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  1. Well I did a small test with one slayer task. I had steel dragons and I was using maul or 2 rapiers, from which maul seemed to work better (I might be off here), cause it was more accurate and hit more often with abilities. I used only basic and tresholds. In 20 minutes time I managed to get 30k slayer experience, which is like 3x more than I would normally get on steel dragon task. Steel dragons are weak to water magic, so I can only assume using magic spells would've been even more devastating. I know this is very very very small test, but to me shows that training slayer would be alot faster after EoC. So for the time being, I will wait for EoC to come out before training slayer, or wait for slayer to receive some kind of balancing in EoC. I'm off to dg ->
  2. Hey! I have been training slayer on and off for years, but with my pace of doing things I'm only about to break the 90s. I'm 88 slayer now, and as my ultimate goal I have is to reach 99 slayer eventually. However I have dozen of other skills I need to train to reach other goals I have set for myself. I haven't really bothered trying many things in beta except some duelling, and occasionally trying some fighting. I have yet to find the best ways to use abilities, and best set ups for raw dps that is valuable in slayer. I know some people have already researched about this subject, but I'm just curious how does it look like at the moment. Is slayer training faster or slower in EoC than in current game? I know rates can still change, as it's still beta, but just curious how things look at the moment. There were problems at some point that slayer was way too slow to train on EoC, and then it got updated to be faster. I'm just curious about optimal setups and constant use of abilities (not the afk-type training). If anyone has any knowledge about my question, that would be helpful. Thanks! I'm doing some testing at the moment, but as I know I don't have all the knowledge for optimal training, I'd be glad to hear opinions from other players too!
  3. Thanks Low_Levelled and Gregor for comments again. :P I haven't had much time to play lately, because my school started on last week. New school, new people and alot of new things to do and learn. And to party. So no much time for RuneScape, and even when I do, I'm usually too tired to play. So what I'm doing at the moment? I invested that 500m into all sorts of raw materials in hopes of making a buck from the botnuke. While I'm ingame, I'm leeching floors for dungeoneering. I want to get that to 99 and 100 next. Should cost me like 50m, but saves alot of trouble. Not really in a mood for real dungeoneering. I might start that after 100 dg and third bind. Dging without plate or hood is quite tedious. So plate will help me alot. Until that, leeching it is. Stay tuned.
  4. Just the faces... :P Tried to do some zammy killing, but it was so crowded I got barely 5 kills in 30 minutes. Anyways, got zammy spear drop. In any other circumstance it would've been a big yay, if the all other items weren't worth that much on the G.E. at the moment. By the way, if that shield drops in price, it becomes pretty much the next arcane. Atleast until EoC when arcane gets 30% bonus. Could someone do listing what drops do each bosses have now? :P Did GWD just become the best moneymaker in the game again?
  5. I would take instanced GWD any day over the current system. They could be my favourite bosses if I didn't have to compete against other people every single time I go there. Even if I have 137 combat and access to all the luxuries (apart titans, that nobody hardly ever even uses there). I don't really care if they did something with droprates to allow instanced bosses, but the current scenario is just too annoying. It's not even that just for the lower levels, it's same for higher levels (130+) too. Especially bandos is so crowded, at times I get to play it's almost impossible to find a world that wouldn't be filled with team of 130s+ or 138s soloing. I also dislike crashing anyways. So in my opinion instanced GWD similar to QBD (except make teams possible) would be the best thing to happen with that place. Besides, why the heck does GWD gear have to cost so much in the first place? I wouldn't care if they lowered their prices a little or make killing those bosses a little less profitable.
  6. Invest, invest..? Could be a chance worth taking. :o I like this month. Nothing bad to say about it. Hope their botnuke will have similar effects as the previous one, but with more longer term effects. I guess I sound a bit naive, but one can always hope.. :)
  7. I was tried to hack with something like this couple weeks back. Was chatting with a RS "friend" on Skype when she wanted to show her bank picture. The link seemed okay, but when I clicked to the link (picture host) it asked me to allow java on this site. Obviously I declined, cause why would I need java to look at a picture? Afterwards I tried clicking to "other pictures from this user" to end up in some free webhosting site. It's really easy to fall in for something like this, so you really have to be very careful what you click and what you allow. I obviously ran a PC scan soon afterwards, followed by changing passwords and such. Items are safe till to date.
