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  1. Tonight would have been the Halloween Bash V, so many people crammed into the second floor of Draynor Manor. :b About any pictures, well kinda/not really. I just cropped myself out of other peoples screenshots from the thread at the time, not worth showing.
  2. 1. This is my first posting on Tip.It for a long time. 2. Was going to post this earlier in the month but kinda forgot, may have got more views before today but nevermind. * Does anyone remember / attend The Great Gielinor Inferno Tip.It event? Well, it was 10 years ago today! (14th Oct) I had a great time that day, might have been the most fun I had on rs at the time, therefore it's an event I've always fondly remembered. :) I also enjoyed the Halloween Bash the following week. Later on today I'm actually going to go around the f2p world lighting some fires along the way. :P Thought it would have been nice to get some players together to do this but I doubt that now. * Perhaps this could be a thread to chat about old Tip.It event memories.
  3. 1. Whats your favorite outfit? Don't really have one, unless doing combat etc I'm just in the base clothing =P 2. Coolest looking cape is...? Not decided 3.Your Bored, what do you do? I get bored when I cant decide what to do...so... I'm doing nothing. 4. Whats your favorite room in your house? Ug I dislike my house altogether atm 5.Where IS your house? (IN GAME NOT IRL lol) Rimmington 6. Favorite Color of naval clothing? (from trouble brewing) Haven't payed attention to them yet 7. Whats your favorite magic spell? (can be from any type of magic) Err.. 8.Did you do the Achievment Diary? I'm doing it.. 9. Did you beat karamja's tasks? (ALL) No 10.Whats your favorite way to thieve? I did like theiving the fur stall just because of the money at the end lol 11. Whats your home world? Don't have one, tend to go for less crowded ones 12. Whats the funnest quest you did? Monkey Madness maybe, +a few others 13.Whats the funnest skill to do? I wouldn't exactly say ''fun'' but crafting, prayer, farming 14.Whats your favorite town? Was Varrock/Draynor/Rimmington in f2p, as a member I can't decide 15.Whats your favorite random event? Genie maybe. Ones that teleport you somewhere(those are very rare for me :/ ) 16. Whats your favorite weapon special? Dragon dagger 17.Your at the barrows, what brother do you go to first? Never been 18. Whats your favorite song on runescape? Many. I suppose Sea Shanty 2 19.Whats your favorite dragon weapon? dds or longsword..not used the others yet lol 20. Whats your favorite way to hunt? (pitfall, net trap ect) Don't know, not tried them all yet Yea most of my answers are lame :oops:
  4. About two and a half years now and look at my stats. -.- (in sig) Terrible. I play/ed an awful long time aswell but during my first year I 'hanged' around alot, not even talking to other people much. I stood in the different shops selling the things I made one by one to get the max gp possible (how I regret that now, SOO much time wasted. Probably wouldn't have made much more gp if I sold things in bulk anyway) Why oh why did I do that?!! :wall: Though over the last few months I've not played much at all, lost interest. Um, maybe I went a little off topic then, sorry.
  5. Take the gold to get your pants down
  6. That would be 'Heart and Mind''. :P I can't say, I like loads of the songs. :lol: :oops:
  7. jujnbgfledc atr...JungleCat
  8. Brains Are Really Rare On World ScapeRune The words don't have to be about the main word do they? :?: :lol:
  9. I believe that hardleather body is actually the 'soft' well normal one. There's only bronze and iron weps. An iron mace in the small jail thing in Edgeville. Oh Steel platelegs and dagger in the wilderness somewhere(I think shown on Tip.It's map.) Oh I've just noticed you are lvl 85! Must not be for you then :lol:
  10. Not sure really, Zombie Dance I found funny a while ago :-k , Jig and.....I don't know. I'd probably like the Mime ones if I had any of them :(
  11. Yes, that would be where they got that name from. :P I've not done this quest but in ''An Enlightened Journey'' apparently there's three NPC's with names to do with something. Read it somewhere, can't remember what they are about though.
  12. Crandor And Brimhaven Both Are Great Empires :lol: Maybe not
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