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Quitting RS

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Serpent Eye




But srsly.


It would appear that there is a rumor going around that I have quit playing RuneScape. I am here to tell you today, folks, that this is NOT TRUE.


(Pause for Boo's or Applause.)


My laptop has slowly been dying, and one day Java randomly stopped working properly. I am able to log into RuneScape still, but it is incredibly slow-going, and messaging in PM or CC is nearly impossible to do. Moving around or trying to navigate my bank is also equally sluggish and impossible. Most days, I log in, become so mad at the lag, and promptly log out a minute or so later.


So anyway, just passing the message along. If you happen to hear anyone in CC mention that I've quit or am quitting, please do me a favor and pass the word along that me and my banhammer are still alive and "kicking" (harhar, get it?!).








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Edit: And by Boo, folks, he means "Applause." -Serpy


Nope. I mean boo as in "This is not an applause, I am booing", boo. - Rainy


Edit: You forgot to Edit in an "Edit" letting people know you Edited something. -Serpy

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God damn you Serpy Werpy, don't get my hopes up like that.


I mean... how am I meant to defeat the evil lord Laila without your help? Thus you can't quit.

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You played less than me, have 1 more skillcape, and now you think you can "quit" just like that and get my hopes up?

I hope yer laptop asplodges over you one day >: (

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Giving people heart attacks IS NOT FUN. :angry:


Get a new laptop soon and return so I can flood you once again into my infinite love. :wub:

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Cool kids quit RS. So the question is, are you cool or not? You are the girl btw.

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at first i was like :thumbdown:

then i was like :thumbup:

then i thought :thumbdown: again

but i ended in a :thumbup: y mood <3:

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and then I was like :thumbup:

and then :thumbsup: at your joke

and then I was like awwww <3:


Come back soon :)

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