  8. It's been a while since latest update, but this time however that doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything... Instead, I've been doing alot. So I don't know where to start. I tried various of best equipment in RuneScape by putting my newly earned wealth into use, in terms of Torva, Pernix and Virtus. Of course, I couldn't buy all at once, but after trying something out I sold it and bought another. I tried them mostly at QBD, which quickly became a good hobby of mine. After learning how to kill her fast and smooth, it became a decent option for moneymaking. It also offered great rewards in terms of experience, it also became useful in terms of reaching my maxed combat goal. I killed her about 100 times, and received fair piece of loot in the progress, including 7 royal crossbow pieces. Shame enough, I didn't realise to take a picture of my drop tab before selling it all. Killing the queen gained me experience for achievement worthy of a picture: That means I'm 1 last level short of my 138 combat goal, which now seems to be very close! Reason why I sold all my stuff so fast was because I realised I was very very close to breaking a milestone I've been working for so long. Here, let the pictures talk, cause I hardly ever use pictures in my posts: Yes, 500m gp. First half of billion geepees! How did I get there is a whole different story. Some might remember that about month back I had reached the 300m mark, and going 200m up in a month seems like alot of process, so let me break down it to you. First of all, I got quite alot of gp from selling all the onyxes from kiln I had in bank. Next I sold all the QBD loot I had gained. And last but definitely not least, I decided to gamble a bit. I usually don't gamble but I decided to try it at small amounts to see if a strategy I developed would be able to turn odds around in my favour. Long story short, it didn't really work, but I got lucky. So I made some mils there too. However, thats not something I'm going to try again. Also, I sold almost all of the gear I had, to reach the last pennies to break this milestone. After getting 500m cash in bank, I decided that I don't want to break the cashpile again to get myself all the gear and items I needed. So instead I decided to start a little challenge against myself. Recover my bank without touching to those coins in bank. That meant I had like 6m gold, claws, fury and my good old rapier to start with. Of course it's not really "starting from scratch", but for a person who already got used to all the luxuries of glacor boots, storm of armadyl, full bandos and so on, it's definitely a step backwards. But just for the time being. My goal is to reach all the gear I had before, without touching to that 500m. That will definitely take me a while, but it will also make leveling, training and gaining money a bit less monotonous task with rewards to come by at smaller distances. In terms of new and better equipment. So, I started with a skill that I have been ignoring for too long; slayer. The skill that used to be my favourite in this game, became something I never had time to train on. I had fight kiln, glacors, bandos, QBD... However, with a new boost of motivation to keep me going, I'm training slayer for the time being. I hope to reach full bandos and steadfast boots as soon as possible, from the loot I gather from slayer. Here is some of the stuff I have gained from slayer tasks so far. I know, I'm seriously hoarding everything right now. :D The books inside red square are the 4 dragonkin journals I gained as loots from QBD. Rest is alot of slayer junk I hope will eventually make some money after enough piling up. And last but not least, here is another achievement worth of a picture I got just a hour ago. Two down, one last melee left to go. More to come.
  9. Absolutely yes. I've been doing QBD lately to finish my melees, but I also tried to range it and found it to be easiest way to kill it. Just check some youtube videos and you should do fine. Also, if you haven't already done, do Song from the Depths quest if you plan to kill QBD. It reduces queens damage quite a bit, and makes it alot easier to kill. Don't worry about dying, it's great exp nonetheless, and you can recover your items in 2 minutes with Port Sarim lodestone. :) Good luck!
