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  1. I had a topic a bit over month ago asking for best setups for doing fight kiln for profit. Ever since I have completed fight kiln in total of 38 times, using geyser titan, wolpertinger, rune minotaur (lol), tortoise or unicorn as familiar. It is by far easiest with unicorn, but using even one of the "worse" fighting familiars does give some adventage timewise. After seeing the results people get using titans as familiars, I decided to train my summoning towards 95 and iron titan. I would obviously want steel titan, but I'm still long grind away from it. However, iron titan is not far away anymore, and will definitely get that before trying kiln again. So I can say I'm somewhat familiar and experienced with how to do fight kiln, though I have still alot to improve especially with using fighting familiar. So now I need some more help. My first question is following; is there any reason to use void knight armour in fight kiln? I personally thought it might give a nice setup, considering it's easy to swap between void armours for the 10% bonus, instead of bringing many different setups altogether. Would I get too much damage to make it hard to survive without unicorn? Or what aura should I be using? I have soul split, overloads and about to have maxed melees (+ranged and magic), so level wise I have the optimal setup (aside steel titan). I'm not trying to do the absolutely fastest possible times, but instead have solid and fast method that should make it possible to complete kiln for profit without taking too many risks of dying.
  2. Fishing lobsters in karamja and turning them into certificates at Port Sarim. Best profit I knew back in the early RSC days. Only if I had known it was such a good profit or I would've had a bit longer attention span, I would've done it more than just to get full rune and rune 2 hander. Should've got bank full of rares back then. Now you have to grind hundreds of hours with any normal moneymaking method to get party hats or such (or even longer with the gold dupers). On my first days I used to camp also in Varrock general store trying to find good items. Occasional gems in the midst of all the garbage made my day. Later I started typical merchanting buying rune items behind Varrock west bank and selling them for few k's higher. Made my first million that way. Also mining was my first 60+ skill just to get to the mining guild. That feeling to find those dozens of coal rocks for first time, after spending what felt like ages on the 4 at barbarian village..
  3. Curious to see what happens next on the rare market. Will the items crash and how fast? How will it affect the rest of the economy?
  4. I spent 40 hours in fight kiln trying to collect cash towards a party hat, so basically after all this I gained nothing as party hats have risen more than I gained money in all that time...? Oh lord.
  5. Been killing armoured zombies for some rather easy, semi AFK'able xp, while working on other things. It's easy and relaxing way to train, and I think I will be doing it for most of my levels. I know it's not best way in terms of working towards max cape, but considering my limited time I think it's okay. I hope the combat evolution will eventually make combat and slayer more fun, and maybe even more faster. I will train a bit of slayer too in the midst, when I feel like doing so. I will also need to kill some more glacors/rock lobsters/waterfiends towards my summoning goal. So far I've gained few hundred k's of attack xp since the last post. Today I also passed 11m experience mark on all melee skills, which means I've gone 4% forward in attack and a bit in the rest. 16% or 2,000,000 experience left per melee skill. I think I can pull this one through.
  6. It was extreme luck I would say. Martingale technique as it might seem like one to give you great odds, will eventually most likely lead to you getting cleaned. Using martingale technique as one to "maximise your probabilities" to win back what you lose in long term also increases your chance to lose everything in long term. Only way to make profit using martingale technique is getting lucky and walking away when you're up enough. If you're doing well now, it's just more likely you're going to eventually hit a losing streak that you can't double your pot out of. I hope I explained myself clear enough for anyone to understand. I would do maths if I'd bother but you can read more about the technique from wikipedia or something.
  7. After playing out a bit with the good old combat calculator in Tip.it page, I realised that one of my biggest goals ever since I started playing RSC is not that far. Highest possible combat level. 138 Combat. For those who are familiar with RSC, it's the most typical goal any new player would have. In RSC combat was pretty much the only way to compare yourself against others, cause there were no skillcapes, super expensive items, max capes, completionist capes or any of that sort. There was just you, maybe rune armour and digits to measure your strenght. Of course, when you start as a level 5 (starting level in RSC) and you see someone with 50 combat walking past you, you want to be just like him. Especially if you're 10 years old and new to all sorts of RPG's. I still remember the first time I saw person with triple digits combat level. Before that I always thought 99 would be the highest combat level, as all other levels in RuneScape ended in 99 too. That much I had learned from hiscores. My first question to this female characther was if she was a moderator. She laughed at me and asked why would I think so and I still remember saying her "because you're level 102 - how can you be level 102?" Ever since I always wanted to be over 100 combat. There was something magical in that number. Well days, months and years passed. RSC turned into RS2, I finally reached 80, 90 and 100 combat. Only if I still had that picture, cause it was a big moment for me with this game. As the time passed and I got closer to 110 combat I started to consider if I'd be 126 combat someday. Of course this was the time before summoning came out. As soon as I found out 126 was the maximum level, it was the one I wanted to have. As soon as summoning came out and it became 138, so did my goal. Now 10 years, 130 levels and 3592 hours later I can finally say that all I have left is the last stretch. I'm level 135 combat, and I have only 3 left. 3 Levels to complete the goal I set myself ever since first time seeing someone having higher level than me. 10 years ago. Alot has changed in 10 years with this game and with me. I'm not the 10 year old kid following everyone higher level than me asking how did they do it, or the one taking screenshot everytime seeing someone with maxed combat. Of course, the game is not the same anymore either, 138 combat is not the achievement it was at the first or 126 what it was in RSC, but it still is to date the highest level in this game. However, as we all know; with the EoC around the corner - it won't be that for long. So without further ado, let me present you my first and latest goal. 138 combat. Here's how I will do it. As of now I'm 135 combat with 96 attack, 97 strenght, 97 defense, 96 prayer, 99 constitution and 92 summoning. According to Tip.it's loyal helper program it means I'm 13 levels away from 138 combat. 99 attack, 99 strenght, 99 defense, 98 prayer, 99 constitution and 96 summoning. I think it would make this goal a bit more interesting if I would achieve 138 combat with 2300 total. Here goes! When all of these show 100% I've completed my goal.
