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  1. In my opinion they should just make using AHK against the game rules. Even if you are there behind your desk spamming few buttons in a pattern for hours it doesn't really strike me as being fair towards everyone who play using their mouse like the game was intended. If they really wanted you to be able to automatise as many actions as possible they would offer it within the game. Atleast we wouldn't see people getting banned because of botlike behaviour...
  2. I like the progress and the evolution of my account as well as the game itself. It's a constant process that I can pick up on whenever I feel like it. It's rewarding to know that (apart maybe losing some items) my account will never go backwards and with every experience I get I know I'm slowly becoming better. It's so easy to feel achieved when everything is so clearly laddered. Something that doesn't really happen in real life. Yes you might study, graduate, get a job, find a girl, settle down - who knows what. In life it's really hard to know if you are actually improving yourself - your skills or your personality. RuneScape is like easy source of feeling achieved and get good feelings about improving and becoming better. The safety of knowing that there aren't really many bad decision in RuneScape and basically all routes go forward is something that still keeps me playing after 10 years. Not very much but still enough to keep me satisfied every time I decide to play. Be it 1 hour a week or 6 hours a day.
  3. Yes you can but they are not very good slayer experience. Abyssal demon head is amazing on the other hand. I've been using my daily abyssal demon task for weeks now. Gone from 90 slayer to 93 killing only demons once a day. 8-)
  4. I agree with most of what you said. My last point here is that for me leveling up and learning new abilities/actions is the ultimate reward itself and it's something you can't compensate with items or cosmetics. It's about knowing that my account itself is progressing and it's something that will stay and go forward. Unlike items that most often can be lost and don't directly translate (atleast for me) as progressing. I absolutely agree that players who are dedicated to certain aspects of the game should be rewarded atleast with cosmetic items to show for it, but eventually I'm hoping it will be more than just that.
  5. Fair enough. Point I was trying to make is that to make level cap 120 needs alot of new content, rewards and balancing of the game to make it worthwile. I didn't say they should just slap 120 skill cap now and be done with it, but instead carefully start planning new content and eventually go for 120 skill cap. Cause yes I will agree with you there, if they would just add 120 skill cap now it would be boring. They need new imaginitive training methods, games, minigames, puzzles whatever - you mention it - to make training fun and adjust new content and rewards to come along with it. But I'm simply stating that they shouldn't reward only the players who mindlessly go through all the boredom of playing skills they don't like just because this game is for all-around players. The point that the skills are dull and not fun to train is a problem itself, but they should also accept and reward different playstyles instead of trying to fit everyone in to a same mould. And also it should be said that fun is relative. Whatever you find fun in completing the tasks required for completionist cape are everything but fun to me. :) Also I'm not saying we should go backwards, but one of the reason RS became so popular in first place was the amount of skills and levels you could get. And I don't really recall a situation where skilling any skill in this game alone was more fun than playing some other game with more action, better gameplay and graphics. It was putting all the skills, quests, items, challenges and that together and the fact you were almost constantly evolving that made it such an interesting process. Once there is no way forward the only way for most people is out.
  6. So what you are saying is that I shouldn't suggest or support ideas that I would find benefitting the game and make it more interesting for me? I should just give up and quit and think that I won't matter? Tell me exactly why does this game has to be only for all-rounders? Why can't all-rounders and specialist play same game? Why does players need to achieve everything? You have a completionist cape so you can probably tell me why do you have to complete everything in the game? Why would it be so hard to accept that there is something you just can't achieve but someone else might? RS is different to many games because it is constantly updating and evolving. I do take breaks every now and then when I don't find the game fun anymore, but I tend to come back with a good update or two. In my opinion raising skill caps would benefit the game more than it would hurt it. And yet I haven't got a good enough explanation why it can't happen. Just saying this game is for all-arounders and players need to be able to complete everything in game doesn't really conclude in my book as good explanation. I probably would never get a skill to 120 even if I could. I would probably get my butt kicked by someone with higher levels. Most likely actually. I wouldn't achieve everything for sure, good thing if I even achieve something. Someone would be better than me. So what? No it isn't. That is going backwards, not forwards. Technically they could be the same but going again from 90 to 99 is not the same thing as going from 99 to 120. Or even 110. Or 105 for that matter.
  7. What and how you are saying this is suggesting as if we wanted to go backwards. No, I want the game to move forward. Give more challenges, make more content and give us a reason to train those skills we like, instead of trying to force everyone into same mould being all around maxed character with rewards like completionist and max cape. Not everyone wants to train all skills but that is the direction they are navigating us. Why are there no rewards for really dedicating alot of time to one skill? Apart having meaningless number of XP that doesn't really do anything in the game? That's not the kind of reward I'm looking for. Fair point and I would personally find a thread like this interesting.
