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  1. So on friday I finally got one of my biggest goals on this game completed. The max cape (alongside with 99 divination). However, as I was already getting drunk at that point I managed to miss the picture of actual level up. Well I mean - I got the picture - but forgot to save it. Haha. Was to excited to play around with my new cape! Oh well, here are some other pictures: Wohoo! Now that I have max cape, the next obvious goal is going for completionist cape. Alongside of this I want to improve my bank account and my gear for the future. I have quite a many completionist requirements still to be done, so I decided to list them all on maxcape.com. I'm most likely starting with quests and tasks and moving on to miniquests and stuff. I'm not looking forward to stuff like livid farming but oh well, what can you do? Haha. In the meantime I will be killing some bosses, maybe do some slayer and farm some herbs. Perhaps one of these weeks I'll compete for something in the seasonal hiscores! Stay tuned!
  2. Got this one yesterday evening: This means I have one more skill to go. Actually 74k experience at the time of writing this post. However, I want to have party tomorrow (champagne, drinks, haha) I will get the level tomorrow. Then I have even more reason to go out with friends. Even though not all of them may understand my reason for partying. :-) I have been thinking about what to do next, and while completionist cape seems the logical step it's also huge one. So instead of trying to go straight towards completionist I think I'm trying to do bits and pieces here and there. Do quests and tasks etc. However, since skilling all skills to 99 has took a great amount of money (especially since I'm super lazy to grind skills), I think I need to rebalance my bank account - so to speak. I think I will be starting a cash collecting goal next. I thought 1,000,000,000 coins seems like a good round number to aim at. 1000m or 1b that is. I have about 45m cash at the moment, so it should take me quite a while. But atleast there are many ways to do it like bossing, monster hunting, farming and perhaps even some skilling. Atleast the ones I know and care about (not really into staking, merching etc.). Oh well, more to come about that later!
  3. Ooh. After eight posts of my own in a row and a month since latest comment I got comments on my blog. And not just one but two. Happy days! It's cool to know someone reads this stuff! Will be getting max cape on friday. More pictures will follow!
  4. Been couple weeks since last update again. Alot has happened since, I have played a bit more than usual. Maybe because I'm so close to maxing I just want to get it over with at this point. :D There are so many level up pictures so I just post the most recent ones: Quests: As you can see, I'm 2 levels away from max cape now (hoping to get it on friday) and 8 level from max total. After maxing I think I'll start slowly working towards completionist cape while still doing some daily dungeons. So. Close. :o
  5. Thank you for this suggestion. I actually went and tried there for a short while. With level 97 hunter, no desert camo or xp boosting gear (or that yaktwee stick) and my miss-every-other-tick hunting method I was able to get around 210-240k experience/hr rates. Considering I was only getting about 250k xp/ hour at jadinkos, this doesn't seem bad alternative at all. On plus side I get some crimson chinchompas to use/sell and don't have to worry about potions and such. I'm really bad at trying to optimise clicks so theres that if you question my low xp rates at jadinkos. :-) I'm definitely going back again and try it out with aura and stuff. EDIT: Considering one should be able to catch 500+ skillchompas per hour, this could also make about 1,5m gp / hour for those interested. Not bad alternative at all!
  6. Title is pretty self-explanatory. I am 97 hunter and just 2m XP short from 99. Problem is I ran out of juju hunter potions and making them is quite a bit of pain. Not to mention hunting jadinkos is annoying as f*. Is there anything else I could hunt for the remaining 2m experience without feeling even more annoyed or making it feel like even longer eternity than it already is? Help, pleaase!
  7. Since I've been spending alot of time inside dungeons lately, I wanted to make a dungeoneering related post. Talking a bit about my binds and rewards mostly. I am 112 DG at the time of writing this post, and my goal is to reach 120 eventually. I'm not in a hurry, but I would like to get 120 before end of this year. I personally think that I have very enjoyable DGing bind setup and love dungeoneering with this. I'm sure someone could figure ways to make it more efficient, but I have come to conclusion that this setup works for me perfectly. Binds: My main offensive bind is sagittarian shortbow. I have Hexhunter in my bind bank, but I prefer to use sagittarian shortbow. I find it to have better damage output and it seems to cut through anything. My second "offensive" bind is blood necklace. Lovely little thing that gives extra offensive bonuses while leeching some HP all around. My two defensive binds are shadow silk hood and sagittarian body. For obvious reasons. My ammo bind is 225 sagittarian arrows. In my inventory I get 4700 coins and 40 laws and cosmics every floor (having completed all daemonheim tasks) and I have two gatestones to use (three if you count group gatestone). My bound potion is strong ranged potion (I range everything and I love hitting high). I'm also too lazy to pot overloads before dungeons. I also have daemonheim aura 4 (wonderful thing to have) and desperado ring. Talking about the ring, here are my customisations. I have desperado as my main and sniper as my secondary. Since I have tier 4 daemonheim aura, I get 20% to both my ranged level and accuracy. It's amazing setup and ranged feels freakishly accurate against anything. Love it. I have berserker as my quick switch, but I hardly ever use it. Only times I need a sword is against Sagittare or the metal-cow-whatever-need-pickaxe-thing. And even on the latter one I rather get my celestial staff. Talking about binds, here is the rest of my bind bank. My main setup is the ranged one I presented above. My second quick setup is my melee setup, which I use very rarely. Sagittarian shortbow is just replaced with primal maul (I hope to get primal 2h one day) and sagittarian body with primal platebody. If I was real pro dungeon sweeper I should probably have weapon switches in one bind setup, but I would just most likely mess things up and waste time instead of saving it. Did I mention that the bow feels freakishly accurate already? I'll survive with just bow. These are all (except charm imp which I forgot somewhere) of my daemonheim reward items. I used to have longswords, maul and rapiers, but I destroyed them. I never used them ever since I got drygores, so they were just waste of bank space. I have bought all scrolls and unlocked all prayers. Right now I'm only using tokens to skip some frozen floors and saving for the future. Hopefully I'll have few mil tokens to trade for XP when I'm closer to 120. That's all. If you want to dungeoneer with me, I'm doing floors daily. Just drop a note in my private chat!