  8. Nice progress like usual. And I see you took your first steps towards "merchanting" aswell with that fish mask trade. It's always nice to spot trades like that! Basically you can profit from any item if you just stay patient enough and keep your eyes open. Congrats on those levels and good luck on your last stretch toward 99 woodcutting. That's something I'm not personally looking forward to getting myself. :P
  9. And I've done about 2k-2,5k glacors atleast with 1/500 - 1/600 drop ratio.. I haven't kept all the shards, cause I have sold them in midst. I just hope my luck is going to eventually turn to better, or I most likely lose last bit of motivation to camp those things.
  10. I haven't kept exact count, but it's been half a year since my last boots drop. I haven't done that much Glacor killing in the midst, but I'm pretty certain I got way over 1,000 kills dry streak at the moment. It feels like so long that I'm not even waiting to see those things. I'm just killing them for charms I need for 96 and 99 summoning. But 20 hours of killing Glacors or more does certainly frustrate. Maybe I'll see some boots eventually.
  11. Yeah the profit was nice. My only concern is that I might want to buy it back eventually (it's a great bow), and it will cost me even more than that then. Karil's crossbow is great alternative though, so maybe I'll go with that one. I don't really have an idea how long would it take, but obviously a while. Summoning is a slow skill to train, and no matter what you kill for charms (glacors, waterfiends, rock lobsters) it gets a bit tedious in the long run. So I'm trying to alternate. Mostly I've been doing glacors lately, including a session with familiarisation (great minigame to play once a week) bonus. I got over 100 blue charms and 100 crimsons in 40 minutes, which was great. Only if one could play it more often than once a week. And only if those glacors would start giving some loot aswell. Been over 1,000 kills since my last pair of boots, and it feels like forever (and it is forever). I'm currently like 3m away from 96 summoning (which I also want for pack yak), and I have almost 1 million experience banked in charms. I'm also doing some slayer tasks in the midst. So basically I have like 2 million (1,2 or so for iron titan) left to collect, which should take me a week atleast. Tomorrow I have chance to play Troll Invasion for 60k+ extra summoning xp, and I hope squeel is helpful with occasional lamps. Hopefully it won't take too long, cause I really want those familiars soon. So many things to try with them (dagannoth kings, frost dragons etc.).
  12. I'll try this out myself, but for some reason I have huge doubts of this being the case without iron/steel titans.. I'll comment more after I have tried it out (I have no titans either). Last time I killed waterfiends I didn't get even close to 200/h.. :?
  13. And how many crims/hour are waterfiends, and with what familiar / setup...?
  14. I've been collecting charms lately myself, switching between glacors, barraging rock lobsters and killing waterfiends. As I also lack titans, I'm not getting that good killrates at waterfiends. Barraging rock lobsters is by far best summoning experience /h, but glacors aren't really that far. However, I use SoA + 99 magic, pretty much maxed mage gear I can get up to 55 kph without iron titan (i use other combat familiars). I think bursting will be very good option. It isn't even that expensive. Runes are cheaper than ever before. Killing them is easy and you get alot of magic experience (which is good considering magic is your lowest combat skill, and very useful in places like barraging, glacors, fight kiln etc). If I was you I would most likely go bursting. Use burstinglobs friends chat for opening doors/finding empty spots/blessing graves incase you happen to die. I got 200+ crimsons /h barraging (+ some other charms), so I think you could expect 100+ crimsons /h + other charms. Waterfiends is possible option, but I also found it very tiring.
  15. My blog got messed up some way, all spaces were removed from my first post. I spent almost hour today putting the spaces back and making my blog into viewable shape again. I also removed some parts of front page and updated the levelup log. On other news, I'm barraging rock lobsters towards 96 summoning. I also sold my zaryte bow for 97,5m (nice 12m profit there). I also died at fight kiln using geyser titan familiar (which wasn't too bad really), because losing focus at armadillo wave. I was going towards new record time though. Now I'm staying out of kiln until iron titan at 95 summoning, which should be good familiar there.
