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  1. See ya if/when you get back. Have fun with real-life - you definitely have your priorities straight (give it time, girl may eventually > sports). And with enough time the priorities turn backwards, I think.. :P Ok, ok! Honestly girls are awesome. bad for ones RS career, but after you've managed to survive the necessary phase, you can put girl behind RS again. Good luck until that! :ohnoes: Ok, ok. Girls are nice, enjoy the time! :shades:
  2. Congrats on quest cape and tokhaar-kal! Great capes to have (just wish I had the first one, but quests are so blah)! How did maging the whole thing work? 15 super restores seems quite a bit to be honest. :pray: Anyways, it feels great to finish kiln for the first time. Amazing achievements so far. Good luck with 120 dungeoneering and rest of your goals. It seems like you're not that far from completionist either! :shades:
  3. Haven't had much time to play lately, but I've spent that time doing succesful kiln runs. Yesterday managed to do three, but today only one. Wheel of Fortune gave me two lamps (one medium, one small) that I used to summoning to level the skill to 92. So, got onyxes #19, #20, #21 and #22 in 2 days. Could say I got 4% closer to my goal. That's easy to count if my goal is 100 onyxes. ;) 5.7.2012 Cash: 33,7m (+ 22,7m) Kiln completed: 22 times (+ 4 times)
  4. Latest days have been a bit frustrating, due to little time to play, bad luck, RS economy and some other things. First of all I died twice on fight kiln, because using magic crystals in wrong places (trying to keep same completion times as I used to do with zaryte bow). Because of this I got annoyed and bought zaryte bow back (with 77 million geepees), where I lost another 4 million considering if I had kept the weapon in first place. I sold my arcane and bought my arcane back. I was trying to not lose money, but still stay effective in fight kiln. Mostly I just ended up being annoyed, which just eventually led me dying, and I became more annoyed. Lesson learned, again, I guess. Now I have the optimal fight kiln setup for myself, which is fast aswell as cheap. I have only 11 million geepees (5,8m+ thanks to onyx #18!) but now I promise I won't go messing around with my setup anymore. Now I just do kilns when I have time and keep the money I get. 18 Kilns completed so far, current aim is 20+, then 50+. Eventually my goals are 100+ kilns completed and more. It's good cash, good experience, and good fun (except when you die). 3.7.2012 Cash: 11m Kiln completed: 18 times
  5. Could someone who has access to beta tell how zaryte bow is working? I really liked one in current RS, but as it's such expensive weapon and changes prices alot, I'm not sure if I want to keep holding on one. How does it manage compared to chaotic crossbow for example? :unsure:
  6. EDIT: Nevermind, read you were doing fight kiln. Just go melee all the way? Range and magic both work. Whatever way you wish. I think tokkul-zo is a bit pricey for that, unless you have fully charged and nowhere else to use it.
  7. Died first time after 17 consecutive succesful kilns. Would've been easy one, but wanted to try extra fast kiln and tried using magic crystal earlier. Thought the extra magic wouldn't make THAT huge impact on Har-Aken (last magic crystal ended middle of Har-Aken), but how wrong I was. After the magic crystal ran out (I had 5 brews still), it became almost impossible to do any reasonable damage on Har-Aken. Instead of the constant 700s you hit with magic crystal, I hit barely 200s without it. Even if it was down to half hp already, it became what seemed like an impossible struggle to damage it. I guess I should've switched to range or something, but couldn't figure it out in that time. For what is certain, I will never ever use extra magic crystals on earlier waves trying to speed up my process. 2 Magic crystals on Har-Aken is a must (using first one on wave 35 jad, 36 jads and whats left to Har-Aken). Damn annoying.. Lesson learned I guess. <_<
  8. Every now and then, you end up witnessing the most random act of kindness in a place where you would least expect it: dungeoneering with random people.. Like I said earlier, I was planning to leech (I know it's bad!! Just for a day!! Won't happen again!!) this day to get missing tokens for chaotic crossbow. Like I explained earlier, crashing zaryte bow, panic selling and so on.. I found this one guy (just like any other guy there) selling floors, but what caught my attention was the fact he was selling floors for rather cheap. 