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  1. I hate the new prices... Really messed a lot of things up.. If you don't mind losing cash just pay a little bit higher.Well,basically it all depends on your luck.If no one there is paying for more than 1.1K then 1.1K is fine to pay the runners. Be flexible I guess. :-k
  2. Lol :-k Well,rares will drop after all because of Summoning.
  3. w00t!! Go Jem!! Too bad I can't come :cry: Congratulations anyway :thumbsup:
  4. What does that suppose to mean?Lighting fire increases cooking? If you have enough cash you can buy those cowhides.If not try killing them in crafting guild and tan them right away.After tanning them craft them to hard leather body and head to Rimmington to sell your hard leather body.Keep repeating this process until you get insane :XD: You can also maybe train combat while killing the cows... Also on alching,try checking out Tip.it's alching calculator.Seriously it will help you alot.I think the best thing to alch is green dragonhide body. On smithing try joining a smelting company.Will help you reducing your time lost when finding buyers and sellers. I think everything is okay. Good luck :thumbsup: EDIT: FYI cooking using range reduces your chances of burning food.You can try cooking the salmon and trouts you caught or you can buy lobsters and sell it at PKing world.But do take note selling in PKing world will take time. I am sorry if I didn't help you with my post.
  5. Any busy words is fine. May I suggest world 1? You can also try the forums... FYI I don't know that there is a specific world to sell arrows like a specific world for PKing....
  6. IF he create the highest leather armor that he can make.For example a hard leather body.How will he be making any profit from it? If your P2P I suggest making bowstrings out of flax. If your F2P,go to the crafting guild.Kill cows and then enter the guild and ask a tanner on the 2nd floor to tan it.Then you craft the item that gives the most exp and then you head down to Rimmington general store and sell what you made. I guess this is the most profitable way to level up crafting in F2P.
  7. Either do air running or mine iron ores. That is probably the best way to get cash.After getting some amount of cash you should go merchanting.
  8. Well,we are not just talking about stakers and duels and such.We are talking about maybe you could survive while getting hit by lurers. Well,I just need to make sure either you log out in a fight or after the fight when you X the browser. We could cheat death~! :thumbsup:
  9. I don't know if your character logged out even if you closed the browser while your in a fight.Or is it because the damn lurers hit hard on me. Anyway,I lost 9M++ to lurers.When I was hit by the ice barrage I quickly closed the window.I was wearing a mime legs.Lost it and around 9M++ in cannonballs and steel bars. Tomorrow morning when I logged in,I was in Lumbridge \ So it is either it doesn't logged out during a fight or the damn lurers hit hard on me with magic.It was at level 1 wilderness! But according to my friend he says that you don't log out when your fighting.You will log out after the fight. Maybe someone should test this and vid it?From the attacker's view and from the defender's view?
  10. Rs Name:Burn_777 Timezone::GMT +8 Can you make it?:Nope I am sorry I have not been posting for a week I think.I was grounded from using the computer because of exams. I can't make it because it is 2 AM when the event starts and tomorrow I got a workshop to participate which starts at 8 AM until 5 PM.I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Can find them for me please? I will pay you back 40 gp each :thumbsup: You can get them easily..but it takes time to buy them for 25-30 gp each...Since I need 150K more regular essence.
  12. Yeah. Maybe getting fletching or cooking skill cape? Well,the most important thing is to have fun :thumbsup: Try Pest Control! It is fun! Or you could try making money in members.Members do make more money than us F2P :-k
  13. I would suggest go for magic skill cape. I think magic skill cape is more awesome than a full guthans. Other than that,I think everything has been said :thumbsup:
  14. It all depends on how much you pay the runners and how much did you bought the ess for and also how much each you are selling the airs. I bought regular ess for 40 gp each and paid the runners for 2000 each and I still don't make profit or even break even at level 67(7 airs per ess).I have calculated and if I continue doing this I will break even at level 77 runecrafting(8 airs per ess). Well,this is what I did. EDIT:I am selling the airs at 15 gp each which is quite lucky if you manage to sell it at 15 gp each.
  15. Yeah. Definitely slayer skill cape :thumbsup:
  16. Good luck on fishing the big shark : Yeah.I think it is random.
  17. Definitely merchanting. Try merchanting raw stuff or stuff that people need most such as cooked lobsters,steel bars,coals,iron and others. Know your prices and make sure it is firm. Or you could try mining addy :thumbsup: Mine it in wilderness level 30 something.
  18. How much cash are you gonna use? Try merchanting raw materials such as cooked lobsters,coals,iron and etc since they are mostly needed by players. Also make sure you know your prices and your price is firm. Good luck getting to 33.8 mil :thumbsup:
  19. I am not sure but I think at level 83,magic is quite slow don't you think? Maybe do yews until 90+ and then do magic? You could also try merchanting. And yeah,your best bet is woodcutting.
  20. You can sell cook lobsters AT LEAST 200 EACH I buy for 210 each...
  21. What do you mean by efficient? Items that are always needed and you could get the items easily? The answer is food.People need food for alot of reasons.People need food for training,barrows and others. Also,alot of people are trying to get 99 cooking.Trust me,there is alot....So it is hard for you to run out of stock. So what you have to do is buy them in bulk from forums or world 2,and resell them back in PKing worlds such as 18 if your merchanting sharks.Just stick with your prices and try saying the text in colors.You can buy cooked sharks for 700-800 in forums and resell back in world 18 for a higher price. I hope this helped somehow.
  22. 4/10 How do you pronounce that?
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