  10. People who shorten every word or sentence, or only talk by using memes. I guess I was born in a wrong decade.
  11. After finishing Conn Igguldens fantastic The Emperor series, I have been going back and forth between the Wheel of Time and Song of Ice and Fire series. Reason why I have been reading a book here and there of two series is the long waiting lines for Song of Ice and Fire books in our local libraries, which actually resulted into me buying couple of them. I know I'm a bit late with the whole series, but with so many amazing books out there I simply never before had time. Wheel of Time however has been my "on going project" for about few years for now. It has so many books to read that I tend to get away of the series every few books. As much as I like a long story with many books to read, the story just seems a bit too slow and tedious at times to stay focused for long. Song of Ice and Fire on the other hand... I have totally bursted through the books like no tomorrow ever since getting my hands around the Game of Thrones. Even though the story - like Wheel of Time - does have slower, less exciting chapters, the whole overall setting of the story with the endless possibilities just keeps you rooting for more and more. And not just the unpredictable plot but the absolutely amazing characthers. Even though I personally think George R.R. Martins Song of Ice and Fire series cannot be praised enough, I still have to say that so far the Feast for Crows book has lead my expectations down a bit. That being the latest book, I feel like the story has taken too numerous paths to keep the epic tale flowing fluently forward. However, that may very well be just because I'm so eager to find out what happens to so many of the likeable (my favourite) characthers that don't seem to get enough space because of so many other characthers and side (or main?) plots. In overall however, I'm afraid that I'll reach the end of the Feast for Crows in next couple days. As far as I'm aware the latest Dance with Dragons book is yet to be translated for my favoured language, and I don't really fancy reading it in english. Any thoughts, anyone? :)
  12. Just a quick late night update. I got 95 summoning (iron titan!) and also 136 combat. After getting it I went to test it straight away to the fight kiln. I was finding kiln first a bit harder to complete with no healing familiar, which resulted into me dying 3 times in course of few runs. However, after a bit of struggling I finally learned to control my titan a bit better and also avoid losing health or making stupid mistakes while stumbling with titan control. So in total I have completed kiln 44 times now, which means I've got 43 onyxes! I'm continuing with my kiln process while slowly training my skills there towards maxed melees. I managed to do my fastest kiln up to date (00:55:32) and also managed to move my average kiln time to about 56-57 minutes. I know that still isn't what some people here can do, but personally the 10-15 minutes is great progress. I'm considering about going through the horrible boredom tower for dreadnips to speed that a bit more. I have no idea how those work though and I'm a bit worried that if I'd got them I'd be in even bigger trouble trying to control not just the [developementally delayed] iron titan but dreadnips aswell. Will think about that! Sorry for lack of pictures, but they are on my another computer and I can't be bothered opening it now. More to come, stay around. :)
  13. I'm sorry I don't have any knowledge regarded the subject to help you, but let me just say that this is probably the best H&A thread I've ever seen on these forums. And in my opinion, you already got quite close. Your hair and mustache may be a bit too dark, so you might want to check if a bit lighter colour might be more suitable. Other than that, I wish you the best of luck becoming more Freddie. :)
  14. I personally was using knives some time ago with ferocious ring and the difference was not only on max hit but instead hitting constantly alot higher than without ring. Thereforth I don't believe it only adds to max hit but +40 damage to all hits (not missing ones though). Waiting for evidence.
  15. Well the gambling clans in long run transfer the cash from poor to the rich. Which makes rich people able to afford items with higher and higher price, while the gap between poor and rich grow and grow. Of course this is somewhat negated by gambling hosts real world trading the cash back to the poor. Which creates a circle. However, as the gap between rich and poor grows bigger, it gets harder and harder for legitimate players to obtain many items (see: rares). That leads people to buying cash from RWT or gambling. Which just eventually makes things worse and worse.
  16. I got 83 fishing today c2 fishing, which means I'm also 83+ on all skills now. However, this means I can't complete my goals with 2300 total, so I decided to leave the dungeoneering goal out of this, and achieve 2300 total with 138 combat (without dungeoneering). This was mostly because I don't feel like dungeoneering at the moment.
  17. Instead of writing continuously "bump" you could actually update us what you've been doing recently, or what kind of goals you've achieved. Nevertheless, very ambitious goal you have there and I wish you the best of luck. Getting one max cape would take a huge effort for me, not even talking about two. Or completionists, for that matter. :)
  18. Blah.. Save 2 magic crystals to the end (or use second one of those at double jads). Protect range and kill all magic tentacles as soon as you spot them. When head spawns, try to take the corner with least tentacles around. Also it's safe to stay at a position where you get hit least. I would still kill as many magic tentacles as possible if I were you, though.
  19. According to my calculation, starting with melee setup, that would be 2 helmets, gloves, bow, staff, arcane stream necklace and possible ring switches (that aren't really that must as far as I know, especially with no imbued rings). I don't think 6 switches gets that complicated, considering most people have way more switches in their normal setup (2 melee, 2 range, 2 mage + necklaces + weapons etc.) I'm more concerned about whether I would get too much damage compared to other setups. I guess I just have to try them out and figure it out myself. Thanks for the reply, though. :)
  20. This. Just waiting for the day they get caught for tax evasion or unrealistic traffic on bank accounts... After that to get Jagexed by lawsuit and yeah.. They're definitely set for life. And whoever said anyone who wouldn't have abused this bug to sell the gold is liar, should think about it again. I can't believe how many people here would actually risk the rest of their lives in a chance for easy money. Even if Jagex has messed up in many things, one thing is certain: They are very fond of their money and will do everything to suck the last penny out of you..
  21. Apparently there is alot of panic selling going on at the moment in fear that Jagex actually manages to remove the wealth added into the game via this glitch. Atleast rares seem to crash hard now. Which is good of course, considering how badly their prices got manipulated.
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