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  1. I've known what I've wanted to name my first born daughter for the past decade, second daughter's name I just decided last year. 20 now, and nowhere near having kids. :P First daughter: Alexandra (Alex for short) Second daughter: Madeline Haven't been able to think of any boy names I really like.
  2. The idea of a coalition is completely democratic, that's how our government works. You vote for a representative and those representatives form a government however they decide, pretty much. You do not vote for the prime minister. Only about 37% of Canadians voted for Harper btw, not 46%. As for this situation, I think the best thing would be for Harper to resign and hopefully the NDP and Liberals would consider letting the Conservatives have a minority rule with a new leader. One of the key triggers of this coalition was Stephen Harper's absurd proposition of eliminating voter subsidies (each vote for a party gives them a bit of funding, so that parties don't rely on corporate donations, which they can't now anyways). These subsidies help the other parties moreso than the Conservatives, as the Con's tend to be more supported by the upper-class and receive more in way of personal contributions. So, in a time when the political parties need to work together most to get through the economic crisis, Harper's first move was to attempt to financially crush his opposition in a bid to gain power in future elections. He has no interest in teamwork, anything he says now is just to ease public anxiety in an effort to save his own skin.
  3. There is a great site, www.acne.org, that has lots of information and forums on acne treatment. They also sell cleanser, moisturizer, and benzoyl peroxide (the active ingredient in Pro-Activ) for fairly cheap. Don't use pro-active. If it works for you, then buying BP at acne.org is MUCH MUCH cheaper, and if it doesn't work, then it doesn't work. :P Anyways, I did have very bad acne since I was 12-13, and used benzoyl peroxide for a few years. It worked fairly well, but it didn't get me completely clear and it was a huge hassle (putting it on twice a day, face going back to how it was if you missed a few days due to holidays etc). If you're 19 or older and still have plenty of acne, I suggest looking into trying Accutane, which I took. It has lot's of hefty side effects, but they weren't too bad for me. Also, it's very expensive. For me, on Accutane, my acne got better for the first week, much worse for the rest of the month, then slowly better after that. During month 4 I stopped getting new acne entirely, and finished after 5 months. It's now been about 3 months after I finished accutane, and I have noticed one (count it- one) very tiny pimple. The downsides? For the first few months my lips would get very dry and sometimes bleed, chapstick is a frequent necessity. My face was a little dry and flaky, but nothing a bit of moisturizer doesn't take care of. Minor joint/muscle pain. Sometimes I would get nosebleeds in the morning. Minimal alcohol consumption (you're technically supposed to have none), and monthly blood tests. That's about it.
  4. A sad fact is that an 18-year-old Honda CRX can get comparable, or even better fuel efficiency than the hybrids that are out now (prius, civic, etc).
  5. Not yet, but I've had some *very* close calls. a) On my way to college, a very rainy day, I went up to about 85km/h in a 60 zone to merge into a lane on my left, and the instant I had merged the car now in front of me stopped suddenly. I slammed on the brakes and skidded most of the way, but instinctively let go for a moment to regain traction and continued braking. Came within half a metre of the car in front of me, would have been completely my fault. B) On my way home from college, also a very rainy day, I was on a road with two lanes going each way and a median in the middle. I was in the left lane (closer to the median, for you english and similar folk :P); in front of me was a small car and to my right an SUV. The car in front changed into the right lane, and I saw why- some idiot was walking in the middle of my lane. Not across the road, but actually walking DOWN it. I couldn't immediately change lanes because of the SUV and the median surrounding me, and I wasn't confident in my stopping ability because the roads were basically flooding, so I did the only thing I could- accelerated to 90+, cut off the SUV beside me, and missed the pedestrian by about a metre. It seems drastic, but consider than this happened so quickly that I had a fraction of a second to think about it. I could have killed that guy, but this one was NOT my fault.
  6. I'll agree with misplacedme, backs are very attractive. I'm not really repulsed by anything.. breast implants I guess :wall:
  7. 1994 Mercury Sable, although I'll be trading it for an 88-90ish civic or accord in the summer, mainly to save on gas.
  8. Exarch

    Best Country?

    I'm not such a fool to think I can accurately judge other countries from paper statistics, unlike some people here. All I can say is that I have no desire to move out of Canada.
  9. With $10 million, I'd spread about a two million between siblings and friends immediately, buy a house and car for myself (nothing fancy, $30,000 Mazda3 perhaps), invest the rest and give away/donate the interest. I'd stop working until my university education was complete, also.
  10. If I had a $1000, I would buy one of the following: Car: $500-$1000 (something fuel efficient and reliable like a 90ish Honda Accord) Good Mattress: $???-$1000 Or pay off some of my debt (student loan, laptop, grandma).
  11. No. I guess I didn't make it clear when I said "I CANNOT restart it using any keyboard commands known to me." This means that no keystrokes have any effect. None. Ctrl+alt+del, Esc, Windows Key, Alt+tab, etc. Nothing short of holding down the computer's power button or cutting power to the computer will shut it off. EDIT: Also, no, this is not due to a virus. It has always been this way since I've used Windows XP, even after I format and before I connect to the internet. I have not had any detectable virii anyways.
  12. My old computer, which died two years ago, ran on windows 98 se. Things worked on it. I was usually able to end programs or restart it when I wanted to, without much hassle. My current computer uses windows XP. I have no control. Ctrl + alt + del seems to be a distant memory for me; if my system locks up, I CANNOT restart it using any keyboard commands known to me. It does not respond. I always have to hold down my PC's power button or flip the power bar switch. If that's not enough, there are cancel buttons. Cancel buttons do not work when you need them to. EVER. I can hit cancel to close a window in photoshop, sure. But cancel any program that is doing something (installing, updating, connecting to a server, etc)? No freaking way. I can only end the program in the task manager, and even that takes way more time and/or attempts than should be necessary. My question is, why does Windows XP suck so much? Why is ctrl+alt+del useless and attempts to cancel tasks completely futile? Why!?
  13. I own a Gateway tablet notebook. I haven't used the pen in months because I have been too busy with college, but I can tell you it isn't worth getting if your main intention is art. It's a better idea to get a wacom tablet; the Gateway one isn't cut out for artwork (it's not even pressure sensitive). I do believe Toshiba tablets use wacom digitizers, but they are much more expensive.
  14. With absolutely no studying or homework, I got 94% in my grade 12 math. With a small ammount of studing, my first two midterms for university calculus have been 55% and 73%, next one probably around 85. High school is a joke.
  15. Exarch

    Your School Schedule!

    No classes tuesday. First semester of university, I am taking: Intro. to Accounting English something Physics + Physics Lab Differential Calculus. I could take one more class, but as I am working also, I don't want to overwhelm myself.
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