1 million for occults isn't bad, I thought and went along with it. I paid 500k before first dungeon, and 500k after we were done. This was my first time leeching, and glad of it all going well I decided go for another floor. And then another. And then this happened. I was watching a video from youtube, minding my business, occasionally checking RS if they need me to open doors (do emotes, levers).. When I see all this talk about hexhunter the team found. I saw people starting to bid prices cause the host who sold the floors for me already had hexhunter (he also got the second one), and instead of taking the obvious course of action to sell for highest bidder... He instead wrote me private message to come pick the bow up, and he gave it me free of charge. Just said it was a gift. I couldn't believe my eyes. Could this still happen in RuneScape of today? I accepted the trade and quickly bound the weapon. I hadn't even seen a hexhunter before.. After the dungeon was over, I gave him 10,000,000 gp's as a token of gratitude and such commitment for the best of his paying customer. He even thanked me many times for it, even though I felt like it was me who was supposed to thank him, not vice versa. Now I'm another 10 million behind my goal, but I can't feel anything else but lucky. Very lucky. Now all I need is get arrows for this baby. <3: Also, a side note, I got the 30,000 lacking tokens and bought chaotic crossbow. Now I'm ready to go back into kiln! Yay! :lol:
  9. Congrats on 50+ all! It's one of those milestones that really feel like achievement. After that it's just step at a time towards all 60+, all 70+ and so forth. Congrats also on 95 woodcutting, that's not far from 99 anymore. First 99 is always the best, and it's cool you're going towards the one skill that you apparently enjoy the most. Instead of going for easy one, or impressive one or whatever one just for the reason of having the skill 99. Just a while ago everyone was going for skill cape, just the sake of having one. Now that we got so many more capes (achievement capes, max capes, completionist capes, tokhaars, fire capes, soul wars capes and so on) having that 99 skill cape in your back doesn't seem so must anymore. Nonetheless, 99 is a big achievement in a game like this! Good luck with slayer and combat too. Combat offers alot of fun activities in this game, that you will most certainly enjoy (I think), so keep up the good work! All those little buffs that you get with higher levels and better gear make the combat alot more interesting, and thereforth you should consider that you're still in the very beginning of that journey. Slayer helmet is awesome improvement, so is abyssal whip. Now whenever you feel like starting group dungeoneering, going for that rapier might be a good idea sooner than later. It requires 80 attack to wield, so you're not in a hurry though. Also you might want to consider getting a gear with more focus on it's prayer bonuses, and instead of using food on tasks, use protection prayer and boosting attack / strenght prayers. They make combat alot faster, and prayer potions aren't that expensive anyways. Using best prayers, best potions and best gear you have make combat and slayer alot more enjoyable, even if it costs a bit more than surviving solely on food. Besides, you wouldn't have to bank for food between trips. Food for the thought! ;) Most importantly, have fun and keep us entertained with your day-to-day adventures. They're a good read. :cool:
  10. Today I learned through the hard (and also a bit of good) way in what kind of turmoil the RS economy currently is. I spent quite a bit of time in world 2, trying to get rid of the zaryte bow I just bought. I should've realised not to invest on such a pricey item on such a moment. Cause like I said, only thing I was afraid was zaryte bow skydiving, and that's what it did. I only had it for two days, and it went down pretty much like 10 million on street. I assume it isn't showing (atleast on the moment) much of use in new RS after combat evolution.. Afraid that it will continue crashing and eventually take as big hit as items like virtus and torva, I let go of it for price of 73,5 million. Considering I bought it for 81,8m just couple days ago, it was quite a bummer! However the good part is that the arcane shield I bought when starting my fight kiln goal, has raised for a good 15 million in price, so that sort of makes up for it. While standing around in world 2 shouting "selling zaryte bow" for over an hour, I managed to make couple quick deals with arcane shields too. Good old merchanting, I managed to sell arcane twice for 51 million, and buy it back for 48-50 million. I think I made abut 3,5m profit by doing that. So in overall I think I lost like 5 million, but considering my arcane went from 32m to 51m, I'm still profiting. However, aside arcane shield (which seems to get good buff in future RS), I decided to keep my hands out of pricey items, and keep collecting cash instead. I hate how it feels when you're constantly worrying if items you have will fall in price. So, now I decide to hold on for my cash stack. However, as I managed to get my onyxes #14, #15 and #16, I managed to end the day with nice ~ eight million profit. Now as I'm lacking ranged weapon (don't want to go back to karil's crossbow), I'm spending this day in Daemonheim. Actually, I'm in dungeon while writing this. This is first time ever I'm actually leeching, but 1 million per floor doesn't sound too bad. I just can't bother focusing on dungeoneering now. And I'm only 30k tokens away from chaotic crossbow, which shall replace zaryte bow as my ranged weapon of choice. :thumbup: After I've leeched those 30k points, I'm heading back to fight kiln, to make back the money I spent dungeoneering. And the money I lost with zaryte bow. Actually, I'm quite close breaking the 100m cashpile in my coinpouch, so I shall take that as my next goal. Stay tuned!
