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  1. im right here guthix:arrow: ya im closing the shop
  2. i woudn't care my view is always as hogh as you can get it
  3. i usaly just talk to people will listing to music --
  4. i am so sorry alina i tried and it sucked...alot robo could mabye help you sorry robo as well
  5. i am sooooo sorry robo i have been caught up in school so much i love the stuff you did really good job :pray: and i pray that youll accept my apologie lol sorry for the formalness
  6. ok i'm all done! [img=http://i198.photobucket.com/albums/aa240/kaily-bop/shotdown.gif]
  7. ergh soo sorry i haven't been in the shop...at all :oops: But with school and a diner party on saterday i haven't been on my computer.... any way robo did you meen me battle you or you battle guthix since he has basicly lived in our shop just kidding
  8. Me addicted? Nah but its a really good game. I go on when i have done all my homework and get home from school.
  9. oh noes indeed, :XD: just thought your shop could use ths:
  10. Peppers....ugh....gross No custemers -.- .....phoey
  11. well im home now....&$&^% cold any way awsome job with angel! =D> :thumbsup: Sooooo yaa Oh noes no more custemers :ohnoes: ......only shivers
  12. I dont think "mech scape" is a good idea, but runescape could use a few touch ups but a whole new game? naw bad idea
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