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Shahdie Gives Back: Membership :o - OVER

Posted by Lady_Shahdie, 04 December 2009 · 2,093 views

holidays I'm nuts membership card giveaway

Posted Image

Well I decided to make my first post of December something special. What is so special about it you may ask? It is a post to not only thank the Tip.It community for all its kindness towards me but to also give back to it as well. So to kickstart the holiday season, I'm deciding to do a little something called "Shahdie Gives Back." :mrgreen: You, YES YOU, could have the chance to get 3 months of RuneScape membership as my gift!

You're probably thinking: "SHAHDIE YOU'VE GONE NUTS!!!" To tell you the truth I have...NUTS WITH HOLIDAY FEVER!

Posted Image

All you have to do is make a comment on this entry saying "Sign me up!"
This will be a raffle of sorts and I will place your names in this list randomizer. Whoever's name that comes up under entry #1 will be the winner of this membership card!
(You cannot enter more than once, see "ONLY RULE")

If you happen to be the lucky someone who is chosen, I will provide you with the pin at the back of the card via Tip.It pm. Simply go to http://www.runescape.com and do the following:

1. On the left column, under the golden star, click "Upgrade Here."
2. Click the "Upgrade Now" button, wait for the page to load, and then select RuneScape.
3. Scroll down and select the option called "RuneScape Card."
4. Follow the onscreen instructions and insert the pin number when prompted.

Please do not enter more than once or use a throwaway Tip.It account to increase your chances. I will be vigilant about this :P!

So go ahead try your luck and place your entry in the comments! DO IT, DO IT NAO!!!
You know you want to...

Contest ends December 15, 2009 at 3:00 PM PST.

I see through your evil plan, this is clearly an attempt to get more blog comments! :P

Hmm I'm supposed to say something aren't I?

Sign me up! :D
Haha, that's very generous of you to do Shahdie :). Although I personally don't need the membership, I've got a RL friend without a credit card that could really use it so I'll give it to him if I win.

Sign me up! :)
Sign me up!

Thanks! :D
Finally I get to have a chance at membership after 2 years...:D
Sign me up.

The more the merrier haha :mrgreen: And btw, FYI, this isn't something an "evil twin" should be doing.
Sign me up for merry "Lols" and whatnot mishaps off the 'ol Pumpkin M'dear.
"Sign me up!"

Thank you very much for having the Holiday Spirit, Lady :)
Sign me up!

3 free months of insane entertainment is always useful.
sign me up

Oh and whoever wins, I hope someone does something nice for you this xmas, its rare to see generosity nowadays
OOOH! Sign me up!

Question: Can we use it for FunOrb?
Sign me up for the lols Lady S :P
Sure, why not? Sign me up!
Sign me up Lady S! <3:

Witchy x
oh hey evil twin, i kinda advertised this on hyt cc :mrgreen:
Sign me up! Thank you.
Sign me up! This is insane :D
Sign me up!
Sign me up! :thumbsup:
sign me up! :)
Do not sign me up. Or you may find a lawsuit on your hands.

oh hey evil twin, i kinda advertised this on hyt cc :mrgreen:

The more the merrier :thumbsup:...

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