  8. Hmm, for me the point of raising skill caps is not to generate more competition. I don't really care for competition or hiscore ranks myself, my point was to give the game longer timespan. The way from 1-99 works just fine but what makes you say it couldn't work beyond that? And about "smithers", "miners" and etc. not coming back is because there is little to no high level content that would make people want to specialise at all. Assume we would get level 100+ smithing armours or mining rocks, we would sure have plenty of high level miners and smithers with less balanced skillbase. Especially considering the time it takes to get to those levels. I didn't really mean we need to have those types of players, but they would exist if the journey would be in favour of those who like the skill but wouldn't be gamebreaking to make everyone need it. Also I don't think using 07scape is good example about how it would work in the real game. In 07scape people have already once played through that era and have knowledge how certain aspects will work out, what skills are worth it to train and which way is the most efficient. If they are new additions to new game it will take time for people to try them out and figure what they want. You got a fair point in here, but let's see... Already the difference between the players who have 99 and 80 have is because of grinding. Someone with level 80 stats can't really cope with someone with level 99 stats even if they have the skills. I don't really see how this makes more difference to 120 to 99. After all fighting against other players happens on Wilderness where you can choose the levels of players you wish to fight against. If it's about not being able to get to bosses because there are too good players there, it could be easily solved with more instanced bosses. In any case, as long as the training is fun and relatively speed up at the higher levels, it won't necessarily take massive grind to reach 100+ levels. Or even if it takes, I doubt hardly every noob would grind to 120 for sake of it. And even then I don't think reaching levels like 105-110 is anything like impossible task to most players to reach (considering most of maxed players already have levelbase around there). In any case, I think RuneScape is a game where grinding and dedication needs to be rewarded. This is how it used to work before and that is how the game was when it was at it's most popular stage. Those who spend more time deserve to have adventage over those who play less. Of course this could be also balanced by giving different kind of means to get XP. For example daily/weekly/monthly things that could give more xp in shorter time, so it would even out the field between those who can play less and those who can grind more, but still favoring people who grind more. I agree with you that there needs to be a balance. But let's face it and admit that RuneScape has always been more about grinding to levels than actual talent. Maybe nowadays talent matters a little more with all the abilities and such in the play. Nowadays level 200 combat level player has grinded more levels than level 150 combat player and most likely is going to win in a fight. Is this unfair that someone got there because of grinding? Why would it be such big difference if level 250 combat player beat someone with 200 combat? Just because it takes too long time to grind to 250 combat? That is all relative. Besides, if the levels, abilities and such can be reasonably balanced, and the XP rates adjusted to the new milestones I don't see this as big problem as you make it sound. Only real problem I see is that it would make gap between starting player and veteran player even higher than it is. But frankly it already is massive, and I don't think if it would make that much difference between the new players who already buckle up and go for the ride (even though the time it takes to reach the top is years already). I'm simply concerned that the veteran players are running out of goals to go for and will start leaving the game. I am - and I don't even have completionist or max cape yet. Simply because I don't like training every skill as much as others.
  9. But why rising skill cap to 120 would mean everyone couldn't do everything? Getting 120 in a skill doesn't mean you couldn't get 100+ in others. Maybe having maxed out everything would be pretty much impossible for any "normal" player but what stops people say go for 105+ or 110+ all skills and have all around effective character? It would still give more room to someone who wants to focus on certain skills over someone else. Back in the days it used to be common to have players who focused on certain few skills and made that their "trade". High level miners mined high level ores and then sold them to people who smith them to high level armour. High level woodcutters sold logs to fletchers and so on. What's so wrong with that? Of course there still were people who wanted to be able to do it all but why does it have to be this way for everyone? I for one used to be one of those "high level smithers" when 99 smithing was my first 99 skill. At the same time as I felt accomplished to have achieved that I also felt little sad that I had basically no need to go smithing again even though it still is my favourite skill. I know alot of that has to do with the fact that theres nothing really useful to smith anymore and the whole skill needs redesign, but why not make high level smithers (say 100+) much more useful to the whole community by being able to make armours that are actually good? Something that would make having high level in the skill worthwile. Then why not take the same aspect and make it work on every skill? I know it is ambitious but it would give gamedesigners alot more room to play around with and alot more to wait for people who already have reached the high levels. Atleast for those who get there because they enjoy the journey and not do it just because they feel like they need to accomplish everything.