  11. Thanks for your reply Jeremy. Ragefire boots I've been thinking myself, and that is my most likely next upgrade. Imbued rings do take awful alot of time to get, and that is time I don't wish to spend at Moblising Armies now. I use prayer renewals (2 prayer renewal flasks with 2 overload flasks), they just are not shown in picture (just finished kiln there). I've been planning to get both goliaths and dreadnips, but going through dominion tower makes me want to hit my head in table, to be honest.. I should really get them, but I'm too lazy to get there. That's definitely on my list of things to push through to improve aspects of my gaming, though. I've been thinking of vampyrism aura, but considering it doesn't actually fasten the kiln for me (maybe save a bit of supplies), I'm not sure if I wish to spend points on it. I don't have much of loyalty points anyways, and there are many things I need. Will consider this. And for EEE I really should get it, but I'm not sure if I have completed the quest or not. If I haven't, I probably should. Again, I've been so lazy recently to put time on things aside kiln/bandos/glacors. As for my strategies in Kiln, I usually take tortoise with me. However today I first time completed the kiln without bob, and used rune minotaur ( #-o ) instead. That being out of the way, I won't definitely take rune minotaur again. It's useless. I wish I had titans, but like I said collecting charms is out of question for the moment. I'm fed up with glacors, slayer doesn't interest me at the moment, and I don't feel like camping monsters either. I don't really feel like doing anything else except kiln. It's addictive! :-) However, I'm definitely going to bring unicorns next time, to save couple potions hopefully. My main point is to make alot of cash for many things I need in future (items, skills etc.), and I'm currently doing over 4m per hour (which is more than I've ever been able - so explains my addiction to kiln maybe). As for armadillo wave, it isn't really that hard. As isn't the whole kiln when you realise how the waves work. It's all about starting each wave at right place, killing monsters in right order and using crystals in right waves. If you do it like I do, atleast twice a day, you get hang of it fast. However, the armadillo wave. I start it at NE corner, where spawns one ket-dill. I start with mage protection on, pickaxe dill till armour breaks off and SoA it down. Ket-zek attacks me during that, so I switch to range gear and range it down. After that I just take the rest of the ket-dills one at a time moving to NW, SE and SW in following order. I end the wave in SW so I can start maging YtMejkots right at the start of next wave. Saves a bit of time. Rest of the kiln is pretty simple actually, aside wave 35 which can kill you fast if you're not aware of Jad spawning first time in NE. As the Jad is quite hard to safespot right from the start, you should use invulerability crystal while standing SW side of kiln stone, wait Jad to walk next to you, before you lure Jad by standing on western side of kiln stone. After that I just use magic crystal (which I've saved 2 till that point) to finish the wave, get fast through double jads on 36 and start Har-Aken. Save another magic crystal cause the first crystal ends a bit before Har-Aken dies. Har-Aken is very easy with magic crystals, just stand on a corner that has least tentacles and scan the area every few seconds to see if his head pops up. If you need more help, I can write more detailed guide about rest of waves, or just contact me ingame. As I'm currently on holiday, I tend to spend quite alot of time playing. In kiln mostly. ;) Good luck for you too, if you ever plan to go for tokhaar-kal or some pretty onyxes! Or just good luck in whatever you plan to do in land of Gielinor, or even real life! :lol:
  12. Just looking at the abilities I'm concerned that they're way too powerful. Of course they should have a reason, and using them should make you cause more damage, but 300-400% more damage or 30-40% of enemys max hitpoints seems way too much. In my opinion they shouldn't take that much out of regular attacks, instead make them just somewhat stronger. I haven't tested beta, but I watched Castle Wars livestreaming it and it seemed like the abilities are only thing causing damage anymore. Another thing I don't like is forcing too strictly into certain way of fighting to be atleast somewhat efficient. Glad I got almost maxed melees with maxed ranged and magic, so should't be that big problem to me. Still think the monster weaknesses shouldn't cause that much of effect on which attack style to use. I was more of thinking the abilities/weaknesses making you maybe 50-100% stronger when using the right ones, not how it seems to be now. I know it's only beta, but I think alot needs changing before making it the real game... I'll write more when I get my hands on beta. :mellow:
  13. Thanks Gregor, and yeah I'm almost finished with the first one, and about to pick the second. It's really great book, and the TV series is a treat aswell. Kinda shame I watched series before reading book, because it's more annoying to spoil a reading than watching. Still a must read though. Today I decided to put the profit from fight kiln into use. I really didn't know what to buy to improve my abilities. In overall I think I already had quite good setup, and there was nothing that I really needed that would speed up my times much. Aside titans, but frankly that you can't buy directly with money. Collecting charms (especially for 3 million experience) can be very tedious task, which I'm not looking forward at all. However, I realised that I could atleast lower the cost for completing the kiln, so ironically enough I bought this beauty to save me a bit of money on future fights. What's ironical in this is that this bow cost 81,8 million geepees, which was basically my whole cash pile. :unsure: As my cash pile was back down to 2,6 million (which isn't okay for me), I took the obvious course of action and went to test this new baby in action - fight kiln for onyx #12. Best part of this was that I actually did manage to get my new fastest time 01:05:22, which is 2 minutes faster than my previous fastest time. I'm not sure how much was it actually because of zaryte bow, or did I just get lucky hitting better with rapier and Armadyl battlestaff. I like to believe it was because of this new bow. Even better than the best part is that each shot on this bow costs only 16 gold pieces! Compared to Karil's crossbow and 700-800 bolt racks I used to use per fight kiln, this saves me 150,000 gold each run. Also, considering if this also saves about 2 minutes time each dungeon, it would mean actual 250,000 more gp per hour doing fight kilns! If I plan to really complete kiln hundred times or more, this 250,000 will definitely add up. My only concern is that this bow is going to skydive from 80 million, or gets badly nerfed with combat update. It should be the best, highest requirement bow after the update though? Right? Damn, why don't I have access to beta.. :sad: P.S. If someone has some ideas for what to do to still improve my setup, then please talk. And no, I'm not going to get iron or steel titan. Not now atleast. Anything else is welcome news!
  14. 12 - consecutive - times now, actually. Fire cape is so yesterday.. :cool: Onyxes sell for about 6m each, and to me it takes about 1 hour 10 minutes on average to complete the kiln. Supplies including armadyl runes, bolt racks, potions (and overloads) and armour/weapon charging costs about 1,5-1,6 million. So currently I'm making about 4,4m gp/ 1h 10 minutes. 3,7 - 3,8 m gp/hour. :thumbup:
  15. Eight onyxes so far, and just completed my fastest kiln up to date: 01:07:22 Guess I could still take couple minutes out of that but will be very hard without titan familiars. :P Anyways, had 9 saradomin brew flasks at the end (+ 2 super restore), so quite happy with that. Two more onyxes to go to double digits.. Then next goal is triple? Also, I made some calculations and I'm approximately gaining about 49,5k magic, 27k ranged, 39k melee and 29k constitution experience per run. Considering this, if I wanted to max my melees (10 million experience left) through fight kiln, that would require about 250 more completions of fight kiln. :D Well, one kiln at a time... :-?
  16. Doing the right potions it's about 1-2m profit per hour. Not what it used to be when I made my money for turmoil and 99 herblore. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AldEhLOK6ejJdGxma1R3NlNOS1F2UEpMNUY4MU11Rmc#gid=0 This is Grimy Bunyips work and came very helpful for me while doing potions about a year ago. Make sure to try before buying huge quantities according to spreadsheet though. Sometimes the items don't sell or buy at mid price, and you might even end up losing cash doing them. So make sure to buy like 100 herbs and turn them into unfs, and see how much you profited before buying more. If moderators think I'm not allowed to post this link, please remove it from the message, and my advice to you is googling grimys spreadsheets. :P
  17. On another note if your say 90 def like I am and train in dragon for example will your LP boost be reduced, I mean what armour is there to use non-degradable at 90 defense maximise your LP boost? You've put my fear into words. That is my main fear, I exclusively train in bandos armour, and am nearly 91 def now, I can't afford armour such as torva etc. so my LP boost will suffer because I don't have the amount of cash needed to own/upkeep torva, which is unfair If you train on dragons for example, then where do you need lifepoint boosts in the first place? Secondly bandos is on the higher end of armours, and should receive fair lifepoint boost (or offense boost) for armour pieces. Secondly, what point would there be in buying higher level armours if lower level armours would give same lifepoint bonuses in the first place? It's not like only few people could get the better items. Everyone can, if you just work for them. I don't really like the attitude that everyone needs to have best items possible, and if getting them requires some work, it's unfair that others have them. Having better items for higher levels gives people goals to aim for, and a real reason to actually get them to improve their abilities. Anyways, if you're training in bandos, I wouldn't be worrying too much. Besides, there are no contents in this game that really require nex armours or divines/elysians to complete. They just make things easier, which (by my opinion) they also should. With such pricetags.
