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  1. Ok so my e-mail address linked to my RuneScape account is my old University e-mail. I haven't been in University for over a year now so I no longer have access to that e-mail. I have tried to leave appeal for 7 times now to prove that I'm the rightful owner of the account but it always comes back denied. For some reason JAG decided this week that it no longer recognizes me, which lead to this problem and me to realise I can no longer access my old University e-mail. I had about year long break from playing and wanted to see how RuneScape is doing nowadays. Full list of things I have submitted now: - Answer to 5 security questions - Atleast 3 old passwords - My full contact information - Exact payment details I've checked from PayPal, including exact invoice ID and date - Account creation location and ZIP code with the payment - Account creation year (can't remember exact month) - My phone number - My old e-mail address that I can't log in to - My ISP from last 3-4 years, I don't know what it was before that - Full name history of account with 5 name changes on past 5 years - Last 4 digits of my debit Visa card - Linked my account to Facebook and Google - Name of the person who paid my membership back in 2006-2007 - Months when I have last logged in I have submitted all of those things, but still it comes back as denied. I know I'm the rightful owner of the account but there is no way to give "better proof". Any ideas?
  2. Ummm..? It does have legacy combat mode as an alternative option and it even works rather well on most things (apart maybe the highest tier bosses). You can do almost everything in RS3 without even having an ability bar. Personally I don't really understand why anyone would do that, but each to their own. I suggest you give it an another shot.
  3. Sweet. I'm also getting up to 20-30 more fps when playing with this new client (all settings ultra compared to previous all settings maxed). Btw I didn't have MSAA anti-aliasing on the second picture, explains the rather sharp lines on things.
  4. I gotta say that the game looks really nice now, though I'm not huge fan of the extra loading times it takes to go between places. Anyways I guess you get used to it eventually. Also feels very smooth especially indoors, even though I have settings on ultra.
  5. Ok, so this just happened: :shades: And now I'm wondering what would be the best daily challenge to do? I've been doing two dungeoneering tasks for what feels like ages now and I really have no idea how good the other tasks are. I have 99 in everything and only XP counts. But also keep in mind that fastest XP is not always the best if it's in a skill that is very easy to train anyways. Thanks for help! :wub:
  6. If you have problem with focusing both Glacor and glacytes at once, I suggest you safespot the Glacor and focus on glacytes only. I've been killing a lot of Glacors lately. If you want, you can add me and I can show you how to kill Glacors efficiently.
  7. There are much better ways to use G.E. for money than what I'm doing. Besides TIF is full of guides for all sort of moneymaking ways - be it monsterhunting, skilling or merchanting. What I'm asking is just couple items that is hard to get from G.E. but useful in bulk. Hardly a very secret money making strategy.
  8. Hello, I haven't been playing much lately. However when I get online I tend to do some basic stuff like kill some monsters, maybe dungeoneer a bit and so forth. I have quite a bit of cash that just tends to sit piling up in my bank. I would like to put the money in use to generate more money through grand exchange. However as I don't play too much and don't have that much interest in following the GE prices too closely, I'm looking for some steady items that can be bought through long time periods and then sold in larger bulks via forums. I have been buying items like battlestaves, uncut/cut dragonstones and spirit shards. I'm looking for more items to fill (or replace) my G.E. slots to increase my passive income. Simply put: Items that have rather small buy limit in G.E. but something that people (who need it for XP) are willing to pay extra for getting a bigger bulk at once. Every suggestion is appreciated. Thank you!
  9. RunEscape has been part of my life longer than I have lived without it.
  10. Thank you all for your responses. I have done TDs only few times and found them quite hard to fight against. I never had enough motivation to learn the ropes. But I should definitely give them another chance. I'm going to give exiled kalphite guardians a chance also, just to have more variety. Perhaps I'll do more slayer after all (got a bit bored of that too recently). No hellhounds though, too many gold charms! :D
  11. Hello! I have been collecting charms recently. Now that I'm getting closer to 200m dungeoneering experience, I'd like to tackle some another goal. I was thinking maybe 120 summoning (of course on a bonus experience weekend). I was thinking what monsters would be good to hunt? I know some of the obvious like glacors and waterfiends. But killing just those gets boring very quickly. I would prefer good rate of blue charms (but good rate of crimsons is okay too). Blue charms mostly because I plan to use all of my charms on a bonus experience weekend and using a lot of golds, greens or crimsons would require crazy gaming hours. I haven't been able to pull all day gaming periods for long time anymore. If the monsters are rangeable, that would be perfect, since I would also like to aim for 120 ranged eventually (41m experience in). Thanks!