  10. Well, all this talk about raising level caps really got me wondering... I do think that having 120 or 125 as max level would benefit the game in long run. But only if those levels come with new content, new bonuses and new items to unlock. I know this game is based alot around being able to do everything, but why is that actually so important? I mean how many roleplaying games allow you to be every class and every type of player at once? In my opinion we could move away from that direction by linking skills together with the rising level caps. Let me show you an example. There are obvious skills that already link to each other so let's use those. Melee skills link to smithing (melee armour), Ranged to crafting and fletching, Magic to runecrafting (atleast somewhat), Herblore gives overall boosts and links to basically all skills and prayer links all around to combat. Why can't we have similar boosts, enchantments or whatever to all these skills that require you to have over 100+ level? Why does everyone have to have everything? I would personally like to focus more on some of my favourite skills (smithing, combats etc.) but I have already maxed them to 99 and I have only useless XP to collect. I don't really need to have maxed skill in everything, when I don't like all skills. Currently that is one thing I'm going forward to because I feel like that's only way forward. Let's see, someone who likes being ranger could go 100+ in fletching, ranged and crafting to improve his abilities as ranger, make some bonuses to his gear and so on, someone who rather likes being meleer would go 100+ in melee skills and smithing, mager would choose 100+ in runecrafting and magic. Of course this is simplistic view but in my opinion it could draw to great lenghts. Of course someone really dedicated could still get all of them, but you could still do just as fine in "one class" than being good at everything. Maybe this way we could have more different kind of variations to bosses and such if everyone wasn't always wearing technically the same setup. 20 more levels to higher levels could offer alot of room for all kind of new improvements to make our characters better and stronger, and eventually make possibilities to introduce even tougher monsters and harder challenges to beat. And so what if this makes the game even more grindfest? This game already is and most of the high level players are running out of content and goals to train for. Especially in the skills they like the most. For me it has always felt like that in this argument the ones who are most against it are the ones who feel like they have to max every skill and complete every thing in the game, but why is it so important? What's so bad about making decisions and choosing something over something else? Besides, when RS first launched (and as soon as the experience required for highest levels came to common knowledge) getting 99 in a skill seemed almost like impossible task with the XP rates we had then, and the methods we used to train skills. Nobody was really expecting someone to get 99 in all skills then. Back then we had known "smiths", "miners", "fighters", "rangers" due to the amount of time people dedicated around those certain skills to really stand out. The RS of nowadays has changed so much, the methods to gain XP have changed an enormous amount. With higher levels we could introduce even faster methods to train skills to compensate with the massive amounts of XP it requires to level beyond 100. More content and longer lifeline to the game? Why not? I sincerely hope we get 100+ level cap eventually with awesome new content to come with it. It's been way too long since I last smithed something useful...
  11. Or why not just simply quit the game and play again when they feel like it? Mindlessly forcing yourself to play is one of the most stupid things I've ever heard..
  12. If counting time spent online on RS then 1-10 hours weekly changing alot. Sometimes barely even that 1 hour, sometimes maybe more than 10 but not often. If you count sitting in front of computer / playing xbox / other games then it would probably be between 20-30 hours weekly.
  13. Go back like 1 page... Haha, I see! :D Not sure how I managed to miss that but thanks for pointing me to the right direction. :oops:
  14. So someone is actually training hunter by not losing ticks in a hour and making it over 300k xp/h? To 200m xp?! Wow, when I did hunter I was getting barely 180k xp/h (90 hunter) and it already annoyed the hell out of me... Not to mention I couldn't do it for even one hour in a row. Also one thing I remember from hunting jadinkos is that every 10 minutes you have to use juju potion, is that taken into calculation with this theory? Or renewing familiar, drinking pots and such? Or is it expected you do all of these and keep hunting without losing any ticks? Or the time it takes to get zamoraks favours? Now can someone post a video of someone actually catching these things for 310k xp/h or is this all just theory?
  15. I wish that I had left that offer for a blue partyhat for max cash in the G.E.. I never really thought it would actually buy, but now with more and more people getting banned it doesn't seem that odd chance anymore (assuming you had that offer for a long enough time). Oh well. :razz: Really happy that they're also perm banning long time players who have obviously devoted alot of time (or not?) /money to RS. Just because you paid membership for years is not an excuse for botting. Now I always thought that the amount of maxed and completionist players was damn high. I never knew todays teenagers had enough patience to play a game like this for so long. If the bans keep coming at this rate it will explain alot...
  16. I think there is alot more than meets the eye in the category of "super rich RS players". I think that the vocal group who posted bank pictures and so on was the minority, and there still is alot of people who accumulated massive amounts of wealth either by staking/hosting/merchanting. Not many knows about them because they aren't boasting about it on every turn and if they RWT they do it carefully enough that it's hard to notice. We're talking about a game with tens of thousands of accounts online on any given time after all. :)
  17. Or the end of the get rich quick era. Only problem here - like with pretty much any nerf/update/ban Jagex does - is that it is too little and too late. Too many already managed to get huge adventage hosting flowers, botting, RWTing, hoarding effigies, warbanding and all the other things Jagex decided to nerf after them already being implemented in the game for months or even years. With that being said the rich just get richer (relatively) and the gap between very rich and average player grows, cause the methods how this wealth was accumulated doesn't exist anymore. Of course I'm very happy with all the actions they take (better late than ever) against botters, RWT's and other rulebreakers, but I can't help wondering how it took them this long again.
