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  1. honestly why spam...its not fun to read and its honestly not that hard to find something useless, noone laughing... ON TOPIC if burnt bones arent useless... *looks through bank* aha! empty cups(tea drank out of) it is.. it ruins me =P well ok.. i think that cabbage is pretty useless because it heals only 1 :-s Wait, don't you need an empty cup to finish making nettle tea? I mean, I guess you could drink it out of the bowl, but that seems like something a 7 year old would do*. Anyhow, I'm gonna go with plain gold rings, you can't see them on your charachter, they offer no bonuses, they can be sold for some money, but then that can be said of pretty much EVERY ITEM IN THE GAME (barring quest items, and things like bronze bolts and ash, which shops will buy for 0 coins). *(Oh, wait, this is Runescape, people under the age of 13 make up around 40%** or so of the players.) **(This is an actual fact that I just made up. = B)
  2. heh, dont think for one second I cant see that lol. oh, and I prefer sara, even tho im a guthix guy, mainly 'cuz of the symbol. the guthix symbol looks kinda ugly... -.- i think it's supposed to be like a root or something, y'know, cause the druids are guthix followers. still, i also kinda like (t) cuz its simple :
  3. Shroomz10 last seen: november 12 area:Yanille level:86+ wearing:full rune, granite sheild, zerker helm(or one of the other fremmy helms), and my whip, which he borrowed from me. he occasionaly is on, but doesnt respond to my pms... I dont think im ever gonna see my whip again... :cry:
  4. hmm... I noticed one helpful ranging item was completely left out of both the ranging guide and the items database... the bolt pouch, to be specific. once you have access to keldagrim, the bolt pouch can be purchased from the crossbow salesman near the dock for 1500gp. it allows you to place up to 255 of any type of bolt except the new kebbit and long kebbit bolts into the pouch, but can only carry 4 different types at one time. it also shows the type of ammo you have currently equipped. I would put a picture in, but all I have is ms pait, and its not working properly... :? EDIT: spelling corrections EDIT 2: oops, left a line out hehe. [pokemama 1/2: one of our crewbies swears by his bolt pouch and has confirmed the kebbit bolts don't go into it. The crossbow salesman on the east side of the consortium is indeed the only place to buy it. Will try to get into the update currently in the works.]
  5. oh... heheh... :oops: oops, thought the title said something else... still, nice picture. :thumbsup:
  6. Great job! these look awesome! :D I don't have time to look at all of the pages tho because I'm at school... :( these are great tho, so keep up the good work! :thumbsup: also, I don't really get the "what I think a man should drop" one... I kind of have bad vision... -.-
  7. thats not scaming. Yeah, I know, but im trying to make the quote as close to the real convo as possible, and when this happened, "scamming" was the first thing that I thought of. Also, please note: 1. I was buying only the platebody and kite sheild, 2. I was buying addy, not addy(t) or addy(g), 3. I did say that I myself did not report him, but the others in the bank might have.
  8. why would you go through all that trouble.............. anyways still kind of funny that they over reacted just that you were following them. guy might even get madder when he finds out something happened to his account. stop messing with people heheh, this ones pretty good (eyesore much?) :lol:
  9. heh, im sure everyone's heard this one, but here goes: I'm in Al Kharid on an f2p server, my friend pms me and says: "can u buy meh an addy pl8 body and kite sheld?" I'm nice, so I say "sure" me:buying addy pl8 body and kite noob:Symph, ill sell me:kk *trades* me:how much? noob:200k me:umm... that's scamming (I didn't report him tho) the roughly 23 other ppl in bank: reported! Scammer noob! noob:o ya? well, im reporting all u 4 being *censered* n33bs! *noob logs out* me:... :-w I know thats been said here like 20 times, but eh, what's one more? :
  10. Hahaha! This is great stuff! I just finished reading it all... (took me 3 days)I know I have some good noob conversations somewhere in my memory, but I've taken more than my fair share of head injuries recently, soooo... :( ... ah well, I can always go to an f2p server, hang around in lumbridge wearing member item.... or I could pull the old "vibrating sheep of death" trick... :lol: (if you are the first person to pm me and guess where I got that, I'll go to your world and give you a small prize of 10k! Seriously, I will. I'm nice like that. :) ) Keep posting please! :D EDIT: pm in the game, that is.
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