Steel Dragons Gargoyles (hounds and demons are crowded with noobs and gargoyles are annoying with the hammer; steels take forever.) Also blocked are terrorbirds by quests.
  9. it should start at 0 for all items that would be bought in large quantities (under 10-100k) but 1 for more expensive items; who would buy 10 guthan warspears?
  10. some of the slayer-related ones are good too, I think sss4 or something like that is "My current assignment is ..."
  11. Black demons are now close enough to a bank to run back and get more food. I still use guthans on fire giants in the tunnels.
  12. are you doing protect from melee or do they just not attack you back?
  13. The top of the Treasure Trail Rewards page http://tip.it/runescape/?page=tt_rewards.htm
  14. one thing, don't worry about the anti-fire shield or pot. Just pray mage and run. It knocks the damage down a lot.
  15. use a whip on controlled unless you already have 99 atk or def.
  16. With the demon butler, I needed 50k per 1k planks.
  17. may I direct you to youtube? http://youtube.com/results?search_query ... k+lobsters
  18. What is the most profitable way to do barrows at level 120+? My stats are 90/90/90, 70 prayer, 84 mage, 81 range. I have about 50 mill in starting cash for equips, etc.
  19. pole-tagging (pinball) construction/in edge bank 2 cut diamonds
  20. right, but you could spend the 2k points (or whatever it is) for a willow, and then sell it and buy 58 acorns which means a lot more farming exp.
  21. 1. Slayer (only a page of gear) 2. Skills stuff 3. Herblore stuff (pots not in 4 dose, herbs) 4. Stuff to sell (I have no current use for) 5. Junk (junk trading stuff) 6. Long-term storage (gear that i only use for one assingment, temple trekking, etc.) 7. Farming equips 8. Quest items
  22. You have to disable the bbcode in the post to get the images to display, I edited the post to do so. The one caveat with your method is how cheaply oaks can be purchased on the ge. (less than 1k a piece). Therefore, it is better to go with the best profit-point ratio, sell them and buy other seeds.
  23. #8 may contain the words "A Stone Neath" meaning a stone beneath, which might be the blood altar? (or an underground mine, tzhaar, etc.)
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