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  1. no.. Gallup sucks. Its too hot here
  2. Name:Boomshakalaka RSGoal:To go a day without being called "noob" Gold:I don't have any. I steal potatoes. weapon:A potato Armour:A donkey costume
  3. Stupid Ogres Nap At The Troubled Area Next word- Area
  4. (the guy at the port sarim bar) (Zombie mask) I like the zombie mask one.
  5. Strange Kalphites (kalphites live in al-kharid desert) In Lumbridge Lose next word- Lose
  6. Las Vegas would blow up. why do people have hair?
  7. No. I'm a boy with short hair. TPUM plays basketball.
  8. Trujillo- Ollijurt. hahah thats weird. Trujillo pronounced as Tru-he-oh.
  9. I would give your avatar 5/10.
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