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  1. Welcome back. :P Are you still planning to stay as level 4 skiller? By the way, if you need some starting cash I can spare you some. I still remember once loaning like 500k from you to start playing again in 2007 or so, heh. Good times. Your old blog was a beast.
  2. I don't really get burnt out from playing RuneScape, but I do tend to get rather bored about it every now and then. Then I simply play less and do other things (or play other games). This game drags me back eventually anyways. I see no reason playing a game when you don't feel like it.
  3. Was wondering where this post was. All in all some pretty interesting stuff there. Mostly curious about the instanced GWD and "hard" bosses. Yes and of course the EoC updates. About time being maxed stats means something again in combat. :P
  4. Actually I'm not sure if this is the right forum to put this, but as I'm asking question I didn't know where else to put it. Because this for sure is not a problem. So, I've been playing RS on my Asus laptop for half a year now. It's not the best of laptops, but could run RS in a playable way on minimum detail. I think I was having constantly about 20-30 fps and lower fps on places like Edgeville, Grand Exhange and GWD. Now today around 17-18 GMT I noticed "sudden" increase in fps. I was getting constantly 45-50 fps on minimum detail, and the game was running smoother than ever before. For a time it felt like it ran smoother than on my parents computer when I go visit them. And they have alot better computer than this laptop of mine. I even managed to get over 25 FPS on maxed graphic settings. Previously using high detail made the game unplayable. So point of this post, does anyone know what happened today or has anyone else had similar results? Just curious and all I can say is I hope this was a permanent change. Playing has not been this much fun in a while. It really makes a difference whether the actions are smooth or not. A huge difference. :D
  5. I own a red partyhat. It's not the most unique thing, but still something I'm happy about. Took me almost 10 years to actually get one too. My first 99 was smithing. I own a scythe. I don't have bunny ears though. I have completed fight kiln over 60 times but fight caves only once. I don't have fire cape. I have soloed every GWD boss, including Nex. I have killed every non-questrelated boss in the game atleast once. I bought 8 toy horses when they were first time introduced to game, in hopes they might become discontinued items one day. I still have those 8 horses. I have an unique name that nobody else has.
  6. Seeing other peoples drop logs and loot pictures is inspiring. Seeing someone else getting good/constant drops with less effort and kills than you it starts to become demoralising though. At that point it's usually best to take a little break from killing things and return after getting some new inspiration. :)
  7. Controlled is the xp-gain method and can be any of three damage types, slash/stab/crush, depending on the weapon. @NukeMarine: Why would you want to change attack/rename attack? It doesn't make any sense. Why would you want to make strenght affect to magic and ranged? It doesn't make any sense either. Point is we have one melee skill too many. We could just combine attack and strenght and call it melee. Just like ranged is ranged and magic is magic. Problem is that it's maybe too hard to do that now. I also agree that we should get old combat level formula back. It's ridiculous that everyone and their dog is level 200 with barely two 99's to show for it.
  8. You've come a long way! Last 100 levels will come in no time (even being the longest 100 levels of this goal for sure)! Good luck Gregor. 8-)
  9. Thanks! Been spending more than enough time at Nex today (but as it is said, patience pays off). Started the day with a Pernix cowl drop (second in a row). Forgot to take better picture. Then later spent couple hours duoing with Rohanlord and got this. 4th one already. Where is the platebody? After these, I had this: Might do another trip later tonight if we just can find a free world. Nex seems to be very crowded nowadays. :P
  10. Haha! Nice vid Angry Aussie and thanks for comments all in all. To Quest Cape K, my gear is following: That's tradeable tetsu (which is a bit overkill, but it looks nice) and untradeable sea singer hood. I plan to swap tradeable tetsu to superior as soon as I get them out of my ports. I've messed up my trio story reward voyage twice in a row now with 60% success rate, so hopefully third time will succeed. I used to use sea singer bottom, virtus top and farseer shield for quite a while and it worked just fine. The huge defense bonus made tanking alot easier even though I hitting got a bit harder. For blood phase I just swapped some veracs. I also bring offhand mace for blood phase (also use it on Zaros phase incase Nex protects ranged). I'm using shield alot when soloing (alot more than many people do), but the shield abilities just make soloing alot easier. Even though my kills may be a bit slower than others, they are consistent and I usually finish kills with over 30 rocktails left. Basics for using shield; use resonance as often as possible (and remove protection prayer while using it), reflect after resonance and barricade when possible. I also take advantage of immortality and rejuvenation twice a kill. (Now waiting for someone to tell me how inefficient I am) I updated my front page logs with recent kills. Latest drops include such as these: Here was my cashpile after torva full helm drop and buying tetsu. Pernix cowl sold for 24,3m (damn it's falling fast), so total cash pile at the moment is around 344m (bought some supplies). I also have over 50m worth of drops in my "junk" tab, which includes all other loot from Nex aside unique drops. More to come!