  12. Wow, small world. I used to do alot of Nex with this guy back in the days. I think I still have him on my friends list too. Well, congrats to him! :D
  13. I never play in TIF official worlds so seeing other TIF members is very rare. Here's one however!
  14. I'm glad I scratched my plans about obtaining completionist cape and decided to just go for the XP capes instead. From the looks of it I've saved myself alot of headache so far. :D
  15. You're progressing ridiculously fast. We're already booking the marketplace for your quest cape max cape completionist cape party. Torilla tavataan!
  16. Seems like a filler month. Nothing really interesting. Familiar fixes should've been done ages ago. Oh well, better late then never.
  17. So it's done. And I officially won nothing but lamps from the 60 tickets I spent. Fun event!
  18. All signs point towards Elves being better. Assuming you only pickpocket them on VoS their xp is comparable to traders off aura (330k with all applicable bonuses barring bxp), offer 1.3-1.6m gp/hr (will likely be more with batch 2) and offer MANY brawlers on the course to 200m thieve. Some brawlers are extremely good, especially due to a few of them currently offering very exploitable mechanics. The only arguments that can be made in favor of traders are that on aura they can be around 480k thieving with exo/ T5 FFD and they offer a way to finish most of fletching, though that last part isn't much of an issue if going for (true) trim. How do you actually do Elves only during VoS? Or is this assuming you train other skills when you're blocked from Thieving them? Personally using exo, aura etc. I tend to get locked out from pickpocketing for around 2 minutes in every 4 clan cycle. And only like 25% of that I can have the VoS bonus xp.
  19. I suppose but is it that good enough experience to be worth the time and effort? Or should I just use the mining gloves outside wilderness doing the best mining (Elf City mining?) instead?
  20. So, I've been Thieving a lot recently in Elf City and I'm planning to continue doing so. I've got 4 pairs of brawling gloves so far and they keep coming faster than I can use them. And regarding that - can you get two sets of similar brawling gloves in bank? Or do you have to use the first one before you can get another? I've been mostly doing divine locations in Wilderness, but since that only counts for a very small amounts daily, what else should I do? Currently I have mining and woodcutting brawling gloves in my bank. I guess gloves such as firemaking or smithing are pretty straightforward, but how about the gathering ones? Any tips will be very much appreciated!
  21. You do know that brawlers are like 1/10k for any brawler o.O. That is some insane luck there. Unless there are 2 different type of brawlers, 1 that has the full 1200 uses and 1 that has only 1 use (and therefore are trolls). I'd like to think that's true, but from what i've seen from other people i know getting gloves, it's more likely 1/10k for a single type of brawler, thus averaging 2 pairs for ~1.5m xp. Smithing and mining are particularly great ones. I received 2 WC & 1 FM brawler in about 700k thieving xp. The WC gloves only lasted for like 7 logs though... (wasn't paying attention) My WC gloves only lasted for one log. <_<
  22. It's going to drop yes, but you're still getting about 2,5 gp/xp from the coins alone. So it's definitely going to stay above 3 gp/xp no matter what. Unless Jagex decides to change it of course. Thieving has been relatively easy yes, but it has been one of the most click intensive skills regardless. That alone makes it annoying enough for huge amount of people (including me) to train. And 180k xp/h is rather slow compared to the majority of skills. Which means that while mining may have become easier skill to train - it is still not going to reach similar popularity as Thieving, I think.