  8. It has been two weeks since my latest blog update. Although I have been lazy on updating blog, alot has happened in the game. I have gained 11 levels (including one 99), purchased party hat and completed few quests. I also completed Ardougne and Daemonheim task sets. Level ups [hide] [/hide] Completed quests [hide] [/hide] Other stuff [hide] [/hide] I also completed Mahjarrat Memories miniquest (mini? really?) and Bringing home the bacon quest (was too lazy to take a picture). I have only 20 levels to go to max total and 12 to max cape. I'm getting frustratingly close. My holiday ends this week so I will have alot less time to play again. I have been wondering whether I should go for max total and towards completionist cape straight away (keep completing quests, tasks, miniquests and dungeoneering) or just rush to max cape first? I'd really like to get that cape as soon as possible, but I don't really like the idea that I'm wasting much time doing it in that order. After all quests, tasks, miniquests and all that stuff give quite a bit of XP rewards I could use towards my max cape goal. After I have 99 in all skills and 120 dungeoneering, I don't think I will value experience all that much.. What do?
  9. Wohoo! Congrats on 99 slayer and welcome to the club. If you're ever going to go for the Reaper title, let me know. I want to get that too, but I still got bosses like Vorago, ROTS, Araxxi etc. to do. I probably even have Nex, KQ, KBD and what else left since I haven't visited those bosses in long long time.
  10. In case you are not familiar with my old blogs and RuneScape history, they can be found from the bottom of first post. I did some searching and found both of my old blogs (the other one is RSC blog) and in my own opinion they're a decent read. I noticed that I tended to write lot more in my posts. Perhaps nowadays I have got so close to my ultimate goals (max cape, maxing etc.) that I can't even bother spending a little time writing about my journeys. Boo, bad me. I need to really step up on my writing game. I'm also a bit sad that I decided to take breaks from blogging and been lazy with taking pictures. Since I'm getting so close to maxing, it would've been nice to read how I got this far. More than just bits and pieces here and there. Oh well, I still have my (fading) memories. Perhaps I'll write a proper story about my RuneScape journeys once I finally hit that 2595 total level. By the way I decided that I am trying to get there in three months from now. I got my first 99 skill - smithing - 4 years ago 7th of November. Perhaps finishing my last 99 skill 4 years later also in November would make interesting detail. I did some calculations and to reach that I would only have to gain about 200k experience in my sub 99 skills and about 750k dungeoneering experience a day. That's quite alot for a slacker like me, but it's perfectly doable. I'm trying for it, we'll see how close I get!
  11. Today I managed to spamfight myself amazing new name - Fusion! It was not my first pick, but amongs my top 5 choices so I'm very happy with that. I decided to spend some runecoins for a new outfit to match my new cool name. Yay! In the past two days I have done some runecrafting, fishing, a bit of divination and then dungeons. Managed to get two levels also: That's 95 runecrafting by the way. Managed to miss the picture. Now I only need 95 divination and 115 dungeoneering to be prepared for Elf City. Talking about dungeoneering, here are the floors I've done in past couple days. There are quite a few so I'll put them in hide tags. [hide] [/hide] Yesterday we also did some trips at Graardor and K'ril with friend. Got quite a few drops thanks to the new buffed drop rates but was too lazy to take pictures. I also started implementing sinkholes in my daily routines. They add to nice amount of XP and are welcome change to normal dungeoneering. More to come!
  12. Today I started a revolution, gathered the elder elves together and beat the Dark Lord. That's quite a bit of action for one day. Oh, and I also completed Within the Light. I just forgot to take a picture, was too busy to start the new quest. The new thieving armour is pretty epic, by the way. Going to help me a bit on my way to 99 thievery. After saving the world once again I decided to do few dungeons. Other than that I did a short moment of fishing, runecrafting and thieving today. No levels however. Should get some levels tomorrow, I think.