  11. Hahaha. Yeah, right. If you'd enjoy risk/reward aspect of the game you would do anything else but host flowers.
  12. I try to go Nex on a daily basis, but sometimes I just don't have time for that. But almost every day probably now that I've learned how to do it. I still do group trips too. :)
  13. First of all, thank you constrictor for nice words! Soloing Nex is no easy task, but there are quite few people who can do it. Actually it took me many many tries to get my strategy, equipment and skills set to slaughter her alone. I did practise alot with friends on duo and trio trips. That being said - I just updated my front page Nex drop log to include all my drops (I had half of the drops saved on other computer) and the total price of profit I've made so far. On Nex the original drops pay for the cost of supplies (and a bit extra), so all the item drops are pure profit. Thank you also to Gregor and Tansuo for liking my post (and obviously atleast reading my blog). Second, I'm sorry that it took me this long to get back to updating my daily journeys. I know there are atleast few people out there who were regular readers. Now that's out of the way - I should warn you - this is going to be long post. Alot can happen in over half a year of not updating blog, so I'm trying to put all the most important things in one post. So where to start? Well, I suppose where the story paused last time. So last you heard about me, I had invested that 500m on all kind of stuff waiting for botnuke, bonus XP weekend and what not... Needless to say none of those actually came and I was sitting on quite big pile of wealth in items I didn't need. On the positive side of things, I managed to get the lucky streak and most of my items sold for more than I bought them. I don't have exact figures at hand, but I'm sure I made hundred mil or more atleast. Talking about it like this makes it sound it was like pocket change for me. It was really quite a long while and quite amount of stress I went through having all my wealth tied to those items. Anyone who have followed my blog for a while might have noticed that I don't tend to stick on my goals for very long. So eventually I sold all my items for whatever price I got (I still profited) and started a PVM challenge with Rohanlord. Someone might've noticed that thread. Well, basically we just killed alot of stuff. Then came EoC and that goal was done there. I do not wish to bore you with walls of text, so let me add some pictures here. Here are some drops that I got during that era of time. [hide] [/hide] Just to put few pictures in. I actually got quite a few more drops, but as all my RuneScape files and pictures are divided between two computers and online photobucket, I am a bit lost as to where which one is. Or not even sure if I actually have taken more pictures. I used to take more pictures before but I've gotten lazy ever since. Not am I only lost with my pictures, but times and dates (days, not dates dates) also. During these past few months I am not sure what kind of levels I got and in which order. It actually saddens me a bit that I don't even have picture of all my 99 level ups anymore. Atleast I don't know where they are. For sure I have no clue which day I got them (unlike my first eight or so 99s). However, here are some pictures of me levelling up. [hide] [/hide] I did also get 99 summoning and dungeoneering somewhere around that time, but pictures are lost somewhere in bitspace. Bitscape? Nevertheless, if my memory serves me right then came EoC and my RuneScape career was definitely on the Brink of it's Extinction. Learning all the ways to kill bosses again was almost like learning a new game and for a moment I thought of giving up all together. However, one does not simply quit 'scaping. So here I am. Still. Arrival of EoC was interesting time bank wise, as I was able to liquidate all my items fast after update announcement, and unlike many others who lost alot of money on item crashes, I managed to invest in some potential bestseller gear. At one point I had multiple arcane spirit shields, zaryte bows and what else? I definitely made like 200m from those invests alone. Even though I felt very lost with the upcoming changes, with help of forum and paying attention to item discussion topics I managed to stay on top of my investments. After the dust had settled and EoC properly rolled in, I had pretty decent stack to beging buying gear with. It's shame I don't have pictures about my bank from this time, cause it often plays quite big part of my stories. I'm a money hoarder, I know. I just wanted to get that partyhat! Now talking about partyhats, I eventually decided to take the step and try the new combat system. It was hard at first, but after enough of practice I found some things actually rather enjoyable to do. For example dungeoneering became actually quite fun alongside some bosses. Now I could say, I don't miss any old boss. Rohan would say TD's, but I was never fan of those anyways. Here's a picture of me and Rohanlord duoing Saradomin. It was one of the first bosses we tried after EoC. It was ridiculously easy too. Soulsplit, blood barrage and spam abilities. Check. [hide][/hide] So after the good experiences I got with some GWD bosses, I was starting to get hooked. Introduction of Player Owned Ports was the thing that draw me back to gaming like in the old days. I was really happy to check my boats daily and send them to voyages few times a day. On first days I used to just stand 20 minutes on the port waiting for my ships to return. After that I actually took a skilling spree and managed to level up all my POP related skills to 90+. As of the time being I'm only 6 levels short of 90+ all skills. That's 6 long levels though. Once again I've lost track of what happened since, but I suppose I did PvM here and there, dungeoneer here and there, merch a little and send my voyages out on daily basis. And yes, I did do skills too. I'm not really aware how did I actually come together with the last missing amount of money to finally achieve a goal I had chased since last summer. Getting a partyhat. I'm well aware how I got to 600m, 800m eventually close to 1b and so on, but somehow the last missing 100m or so I'm not sure. For one thing I am sure is that I basically sold everything I had to get it. Here's a picture of that beauty. [hide][/hide] I do remember the day I got