  16. I don't really have use for any of those. Fight kiln is simple enough wthout any instakill darts. Good one for those who find it hard though. Might just get 4 of those anyway and solo Nex and hope for the best. Wonder if these will have effect on the economy. One would assume so if we get couple million (?) instakill darts in overall to use at bosses like Nex and Corp.. Nothing gamebreaking though, so I don't mind.
  17. You're almost down to third page. This can't do. By the way, if you're using protection prayers already, you don't really need to wear dragonhides anymore. When using protection prayers on task, it's better to just maximise your strenght or prayer bonuses. To be honest, it's best to maximise them on all tasks. Nice progress like usual. :)
  18. Nonstop without any sort of breaks? 3 hours maybe at most. Though I think I have played around 10 hours during one day few times. My head starts to hurt after a few hours though, so I rarely play longer periods. And I can't see how anyone could think it not being unhealthy to play 10 hours or more during a day... Or daily for that matter.
  19. Awesome video!! Wonder is it just me, or does the game look more interesting to play being speed up a bit? I mean the action looks better, more smooth and obviously fast-paced with a bit more speed in the video. I assume the video is speed up, right? I don't remember action being like that when I tried the beta. :D
  20. Where are you man? :( Been over a month, couldn't almost find your blog anymore!
  21. Battlestaves are either like 200k xp/h at 1,5-2gp /xp or 280k xp/h at over 4gp/xp. Doing cheaper method you could save 30m, but it would take you about 1,5 months longer. It's only 20 minutes of crafting per day though in any case. But battlestaves are obviously a great option if you can stand waiting and are not in hurry. Or have other skills to train while waiting for bstaves to buy. Doing weekly clan citadel might be reasonable option too. It's reasonable experience considering it's free, especially when you have 30% bonus and charge your clan ring while at it.
  22. You can do it with the stats you have. It won't be easy or effective but very much doable. Don't bother trying to hunt onyxes for much of a profit before getting overloads/turmoil though. However, as there are plenty of guides how to do the actual waves, here are just my few tips. Your magic skill is quite a bit stronger than your melee or ranged. I wouldn't normally recommend this, but you should do the whole fight kiln with magic. Either storm of armadyl or polypore staff. SoA is faster and easier, but a bit more expensive. If you have access to it, I definitely recommend you to use SoA. Use full ganodermic, infinity/ragefire boots, barrows gloves, god cape, arcane stream necklace/fury and either spirit shield or zamorak/mage book.. Basically get the best magic attack bonus as possible. I'm not sure how much wealth you have but the gear I offered is welfare one. If you have more cash, you can obviously get better alternatives in term of mage bonus. As you lack overloads, unicorn and soul split don't bother with magic potions. Use 15% magic prayer at all times. Vampyrism or reverence aura will be helpful. Remember to take pickaxe(or dreadnips) for Dil's. Fill your tortoise with saradomin brew flasks and super restore flasks. Take another pouch in inventory. Fill inventory also with saradomin brew flasks and super restore flasks. About 2,5-3 brews per 1 super restore ratio. Also take 3 prayer renewal flasks. You can buy some purple sweets as a backup food if you're worried. They are stackable, but don't heal much and are very expensive. Leave 3 empty spots for invulnerability, restoration and magic crystals. Other than that, take your time with reading guides how to do each wave. Remember you can log out after each wave if you wish so you can study how to do next wave carefully. Take your time, rushing won't do no good for first attempt(s). You can add me in game, so I can give you guidance through the kiln if it's needed (if I'm online). Good luck with getting your cape, and incase I missed something, someone feel free to point out.
  23. Rough estimates. Crafting: 60-70m (green dhide) Herblore depends awful alot about how many extremes/ovls you are planning to make, so it takes alot of calculation. If you do no extremes/ovls at all, doing prayer potions only, it would cost also about 60m. Let's say you do reasonable amount of ovls/extremes in the process, we should be talking about 100-120m. If you do only extremes/ovls when you can start doing them, this will most likely be ALOT more (I haven't calculated). Prayer: ~ 80m (infernal ashes) Construction: ~ 160m (mahogany) or ~100m (oak/teak) Doing cheaper and slower (yet reasonable like doing oak instead of mahogany or infernal ashes instead of d or fd bones) you could get them all to 99 with about 300-350m (including about 50m worth of ovls). Faster methods, add about 100-200m. Rought estimates, but should give you a picture.
  24. Thank you all who helped and offered to help inside dungeon aswell. I tried to host arrow hunt, but couldn't find people so just decided to buy from a person selling floors. Paid 1,5m for them, but got them really fast with fast dungeoneers to help me. 1,5m doesn't sound too bad. After all I now have hex with best ammunition and poisoned aswell. Something I don't have to worry about. Now all I need is 100dg and 99 melees for primal weapon and primal plate. What would you guys suggest for my binds in the future. When I hit 100 dg should I bind ssh (assuming I get chance) or primal platebody? And should I get primal axe or primal 2h for melee weapon? Here's my arrows though.
  25. These will make my dungeoneering a bit more fun. Now all I need are 99 melees to get the rest of the binds I want. Primal plate and primal 2h. And of course 100 dg for that. :)
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