  18. I read what you said, thank you. In what parallel universe is 30-40b considered "only" in this game? I have maybe 2b bank and I played forever to get there. In my eyes merchanting to 30-40b is massive achievement. Damn, in my eyes getting that party hat I always wanted was a massive achievement. Atleast it was for me. Next, what does "working with" gold dupers actually mean? He bought crackers when they were 70-80b (again enormous amount of wealth) and ever since price has gone up that means he worked with the gold dupers? Did I work with the gold dupers cause the red partyhat I bought for 1,6b is now worth 2,1b? Did you work with gold dupers when you did your stakes and made your bank? I'm sure whatever you made there must be worth alot more now (assuming you didn't lose everything). What does having fun mean? Staking and losing all? I would have no fun whatsoever doing that. Fun is relative term and people have different ways of measuring it. I for one would be alot more proud of having merchanted to 200b than staking it. I would be happy to have merchanted even 1b, which I've never quite succeeded with. And if you got to 200b and then lost it for whatever cause it's very well done. Looking at your signature and the things you've said makes it pretty clear to me that you like showing off. Now you can probably show me that picture of your 200b bank? I'm sure you took atleast one picture when you were at your peak? Also staking and merchanting are two different ways, you can't really compare that achievement wise. They're that different. And just a word of advice. I don't know you or Md3w. I don't support the fact he RWT'd his money, I'm only here to defend the achievement of merchanting bank up to 200b. If you want yourself or your own achievements look better, don't ever do it undervaluing others. Being proud of what you have achieved is alright, we all are proud of something I'm sure, but you should use a little common sense how you show it to others. Otherwise you're going to have one rocky road ahead of you trying to make it in the real life...
  19. Why does this guy claim top 10 merchers when ive never heard of him Md3w uggg. He made like 50m a day from standing on w2 for like 2 years, got a decent bank ~30-40b from this, but really considering the time he played (like 15 hours a day just trying to flip 1-2 blue hats a day) was not very impressive. His big break was selling his huge amount of crackers/blues/other items to the gold dupers for REALLY high prices, made like 50b from it (he even bought like 7 back on the ge or something stupid like that). What is the sudden ban wave for, is it anything specific? Botting or rwting or just both, but focused on maxed accounts. Because apple still is not banned L. If you think world 2 merching for 15 hours a day for multiple years to amass over 200b gp is unimpressive, then doing a few big stakes and winning billions per day must look like shit comparatively. edit- thought I'd add 50m/day would take 11 years for md3w to make the ~205b bank he left with. I also was not an md3w fan, mostly out of jealousy. But I do think it's funny a staker is saying his merching was unimpressive. why do you think that? I made (and lost) far more than him in far less time. Earning the same amount in way less time is much more impressive, Md3w is one of the least impressive rich rs players. And didn't you read the bit about me saying his big break was the gold dupers. Making 50m a day is unimpressive to any stakers, Md3w was rare in that he stuck to a decently profitable method (decent, not the best) and kept to it solidly no lifing for years, only impressive thing. Even most merchants lose their cash to playing (not allowed in rs) with their cash staking etc. Md3w never took ANY risks, ever. It payed off but to most people that would have been extremely boring, I eventually lost most of my banks doing 10bil stakes because I was bored. Also he kept trying to rip me off on cracker/hat sales >:/, like constantly he would offer 50-100m below market, became a running joke to add 50-100m to whatever md3w was offering for the market price. So you think making wealth is only impressive when you make it in short time taking huge risks? Frankly I don't see much of anything impressive in making massive amounts of money staking and then losing it all. Yeah, if you can make 200b staking without losing it - then I'm impressed. But I'll keep waiting for your bank picture. Calling 20 crackers, 2 phat sets and what not unimpressive sounds like sour grapes to me. If you really need to pat yourself on the back and imagine how much better you are than everyone else, then do me a favour and take it somewhere else. Undervaluing other peoples achievements just to boast your own is not cool.
  20. Amazing, thank you!
  21. I heard that using helm of the abyss for daily slayer task is efficient way to train slayer once a day. Does this work after you have killed the 900 abyssal demons that it counts on the helm? I plan on getting 99 slayer eventually, but I have dozen skills to work on right now. If I could do one daily slayer task of abyssal demons this should be pretty good experience in long run right? Anything I am missing?
  22. Saying the ingame "credits" don't have any real world value and comparing it to monopoly money is just blatant ignorant...
  23. Are any of these reasonable to farm for experience?
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