  13. I started the day by doing enlightment aura. I decided to do it by pickpocketing dwarf traders, as I reckon that to be most tedious training method out of the skills I have left to train. I managed to do 75 minutes of pickpocketing in a row, until I got too sick and tired of it. I went to finish rest of the aura doing divination. I managed to get 95 thieving though. After completing the aura I went on to do some more dungeoneering floors. With these floors I managed to get 108 dungeoneering! That's 12 more levels to go. I also did some fishing and runecrafting during the day, but didn't manage to gain any levels. Tomorrow elf city? I kind of hope not. I think I still have some quests to finish before I can start the Plagues End. Oh well, we'll see tomorrow.
  14. I think you can play pretty well without paying anything other than membership. I haven't spent any real money to RuneScape over the course of past year. I've bought membership and even some treasure chest keys with bonds. All money collected to bonds was made in game via boss hunting. There are definitely some pay to win aspects, but if you play the game mainly for your own enjoynment and less to impress others, they are not really that big deal. Atleast they aren't for me. Welcome back Lep. I used to read your blog back in the days.
  15. Thanks. Some of it came from QBD as actual cash drops. Then I killed some rorarii and sold some keys. And last bit is from doing some Zamorak and getting few subjugation pieces.
  16. Wow, that sounds great. I really need to get on with the elite tasks then. I guess I should find myself sagi shortbow? I've been blasting stuff with my hexhunter. Hard to let go off that one considering how hard it was to get in the first place. :D
  17. I mentioned I enjoy collecting drop tabs. Here's the beginning of my 120 ranged goal drop tab. I intend to collect stuff and sell it when I eventually hit 120 ranged. I keep selling all the rare boss drops though, so I won't lose much money in case this goal takes forever to complete. Prices in RuneScape tend to usually only go to one direction. Down. Except maybe for rare items. Anyways, here goes:
  18. Thank you! I'm most likely going for it with a mix of slayer, bossing, dungeoneering and just overall monster hunting. I have no actual plans. I just enjoy ranging alot. I tend to range all my dungeons (oops, efficiency) and slayer tasks. Ascension bows are the bomb. Talking about dungeons, did a few today:
  19. Introduction Hi. My name is Syd and I have had few blogs in BlogScape before. Decided to start blogging my RuneScape journeys again, because blogs are fun to read and can keep you motivated to achieve more. I have no idea where my old blogs are, so instead of trying to find them out I decided to start a new thread. In real life I'm 21 years old business student. I have been playing RuneScape on and off for about 10 years. I guess that's that. Goals My current goals are acquiring Max Cape, max total and 120 ranged cape. On top of that I'm trying to complete all quests and tasks and maybe eventually go for completionist cape. Same old as everyone else, I guess? I really enjoy boss hunting, so I like to make drop tabs. I shall give you updates on those. Levels at the start of the blog Current levels Max Cape Max Total Completionist Capes Achievements since starting the blog - 99 Fishing [22.8.2014] [hide][/hide] - 99 Runecrafting [1.9.2014] [hide][/hide] - 99 Thieving [5.9.2014] [hide][/hide] - 99 Hunter [10.9.2014][hide][/hide] - 99 Divination / Max Cape [12.9.2014][hide][/hide] Old blogs: http://forum.tip.it/topic/302136-sydan-2366-2475-nexing-solo-nex-log-2nd-pernix-cowl-solo-torva-platelegs-duo/?hl=%20sydan http://forum.tip.it/topic/313038-sydan-rsc-blog/?hl=%2Bsydan#entry5282941
  20. Ok thanks. I tried using ascension bolts against QBD but in my opinion they didn't work as well as dragonbane does. Perhaps it was just me thinking. I need to do more testing. I will have to take a look in to death lotus darts. Shame I just made few scrimshaws earlier today.. How about other bosses? TDs, Glacors, KK, ROTS etc. etc.
  21. Okay, this question might sound a bit silly... But I just purchased Ascension crossbow and now I'm wonder where I should use it? I got 99 ranged long before EoC and ever since EoC I have mostly used melee. I have been drygoring basically everything and everywhere. Mostly because drygores are quite cheap and they work rather nicely. But melee combat has gotten a bit tedious and for change I would love to maybe go for some range XP milestones. Like 30m, 40m, 50m (all the way to 200m maybe one day) and I would really love to get ideas what would be good places to train. I do slayer and I enjoy bossing. I have pretty much all the best gear there is. Or should I say, what bosses (or slayer monsters) ranging doesn't really cut it? And what are maybe the best places to do some ranging? Also: I'm currently using main hand ascension crossbow with offhand chaotic crossbow. I'm using dragonbane bolts (at QBD) and ascension bolts. How much better would I be if I bought offhand ascension crossbow also? Is the difference big? I mean the 200m cost is quite alot for marginal improvement. Atleast on my current money situation (I don't want to sell stuff). :D Thanks in advance! EDIT: For comparison I have drygores and full Torva to play with on melee. I don't mind if ranging isn't exactly as good option, as long as it's not noticeably worse.
  22. So where do you catch these things? Wonder if it was time to go for that 99 hunter finally.. :P
  23. Are the XP bonus rewards even worth considering?
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