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  1. When a laptop comes without an installer disk, often it will come with installation files on a different partition of the disk. You should be able to restart the computer while pushing a keyboard button to get access to these options.
  2. Try deleting the app and reinstall it from the AppStore. Which device have you got (iPad mini, iPhone 5 etc etc), which iOS version and is your device jailbroken?
  3. In the preferences check the "downloadable client" checkbox, the website doesn't work through the client anymore.
  4. Through the Window menu at the top, choose to toggle lookup and then the side will appear
  5. The lookups and utlilities currently only support RS3
  6. You can modify the RS3 Download version so that it loads up Old School instead. There's some instructions on how to do this here http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/RuneScape_Client/Multiple_Configuration_Setup
  7. I want to use the IP.Board theme, the other is too dark for me.
  8. I think the theme broke, I now get no padding on the left and right:
  9. With Apple's latest Java update RuneScape wont run from a browser anymore. As an alternative, you can open the SwiftKit preferences and check the "downloadable client" option. It will prompt you to download it from the RuneScape website, but when you relaunch SwiftKit it will work, and is also fully compatible with screenshots and stat lookups.
  10. Is there a Tip.it Twitter or something we will be able to get information on next time in case this happens in the future? :)
  11. Check out the api, which is going to be a lot more reliable http://forums.zybez.net/runescape-2007-prices/api/nature+rune
  12. The irc client relies on a website: http://qwebirc.swiftirc.net/ If swiftirc.net ever goes down, the bottom irc wont load and you will just get the white box. If you get this, try right clicking in the box and selecting reload, it will then attempt to reload that web page
  13. This seems to be a Java issue. At the moment I'm unsure of any solution other than downgrading Java, which can be difficult :(
  14. Does it work when you try to play with Safari or Chrome? Try playing with the downloadable client, which is fully compatible with SwiftKit (screenshots and all), you can do this through SwiftKit preferences
  15. For people switching from using the web based RuneScape to the client based to avoid having Java installed on your computer: SwiftKit is fully compatible with the downloadable client, the following option just needs to be checked in SwiftKit's preferences :)
  16. I don't know what language your projects are in, but if compiled down they support dynamic linking then you can release a portion as open source and the other as a closed source compiled binary, which people can use but not modify or see the source for. In a RuneScape example, the client may be open source and the APIs (looking up players, prices, monsters etc etc) could be offered closed source, but people can still use them and compile the same full project you do.
  17. dTwizy

    Please help!

    Mercifull is correct, the app doesn't say anywhere that you can play RuneScape, here's the exact list of features as listed in the description:
  18. Ok I've successfully reinstalled Mac OS X on my system and have Java working fine again. After installing I used Java SE 1.6.0_29 (http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1421). This had to be done with Pacifist (http://www.charlessoft.com), which allows you to force an installer package to install even if it detects a newer version is already on your system. After you do this you do not want to update your Java, probably never again. In Software Update you can right click the Java update to ignore it in the future.
  19. According to the report it is the Java thread that has crashed Crashed Thread: 29 Java: JRE Worker Thread Does the same thing happen when you try playing RuneScape through Safari? Try updating and/or reinstalling Java. There is a Mac version of Java offered on java.com that I have had problems with. If you have this one try switching to Apple's version of Java. Edit: Ok this is indeed due to the java.com version of Java. At the moment I'm trying to figure out how to downgrade mine, I might reinstall OS X later tonight and install http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1421 instead. In the meantime, you can play with the client from the website http://www.runescape.com/downloads.ws. SwiftKit will also work with this and the lookup/utilities window will still track the applet correctly ;-)
  20. This is a Mountain Lion bug. The applet does not re-render any frames after the login screen if you are playing in Software mode. You can load it in safe mode, or even easier, resize the applet to force it to redraw. Click the settings up the top right then resize the applet so it renders again and you can see where to click next. Then select OpenGL mode and that should fix it.
  21. Yep this was a problem with the SwiftIRC website, which is now fixed: http://qwebirc.swiftirc.net/
  22. This is true, however if you play on fixed mode Jagex has still yet to offer the hide option.
  23. This is true, the calculators will be introduced (among other Windows features) over time
  24. I haven't used OpenDNS before, but Google's has worked pretty well https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/
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