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Metal Dragons


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I've been maging metal dragons on and off for about a month, and used about 6k deaths and 3k bloods in the process. But to my sadness, my best drop has been a few rune maces. Does anyone know the drop rate for all the dragon items, and is my unlucklyness normal?

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^lol N33b








i see alot of people say 1/50 steels




1/75 irons




1/100 bronze or something








i've killed a few thousand of them and it's more like








1/200 irons




1/150 steels








never did bronze








got around 14 legs and 11 skirts in the process




if you want to be cost efficient use firebolt with chaos gauntlets




max hit 15 for about 200 gp worth of runes ea spell


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Since all dragons are weak against crush attacks,id suggest using a rune/dragon mace or a dragon battleaxe/rune battleaxe(all in crush mode).




(U also need to have completed heroes for the dragon mace and b axe)



Really? Cause as I recall it was you who was the one cussing me at base. Also, re-read what you just said: one 15 second delay (which is an exaggeration to begin with) ruins floor times? You are beyond ridiculous.

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Well, dont mage em, they have high magic defense, you would be better off ranging or meleeing them.








apparently you have misread something.....they are weak against mage(they are metal after all) and strong versus range(again they are metal after all)

Barrows drops: ahrims staff (2), karils coif, karils xbow, torags plate body, veracs helm.

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