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Trading cat for death runes


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A few hours of following you will turn a kitten into a cat. When you're ready to trade the flea bag in for some 100 Death runes go to West Ardougne and find a citizen (without the plague suit).




You might need to complete Biohazard first though..


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It wouldn't be wise to make this your only form of profit. It's a great extra income though if you just bring a cat along with you while you do other things though.

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i love training combat with my cat so it is like 90k every week of training combat with cat ( i think i play around 9 hours every week) so that could mean your cat pays for your food :lol: :roll:

Mojo477 has had to quit members so i need friends to talk to on my pure Lived4devil so please add her

"The elves having helped create the crystal saw is like Greenpeace having helped create a nuclear seal skinner"

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