it and I seriously spent like hour just watching it. It was over a year long goal finally came to conclusion. Of course it was not the real conclusion, not with that colour! But still a conclusion of sort. I had finally got the item I thought was basically impossible to obtain without some sort of cheat. Next month went by skilling, dungeoneering and lending that partyhat out. As ridiculous as it sounds to collect money for a year to get item to lend out, it actually made a decent buck on a daily basis. For very little worth. I managed to raise my cashpile with like 1,5m-2m a day just lending the hat out. Month of doing that and I already had enough to get me some decent gear to get back to PvM. So not long after that I did some trades to end up with this. [hide][/hide] As you can see from the G.E. history, I used to merchant battlestaffs, spirit shields and some uncut gems to make back my money. Alongside with lending that partyhat out daily, I was making pretty decent cash without actually doing anything. Long story short the life of that yellow partyhat (atleast in my custody) was not very long, as in a week or so after I bought it I downgraded my partyhat back to purple. I needed money to get some drygores to go Nexing. Eventually I had to loan last bit of money from Rohanlord to get me dual drygore maces. I was too keen on my partyhat to completely get rid of it. Purple had to do. For the time being. Now that I look back, purple didn't look bad at all. So long story short. What happened next was alot of nex (nice rhyme, no?). I made alot of money, I got frustrated, I died alot. Made more money, died more, tried to solo - failed horribly. Lost my tetsu helm thanks to disconnections (look rants section - there is my thread). And made more money. And at one point I loaned more from Rohanlord. And then paid it back. Atleast twice. Point of the story, I made enough money to get the gear I needed to solo Nex, partyhat I wanted (picture later) and enough cash to live happily ever after. Problem, I'm not sure if there is enough money to keep me happy long enough. After I got one partyhat, I started dreaming about having another one... So for the time being, I'm soloing Nex (and duoing, trioing of course) every now and then. I try to get my total level to 2400, all levels to 90+ (eventually max) and dungeoneering to 120. If I can bother. At the end here is a collaboration picture of the stuff I have. Enjoy! [hide][/hide] Thanks for reading!!! ps. It's late in the evening (couple hours past midnight) so forgive me for spelling errors or ridiculous ways to put words. After I got this post together I just couldn't bother reading it all again. I'll check it in the morning. :)
  14. What the [bleep] are those 4 abilities in your constitution ability bar? The 4 at the up. I have only the 5 lower ones... :?
  15. Nice to see you're still having fun and going for it. I know its easy to lose interest, but somehow it always finds its way back. :D
  16. Hey all! I've decided to resurrect this blog, since our PVM challenge got sort of cancelled (with Rohanlord). So from now on I shall be updating this blog again every now and then. Currently I'm Nexing and making bank there. Alot has happened since my last post to this blog, so one day I try to gather up pictures and write bigger post about what has happened in past half year!!! Stay around! :razz:
  17. And once again scratch that previous goal. I got too hooked on nexing (I shall be posting some logs eventually) that I have no time to dedicate on serious dungeoneering. I do a floor here and there but don't expect much. On other news, I have made about 600m from Nex so far and upgraded my purple phat to yellow, which I then degraded to purple again (to buy some gear) and then upgraded purple to red phat recently. I shall be posting some pictures later on. I also got dual drygores and some other junk.
  18. Hey your blog is back in business! 8-) I just re-read the whole thing. Good times, good times. I suppose I should update mine every now and then. When you put all those nex splits in a row like that it looks like buttload of money right there. I wish I had took and uploaded a picture of all my splits. #-o
  19. [hide]Just look which way the "waves" are going[/hide]
  20. I've never been too keen on questing on RuneScape (I find them mostly annoying) and I never thought I'd say this but... This quest was too short! I need more. More! :shock: :? ;_; [hide]Why Guthix, why? ;___;[/hide]
  21. Got disconnected from server like 45 minutes ago. Still unable to log back in to either 07scape or EoCscape. Apparently my character is stuck in a world that went offline. What fun. This is something that really shouldn't happen. If you check at the RS official forums there is alot people with the same problem. Some people here only have barely that 1 hour a day to play, it's not very much fun that you can't even login for most of that time...
  22. Nex. Search someone to do it with, it's easy enough to duo/trio. Good cash too.
  23. I know there is already a place for losing items, but I just feel this whole issue wouldn't have happened if the game was designed better. We were duoing Nex with Rohan when serverlag dc'ed us both out (obviously this leads to dying). Well, we tend to die quite alot at Nex so I just run to bank and grab my ancient ceremonial and frozen key to head back there. Just while I am running past the ancient mages before Nex lair server lag disconnects us both out again. Meaning I died just outside the Nex door with my frozen key and ancient robes, with no way to get back in to claim them. And no real reason either now that my gravestone at the Nex room would be out of reach anyways. And yeah, I lost my superior tetsu helm while at it. Apparently it's less important than spirit cape for example. So goddamn annoyed and pissed. Why the hell it wasn't enough that we just collect the key once and maybe leave it to the lock or something? Why do we have to carry one around every time we want in? This was just waiting for happen. Yes yes, I could've selected which items to save incase of death before going in to Nex room, but little did I realise it would end like this... I bet you there is nothing more frustrating than losing your items without a chance to have prevented it.. Good fight, back to grinding 40 plates from ports..
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