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failed curses...


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u should wear full rune so when u do curse it be failed all the time i wouldnt do it for trainin mage takes way to long


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fail curse = when you cast the curse spell, no matter what you get the 29 xp (i belive its 29), even when you fail it. Fail cursing is getting the worst mage attack bonus you can. Once its at -65, you will fail all of the time so you can keep casting it on the same person. You can wear anything as long as you have -65 mage attack bonus or worse. I had -68 while wielding a mystic lava staff, so you can wield staves and still do it. I Just wore full rune, kiteshield, vambraces, dueling ring, fighting boots.

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Its a very cheap way of raising Magic. Wear armour which reduces your Magic Attack Bonus. You need a Magic Attack Bonus of -65 or less to ensure you always fail curse, but remember, you receive no HP XP for it.









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kk thx guys i think i'll try that... :D :P




Failed cursing is a very cost effective way to raise F2P magic.




You will always get 29 exp per cast.




Fire Strike averages only about 18 per cast.




Chaos based spells give more exp but they are much more expensive to cast.








Curse costs about 1 gp per 1 magic exp earned.




Chaos based spells cost about 3 gp per 1 magic exp earned.








Plus all of the runes for Curse can be made in the F2P world,




so it could cost you nothing but time if you wanted.








To always fail wear full helm, chest plate, legs, SoS, boots, kite shield,




green vambraces, and a water or earth staff.




Any metal (Bronze to Rune) will work equally well.




You want your magic attack stat to be -65 or worse to be able to always fail.








IMHO, the best place to cast is in a multi-combat zone so that you will




(almost) always have a target.




Casting from the key room in the Varrock sewers across the water




at the 4 zombies in the ladder room works very well.








Hope this helps.

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