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  1. good job i dont c any flaws if there are some they very small :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: [Mod Edit: Don't post your work in someone else's topic please, make your own topic if you want your work rated. ~misterxman]
  2. Sucide click on th link and tell me wut u think of it yes i know the 2 yellow messages are different shades, yesi know the messages in the message boad thingy arent completly aligned dont tell me this ill try to do better next time [Mod Edit: Fixed IMG tags - misterxman] here is another pic i made its not fake i just think its funny :D http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n154 ... w-lawn.gif
  3. omg thats an alsome guide to fakes if only my paint was working :(
  4. these are new sig tell me if u like (i had more if i can find ill be shure to post
  5. amber by 311 or the love song by the cure r good songs and fairly ez to play
  6. jimi hendrix of course everone knows that even tho he's dead
  7. ok this is how it works u post a pic of a musician and the kid under u has to get right if he gets wrong it goes to next person if he gets right he gets to post his own pic of a musician for us to guess heres my starting one
  8. jack a 2 if u havent seen it u gotta see it sooooooo halerious i was laughing the whole 1 1/2 hours no joke its that funny!!!!! 10 times funnier then the first one
  9. definently welcome by 311 u should hear it if u havent also applied science got a good into
  10. rock and ragaey like bob marley, jimi hendrix 311
  11. not bad not bad at all wut do u think of my sig? i sox at this stuff so kid made for me :) [Admin Edit: Please do not hijack threads. Create your own for c/c ;) ~Alduron]
  12. - Type of sig: custum 311 logo w/e u consider that (abstract/grunge/tech) - Background Main colour/s: u can choose - Runescape Name: bradassjew - Where rsn to be placed: Na - Where stats/text to be placed: NA - Text Font: as big as u can (http://www.dafont.com) - Border type:NA (pixel line/tech border) - Wanted size: (if not specified i will be using tip.it forums size, 300x150) - Rendered pic: a costum pic i really dont care wut color or font just has to have the original 311 logo (you can provide me one or just tell me what you're after) - Other info required:NA - Extras:NA
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