  23. Is Thieving the new Cooking? For a long time Cooking used to be the go-to skill when people wanted some quick experience, needed something to do while they AFK other things or simply needed to get their first 99 cape (or trim for that matter). It was most likely the simplest and easiest skill in all of the Gielinor to train. Just buy some fishes, cook, sell and repeat. In best case scenario you could even make some money with it. This quickly lead to people more or less despising the Cooking skill. 99 Cooking skill cape (especially the not trimmed one) became sort of a status symbol for newcomers in the game. Which is quite funny - considering every 99 skill takes a decent amount of time - and even longer back in the days having 99 skill was a huge achievement. No matter which skill was it. Oh, do the times change? Ever since this game has become progressively easier all around, when it comes to training your skills. Everything is made easier, more afk and quicker to train. On top of that you get handed tons of bonus experience almost everywhere you go. Ever since then more and more skills have become like cooking. Simple - buy some ingredients, afk while you make them and sell them. In best case you make some profit. Quickly skills like firemaking and fletching reached similar status as cooking. The easy skills. Now I don't mean to say that firemaking, fletching or cooking are the absolutely easiest skills to train. I personally find skills like dungeoneering, prayer, combat skills and such even easier to train. They are faster and more enjoyable. Of course that is personal preference and alot of it has to do with the fact that I have trained those skills enough to know how to do it right. And I have enough money in the bank to not have to worry about it. Since singular 99's are not really that big of a deal in the current era of RuneScape, we've turned our eyes into 120 capes. While 120 capes - no matter which skill - are relatively hard to obtain, there is a trend already where 120 capes such as cooking, firemaking or fletching (maybe even defence or magic capes) aren't really held as "that big achievements". Now with the new Elf City update, I'm going to go out on the limb here and say that Thieving has become the easiest skill in RuneScape. To go for a 120 cape that is. I tried testing some Thieving rates yesterday. If someone here hasn't tried Thieving in Elf City yet - let me just say that it's extremely afk activity. The XP rate is atleast on par with dwarf traders and we can only expect that to rise with the introduction of the remaining four clans. Biggest problem with current Elf City thieving is the fact, that sometimes you get caught by all clans in less than 20 minutes, which basically blocks you out from Thieving anything in Elf City for a short while. This might not sound like much at the moment, but in the worst case scenario it can mean up to 100k XP less in an hour. Well, worry not - even in worst case (and 99 thieving) it's still over 250k xp/hour. Guaranteed. In best case it's somewhere between 350k-400k xp/hour. Assuming you can keep thieving on constant rate. When the Elf City is complete, I'm certain you can create an optimal thieving path where you can constantly keep thieving the ones that give the best XP rates. Expect 400k+ xp/h in the future. Now 400k xp/hour might not seem like that much. Granted - you can get more experience with similar AFK rates doing some other skills. Or higher XP rates with less AFK chances. But the difference with Thieving and all those other skills is that generally in RuneScape faster experience costs money. So assuming you didn't have any money to begin with, you would have to first spend time to gather money - and then use the money on skills to gain proper experience rates. With Thieving this is completely opposite. In the Elf City you're not only making the best Thieving xp/h rates, but you're also making money. Of course, this is not the fastest way to make money in the game, but it's still rather decent. According to my calculations yesterday you can make anywhere between 4-5 gp/xp. Probably even more when the Elf City is complete, depending on what kind of drops the remaining clans will have. 4-5 gp might not sound much, but when you are already making over 300k xp/hour, it quickly adds up to 1,2m-1,5m gp per hour. Again - it's not the best there is - but you need to look at the full picture here. It's 1,2m+ gp/hour doing one of the most AFK activities in the entire game, that yields one of the best hourly XP/rates in the game. Notice a pattern here? In every way it's a win-win situation. You get quick XP, you get to AFK and you also make some money. With that being said, my estimation is that the amount of 120 Thieving capes and the amount of 200m Thievers we will see in the future is going to skyrocket in next few months.
  24. Now that I've finally acquired The Reaper title I feel like I have good enough understanding about which monsters I like the best and which ones I don't. The worst one in my opinion was probably Araxxor/Araxxi. The fight mechanics are simply too annoying and the fight takes too long to secure a kill. Not to mention the antifarm measures that make them even harder to kill once you finally get one down. It took me hours to secure just one kill and ever since I really haven't felt like going back to try again. Considering that many of the best drops aren't even tradeable, instead you have to get many pieces (which means even more kills) to finally get something to show for it. Uggh! I never really liked strykewyrms either, mainly due to the fact that you have to stomp them to start the fight and the fact that they do that digging move which makes them annoying to kill. Airuts are a bit annoying due to their high defence. Kalphite King is not my favourite either, mainly due to the mechanics that really punish for mistakes at wrong times. Like the one hit kill moves and the mage phase balls. Araxxor and Kalphite King could be better if I had the motivation and time to learn fighting them properly. But as it stands now, I really have no much interest to kill them. Since I've killed like over 5k abyssal demons for daily slayer tasks, I don't really like them either. The teleporting is annoying as it often cancels good abilities (like destroy/rapid fire etc.). I guess I could figure many more annoying monsters but those came on the top of my mind. When it comes to my favourite monsters I really like all of the GWD bosses (including Nex). Though ever since Nex got buffed I haven't managed to solo her anymore. I liked Nex before that the best.
  25. I can't say yet. It's miles away though so not really concern yet. I will get normal completionist first and wonder again after that. Perhaps I atleast do some of the trim requirements, if not all of them. Or atleast move slowly towards trim. Anyways, first gotta get that completionist cape. By the way, unlocked the Reaper title yesterday, so that's one out of the way. :-)
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