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  1. -1073. Seems Napalm never surpassed me in number of posts.
  2. From no running for distances/periods of great endurance? As long as you aren't overweight or have any medical issues besides being out of shape, I think this is quite reasonable.
  3. Information before sharing the dream: This happened the night before I was expecting an admissions decision to MIT, which was the college I was most hopeful for. So I'm in this small office-like room with 3 adults, all admissions officers from MIT, and 2 other kids who live in the same county as me (They were figments of imagination, they don't really exist, but in the dream I knew where they were from. So it's like an American Idol scene, where they go down a line and are giving us our decisions. The first two kids got accepted, so at that point I thought I was "going home." Miraculously, they accepted me, and I started crying I was so happy. Eventually I woke up, felt confident it was a sign of luck, but then found out I didn't get in. Oh well, I guess dreams don't mean anything after all. :rolleyes:
  4. Currently reading The Glass Castle as a mandatory assignment, I have to say it's not bad, but the critics seem to put it above Charles Dickens, which I find a bit ridiculous.
  5. Hmmm. Sounds about right. [hide=Caution, TV-14 rating][/hide] [hide=Why the American system of measurements is superior to the metric system][/hide]
  6. But they don't. People have the misconception that Apple products are somehow of a higher quality. They aren't. Then change that to saying, they sometimes lead the field in development and are therefore given that misconception, from what I know nobody was going major with touch screen mp3 players, then the Ipod touch came along, as someone who watched computers for a while I can gauruntee you that nobody was going mainstream with just tablet devices no solid keyboard until after the Ipad was rushed out, most of this ends up coming along because Apple puts it out first so people think it is better, personally for 1500 dollars just for one of their basic laptops they can always go kiss my <3: in that category. Again, you have this misconception that Apple pioneers this stuff, when in fact they just popularize it, and then convince people that "EVERYBODY NEEDS TO OWN A TABLET IT"S REVOLUTIONARY", etc. Once Apple decides to revive a market for a specific piece of technology, other companies quickly start making their own versions at lower prices and people buy them. I'll admit, the only useful thing that Apple has done in a while is actually pretty good, but used for the wrong purpose. I'm glad we're moving away from standard 1080p screens and are moving into higher resolutions, but using the tablet as a way of introducing "Retina Displays" is stupid, gimmicky, and just a way to get iPad 3 sales to surpass the previous 2 models. That tech would be much better suited on a real computer that could actually utilize it.
  7. But they don't. People have the misconception that Apple products are somehow of a higher quality. They aren't.
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