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  1. WRONG UG! The union jack is this: The UK is great. The South is so much better than the north in my honest opinion. Having moved around the country ALOT of times in just 13 years. Born in scotland :). Now Live in souther England. Anyway. Just try and keep out of the dodgy places :P. Actually, its only a Union Jack when it is flown as a jack on the bow of a ship. Its the Union Flag. Next time, when you get all excited that you have finally got the chance to prove someone wrong, make sure you have the correct information, eh? ~JIMMIE
  2. Irn Bru, for sure. Possibly the best drink ever. ~Jimmie
  3. Im British, and im surprised to say watching the Stanley Cup final has been fun, even though its on from 1AM-3:45AM GMT. I dont fully understand all the rules (i found out what Icing was in the third game) but its been enjoyable. To be honest, Giguere has been the best player, and it was rather gutting to see them lose because of two freak goals. I hope Anaheim win, purely because they are the underdogs and have made several great plays. Sellanne and Pronger must be the most entertaining in my opinion. Fourth game on Monday, 1AM, ill be watching. Channel 5 FTW. ~Jimmie
  4. Short fuse is best for most XP/hour. Its like rapid. ~Jimmie
  5. There is no 100% proof that ive seen. To be honest, id rather go around polluting everywhere than drive an electric car. You can call me an ignoble savage, but i dont care. Everyone else can reduce their emissions, i dont want to, its my planet as well. ~Jimmie
  6. No, if your experiences arent memorable, they arent worth writing down. To be honest, i think if you need to write down your emotions it makes you weak, it's my opinion, so dont cry about it, just jot it down. ~Jimmie
  7. Wabaahahahahahahahah Liverpool lost. This is brilliant, they play the most boring football and dont deserve to be on television. If you want high quality watchable football, Liverpool is not the team to watch. ~Jimmie
  8. You should try to get the best RFD gloves you can (mith i think) or use a Dragonstone Bracelet for the bonuses. Overall, very nice. ~Jimmie
  9. Wow, nice stats on both characters. Good luck with your Santa goal. On your pure, instead of Mith Gloves, get the Dragonstone Bracelet, i think it gives slightly better attack bonuses. ~Jimmie
  10. Spellbook swap looks good, although now when people mage stake, they can't prove they arent on Ancients. Heh. ~Jimmie
  11. Ecstacy in its purest form is practically the safest drug around. You only die from the rubbish its mixed with. Anyway, back on topic: Mobile, Wallet (cash and ID), MP3 player, Pen Knife, Car Keys. ~Jimmie
  12. I drink almost every week, and have done since i was 15 or so. Its either at friends house/party/pub etc. In my opinion, its none of peoples business really, me and my friends only do it to have fun, and those that say "Ooh, I dont need alcohol to have fun." can just shut up, because one of these reasons: 1) They havent tried it, because they are too scared. 2) They tried it in a stupid way, either by drinking far too much, or in a crap place, which makes it much less fun. Either way, i dont value their opinion and dont really want to hear it. Plus, i do it sensibly, i dont drink spirits all night. I usually just stick til beer and move onto shots later. If i drink heavily of a night, i wont drive the next day. Leave people to do what they want, I say, ~Jimmie. (Im 17 and live in the UK, where drinking age is 21.)
  13. JIMMIE

    Ranging :P

    My Ranged pure (sp1tf1r3_x) has 77 ranged. I trained: 1-15 Chickens 15-30 Goblins 30-45 Guards in Edgeville Then i went P2P 45-50 Dungeon Rats 50-70 Rock Crabs/PKing 70-77 PC Good luck, ~Jimmie
  14. JIMMIE


    The best equipment would be Neitzenot Helm Strength Amulet (Increase Max hit) / Fury Amulet (if pray doesnt last) Fighter Torso Proselyte Legs Rune Boots Rune Defender Fire Cape Berzerker Ring DD (specials) - Whip (normal fighting) ~Jimmie
  15. If money isnt a problem, and you can actually cast these spells, just try it on some high HP monsters. If their HP gives you before the minute is up, just multiply it to work it out. ~Jimmie
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