  18. Up to 5 onyxes now in total of 10 attempts. That means I haven't failed a kiln ever since first time getting my cape. Actually latest run I had 9 saradomin brews left at the end. Har-Aken is really simple boss, only problem is that I have to play on small screen (quite hard to see it sometimes when going through the area). Jads are causing me more trouble with occasional lag/missclicks, but so far I have managed to stay alive despite them. Besides, I think I'm getting better at it with every turn, even though my completion times aren't going below 1 hour and 10 minutes. I guess I shouldn't assume any faster without titans/dreadnips. However, the money is rolling in nicely, and I have no patience to go gather charms/kill bosses in dominion tower. So for the time being, I'm camping fight kiln with my current setup. Each onyx sells currently at about 6 million instantly. I use about 1,5-1,6m worth of supplies/runes/bolts per run. So that makes it about 4,5m per 1 hour and 15 minutes. Or 3,5m per hour. More than I've ever managed on any other place, so this one definitely stays as long as it's profitable enough. Atleast I can rely on my own skill for the profit instead of luck like on Glacors, where I eventually went over 1k kills without boots (I got 4 boots in overall, but in a very long timespan).
  19. Hey all! After 4 tries yesterday, I finally managed to get tokhaar-kal out of Fight Kiln today! Right after that, I went back there to bring out one uncut onyx. Happy about my success I'm going to bring onyxes out of the kiln to fix my bank in better shape. :) First page updated with try/success log. Stay tuned! EDIT: 2 Onyxes! EDIT2: Front page updated with kiln log! :P
  20. Thank you all for your help. I sort of put together few different guides and took parts out of them what suit best for me and my character. After that and couple times through try and error, I managed to put together setup that made it possible for me to complete fight kiln. This isn't the most optimal setup of course, as I'm lacking titans, but it suits well enough for my purpose. I managed to complete fight kiln today in 1 hour and 15 minutes without nexgear, titans, enchanced excalibur or dreadnips. I assume I can squeeze some minutes out of that with more practice. Another run left me with 9 saradomin brew flasks and 4 super restore flasks after Har-Aken. Took me few tries to finally get it done, but after first time completing the kiln, second time was already alot easier. So currently I've got tokhaar-kal cape, and one uncut onyx out of there. I'm planning to continue. :) I'm currently using karils cbow (which works just nice), but should I switch it to rune cbow and some different bolts? Karil seems to work just nice with cheap price, only problem is that you can't use shield with it (inventory problems occasionally). I could go for chaotic cbow but that would take quite a bit of dging to do (which I don't really look forward atm).
