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  1. Edit: For anyone looking, the new HYT chat is SC. Having not been around for a few months, it seems I missed the closing of Serpent Eye's HYT chat. Is there a replacement I'm not aware of?
  2. The only PKers at warbands are griefers and a select few going for the wand, most of which are all in the warband chats. I don't think most maxed players would waste their time pking for a paltry 100k or a 4m wand, especially when there's a full FC ready to kill you. I do warbands every day, and while I enjoy the overly gratuitous exp, I certainly can't deny that it's over the top. I don't know how you can't see how ridiculous it is to get around 300k exp a day in barely any time and practically non-existent risk or cost.
  3. I don't think this has happened, but has anyone gotten Shattered Heart strange rocks from any activities in POP? I was hoping to get some cooking ones from making Rocktail Soup, but it seems that's not an option. I submitted a bug report today regardless, hoping they add them in for not just soup but making armor and scrimshaws as well.
  4. No, you should not switch to a prom battleaxe. It's not worth it compared to a prom 2h, and as for the switching issue, practice makes perfect and switching between the csb (+staff if you find or make one during idle time in a dg) and prom 2h develops higher apm (actions per minute). You should just wait it out until 99 attack, and even then you should only switch to a primal baxe once you've learned proper prioritisation in gd's, which is explained in this thread. Also, the berserker/blazer combo is most useful for game carriers though I've seen people occasionally use gatherer for some rooms when keying, I'm not particularly sure what the stance is on this. Edit: Tui/xpx beat me to it, there's your answer for gatherer. Edit 2: As a side note, you wouldn't even need to switch to gatherer in a grooves room if you use this method, though it's slightly time consuming and only available if you have a free gate, which should be a rare occurance.
  5. So long as you've read and understood the guidelines, then yes. Make sure you have the correct ring tiers and binds, which would be T7 berserker and T5 gatherer, since you don't have CSB. You should also have a Gorgonite 2H because of your current attack level, and a Shadow Silk Hood, as well as laws bound. And yes, abandoned floors are done frequently, although low occult not so much.
  6. Thought I'd contribute a list of room abbreviations since they seem to be missing, though most of these are common knowledge: 3s - 3 statues crafting room 10s - 10 statues crafting room 5f - 5 colored ferret puzzle agil/agim - agility maze barrels - broken barrel room blocks/pillars - 4 colored vials and pillars books - 4 bookcases puzzle bridge - plank/rock broken bridge room cons stat - broken statue with extending bridge cross - mining rubble and struts room door - room containing a regular openable door empty - room containing a regulable openable door, or an empty gd room emotes/ems/mimes - 5 mimes emote room (nod = head bobbing up and down, shake = head moving left and right) ff - fishing ferret puzzle flowers/vines - flowers woodcutting room font/fountain - 4 broken pillars with rubble frem/fremmy - fremennik warrior cook/smith/fletch room gazer - room containing a soulgazer guardian/rcg - runecrafting guardian room ghosts - switching ghosts room grapple - rope and climbing hook room grooves - suspicious grooves trap room hf - hunter ferret room levers/levs - 5 levers room lights - 4 magic lights room lodes - lodestone jumping gap room maze - maze with chest/key at center merc - mercenary leader room mono - monolith room polt/polter - poltergeist with herbs or broken vase/columns/ring room pond/skaters - pondskaters fishing room portals - portals with tiles at center puzzle (step on the center tile, log out and then back in to solve) pull stats/pstats - push and pull statues room ramo - ramokee combat familiars room riddle - enigmatic hoardstalker room seeker - seeker sentinels room skills - room containing a door/doors that requires a skill to open sliders - magic puzzle piece room tiles - runecrafting tile puzzle
  7. The last surprise level I had was 99 Magic... -.- I had gotten it up to just under 99 and was waiting for two friends to log in, but after about 2 hours I forgot about not casting and teleported to Falador. There wasn't a single soul there to see it either. >.<
  8. Forgot how much time I had it going, never dropped below 98% though.
  9. White Lilies.. I wonder what those will be for? And dang, 72 slayer to do the Falador diary. :(
  10. I'll contribute this picture: [hide=][/hide]
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