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  1. This is 100% proof Fire Giants are nerfed! :
  2. Runescape.nl makes money off referring people to Runescape unless its a site owned by Jagex. Someone really should /thread.
  3. Imagine this as a suggestion! :twisted: :thumbsup: gf Jagex.
  4. Nice idea. My opinions: - All dragon bones are the same item and a +1 prayer bonus is just excactly balanced for such a cape, we dont need 4. - 3 different abilities is weird. I would rather just suggest an emote like turning into a dragon or something, like a skill cape. - Blasting everything into oblivion could work as something like a cannon, and is quite reasonable. However 24 hours is too long, I'd rather suggest 5-15 minutes as long as its not overpowered.
  5. They really don't :-# I got banned for "macroing" when I was getting 99 Magic weeks after I trained from 1-99 (I did it all at once took a few weeks), even though I was casting "Tele-Other" on my friends, player mods and some Jagex mods at the time (back when they could be interacted with), I can't appeal it either as they have "no evidence" (it actually says that). You don't want to know how advanced thePir macro detection system is. They do have proof but they don't give it as it can be used to improve the macros.
  6. Wait can I even use a pure with a low range level for this? :o And I lose 300k per hour to gain 100k range xp, did I understand correctly?
  7. Yeah that would be like ###You need to play for 5 years to start this quest! "gf questcape."
  8. Total level (the amount of f2p skills) * 50 requirement, limited to certain forums, and 1 post per 12 hours limit, which can be decreased if the person seems to behave well. Seems nice.
  9. Such sites do not keylog you. They are called phishers and they only steal your acc name and password. I personally have copies of phishers too - I can just upload them, make a domain rmnescape.com and start spamming it. It actually is a fast way to scam accounts. Only reason why I don't do it is because I hate scammers and thus I never scam.
  10. ffs you posted it first :'( hope its nice. :D
  11. LMFAO :mrgreen: I seriously hope you didn't mean it seriously. but if you are serious then - For tips how to keep your computer safe go to: http://www.smouch.net/lol
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