  21. Hey, I've been trying to look different guides how to do fight kiln, but they all seem a bit different to each other, so I don't really have idea which one would be the most effective one to use. Note that I haven't completed the kiln yet (not even done the quest), but I think I will do it just fine. I got 96 melees, 99 magic, 99 ranged, 99 hp, 96 prayer, 99 herblore and 91 summoning. About 80m in bank to spend for gear. I don't plan on rising summoning at the moment, so looking for setup that doesn't involve yak/highest titans. I'm looking for a way that will make completing fight kiln as effective as possible. My main concern is getting a way to make some cash. I think getting the cape itself wouldn't be a problem. Mostly I need a setup about which items/spells/weapons/potions (and how many) to use and at which wave. All extra detail is bonus. Basically all the other guides cover most of the other stuff. Even if the setup is a bit harder than some other setup it doesn't matter. I'd rather learn more effective way straight away, than learning easier way with slower completion time or less profit. Thanks already. :)
  22. Today was my first day of holiday, when I actually had time to do something. My summer holiday did start yesterday, but I spent over 5 hours travelling to Helsinki to meet my girlfriend. Now that I've made myself home here, and while she is working eight hour shifts, it leaves me alot of time to spend doing something. This time I decided to spend quite a chunk of it in the land of Gielinor. I started my day by semiafk wcing arctic pines (while bonfiring some) with my new, shiny woodcutting aura (second one, that gives 5% bonus) while reading the forums. After about 100,000 woodcutting XP (or a bit over hour), and reaching 88 woodcutting, I decided that it's time for me to start farming again. I ventured to GE to spend millions on seeds, morchella, papaya, calquat and snapdragon. I'm well aware that torstol might be better herb to farm for profit, but with my unstable personality with sticking on doing things for long, I thought it might be wiser to stick with more stable snapdragon. That or either it was because I once lost 2 million farming torstol while the prices were dropping. After planting a set of trees and picking the fruits of my labour (papayas which have been waiting for someone to check their health for months), doing first herb run (I got 17 torstols from Trollheim patch that I had planted ages ago), and in overall getting the farming process going, I decided it's time to visit my clan citadel and fill my ring and max my resource cap. I spent whole resource cap on mining skill plot, earning me 83 mining with about 75,000 experience. Glad about the level raises, I went to collect my daily dose of redstones before leaving to Gnome Stronghold for some agility training. Before that I set up a new set of herbs, thanking greenfingers aura for giving a nice timer for when to pick the herbs. I was so close to 83 agility, that it took me about 15 minutes to reach the level. During the process I got one Pit event (karaoke one) which yielded me a bit over 2,000 experience. After taking some breaks to make myself something to eat and reading some Song of Fire and Ice, I decided to go test c2 fishing/woodcutting method. I had heard quite a bit about it, so I thought it was worth a shot. My one hour session earned me about 10,000 dungeoneering experience, 55,000 fishing experience, 45,000 woodcutting experience and some combat experience that I didn't count. Needless to say I was surprised and glad about these rates, and will definitely do this for my fishing and woodcutting training. And especially when I need to do low level dungeoneering floors. Only thing that bothered my mind, was the fact that I just spent whole lot of Loyalty Points on that woodcutting aura, which might not ever get used again. Refund please? Anyways, in overall my first proper day of long awaited summer holiday gave me alot of time to play, many levels and left me with many more things to do for next gaming sessions.
  23. Latest news. Got 91 summoning last sunday by opening all effigies that I had banked pre effigynerf. Got decent amount of experience also in smithing, herblore and cooking (overxp though). Bit closer to 96 now. Decided to open them so I can get more effigies while I hunt bosses/gather charms towards 96. Then I decided to start a bandos drop log (which currently is at 42 kills) for soloing. I'll count duo kills also but only the ones that I get (I do lootshare but not coinshare). In the name of science I'm curious if I could find out somewhat the real drop rates of bandos items in longterm. Besides bandos is good cash, and that's what I need. Then I head down to Daemonheim and got 94 dungeoneering. A step closer to another 99. Still need 60k tokens for chaotic maul/longsword. I'm looking for best option for soloing bandos, and I'm not really sure which one would be better. I'm planning to slowly progress towards 99 dungeoneering and onwards. And for last but not least, I got first bandos item drops duoing with Rohanlord last night. Boots from minions + hilt from Graardor. Shame hilt ain't currently worth much, but atleast it's rising. But pretty cool to get hilt in 42 kills, considering it's the rarest bandos drop. Gonna do more scaping this weekend, now that I finally have time. Exams are done and summer holiday starts monday. :thumbsup: EDIT: Forgot to mention that I bought myself a new laptop. Going to spend most of the summer traveling, so that will come to use. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that RuneScape worked almost as well as on my old computer. Have to use minimum graphics though, but I'm used to it anyways.
  24. I need 300mils worth of addy bars, thought I'd buy em in 100mil increments. Should be on later for a cheeky Bandos trip, might finally get another BCP :pray: 300 mils??? You mean you're buying all the addy bars at once, get 99 smithing, and then sell them for like what 260m? I was first thinking you were planning on spending 300m on smithing.. :pray: Why not just buy like 10k addy bars at time, then sell when done and repeat. No need to hoard such a huge cashpile. Though, theres nothing wrong with hoarding cash... :thumbsup:
  25. Grats on 99 strenght! :P Let's go back to Bandos! ps. How did you get 100m as a cost for 99 smithing? Should be a lot less.. :huh: ps2. Smithing is awesome.
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