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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!!! Long time, no post?! Maybe I'll see you in the Forum Games? ^_^

  2. Oh. I thought about that for a minute but figured that direct link would be best as it'll be updating automatically via dropbox. I added a Google Drive link, but that one won't get updated unless I get around doing so (and I probably won't often).
  3. Hi! I'm thingummywut and I've been playing RuneScape since 2001. My gaming style has always been completionist. Recently I realised that it's simply impossible to remember what I had done in RS and what there is still left to do, and completionist cape has far too few requiremenets, so I made a list: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16762354/Thingummywut%27s%20RS%20Checklist.ods Here is a Google Drive version for those who don't want to download the spreadsheet. This won't get updated automatically: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmJUF7l0VZ3_dFoxN1ZEc3RXN0RsNnNoZmdGVVZDNUE&usp=sharing I aimed to add every game update in this list, and I mark everything I've done in the first column. I haven't checked off any lines that I am not 100% sure that I've done and I haven't yet gone through all of the list carefully (it ended up having quite many tasks). The list is sorted by release date so it can be kind of useful to check when things were added into game. It is extremely sketchy as it's just a personal checklist but so many have been interested to read it so I decided to put it up here. I will be updating it when I feel like it. I've decided to include all sorts of in-game things from even the smallest tweaks to the game to obvious stuff like completing quests. What I've left out is things that I deem to be "set by community" as opposed to "set by game". For example, marrying someone in-game isn't a thing for me since that's purely created by the community. "Type" column is just a helpful thing to determine if update has been removed from RS web site (antique), never appeared there (hidden), a proper update (update) or patch note thing (patch). "Discontinued" column tells me if that line is impossible to do in the game now and, if known, until when it was possible to do. Biggest sources of information have been Wikia's RuneScape wiki, Runescape web site, Tip.it (especially for older stuff via Wayback Machine) and my own game experience. I'll happily hear about corrections, suggestions and comments (I'm sure there are tons of typos and mistakes).
  4. Except for the challenge for Sunday has been confirmed to be something not on the list (Social Pyromaniac). So the last challenge might not be one of those either. I think they planned to do the crystal tree update earlier and it got postponed so they overrode that challenge.
  5. Anyone know which of the items in store got graphical updates? I looked at them a bit and couldn't notice anything too significant.
  6. Are you sure? I started levelling thieving in the last 2 weeks and never got poisoned once before the update and now I do every time. Me neither, and I gained 800k xp there the other week. So it seems some people have been immune to poison for some reason but others haven't? It was glitched. Some people (including me) couldn't get poisoned anywhere else than Pestilent Demon Flash Mobs as far as I know, while others could. Now poison seems to be working as usual again.
  7. Kind of old thread, but I just finished this: https://docs.google....UkE&usp=sharing That's my sketchy take on ultimate trimmed completionist cape requirements. I included all the in-game updates I could find. Many of the lines contain dozens of tasks, and many just one. Still, there are 7,038 lines of tasks to complete. To compare, I believe that trimmed completionist cape has about 60 requirements. The requirements that a task has to pass to make it to my list are complicated (I don't include stuff like wield every possible combination of equipment as that would be silly) but as a main rule I listed every challenge that the game poses, not community-driven ones. All tasks should be completed in no-shortcuts manner. For example, if the task is to use an Saradomin brew potion, you'll have to craft a vial, fill it with water, get a herb from Farming or monsters, get a bird's nest from woodcutting, make the potion, drink the potion, take advantage of all the potion's effects and examine everything along the way. It's sorted by updates' release dates, so it kind of doubles as a complete RuneScape history in addition to a checklist. Types of updates are antique (removed from RS home page), update (mentioned on RS home page), hidden (never mentioned on RS home page) and patch (patch notes). Some things are listed twice because I've personally completed some of the stuff only partially and that's how I keep track of it. I'm sure there are tons of mistakes, typos and missing info, but getting it to this point was enough work for me and I doubt I'll revise it all any time soon. I got the info mainly from RS home page, RuneScape Wikia, Tip.it and personal investigation. Out of these, RuneScape Wikia was by far the most useful. If I started again or did another version of it, it'd surely look a lot different as my methods of working have changed a lot during the months that I've compiled the list. Again, it's very sketchy as I only wrote it for my personal use when I realised that it's impossible to keep track of what I've done in RuneScape and what there's still to do. By no means is it very consistent. I hope it covers about all the content, though. Suggestions, corrections and flaming are welcome! Cheers!
  8. I tried an exponential relationship of the form a*b^(c*level) but that didnt fit. I will try it again with a constant added. I don't know any exponential formulae in runescape that weren't added in EoC except for the effigy drop rate formula. High order polynomials should be a good approximation to any function because any function can be expressed as a polynomial. Edit. I generally don't search for non polynomial functions because I don't expect Jagex to use anything more than simple functions. When I can't find an exact solution then a high order polynomial will be a good approximation. XP required for a level formula, for example, is an exponential one. That could be very closely related to the formula you're looking for. Polynomials can be fit for a finite number of points in a plane. Not all functions can be represented as polynomials. A lot of functions can be represented as power series, though (especially locally). My problem with polynomial approximations is that it yields very silly-looking formulas, in lines of 0.89738497984736434x^2+6757.3579454x-46.46234786935237. There is no way that it was coded in like that; it's probably just exponential or something else. I think Sy_Accursed's answer might be the right one; that's how Jagex supposedly balanced it.
  9. From the limited data sample that we have, it seems that there is always a jump in XP after a new floor is unlocked. That leads me to believe that highest possible Dungeoneering prestige bonus is involved in the formula. How exactly prestige works isn't known either, as far as I know, so it might be nearly impossible to find out this formula. Why do people always search for polynomial formulas anyway? A lot of formulas in RS are of exponential nature. By the way, you can get pretty close matches with stuff like a*level*2^(level/40)+b where a and b are constants.
  10. And very easy to recover an old version or start a new one. I'd see this to be a bit like a wiki page; data would be reliable provided that there are enough editors. When I hunt demons, I can keep track of around 30 spawns easily, which would be useful for the average Joe just to observe.
  11. Since the Demon Flash Mobs were released in RuneScape, I've been using in-game Friend Chats to get information about all the spawns occurring in different worlds. Sadly, this system has a lot of limitations regarding to Demon Flash Mob hunting. I created this Google Docs spreadsheet for everyone to edit. If even few people actively using the Demon Flash Mobs FCs got around editing this, it would be great for demon hunting. Ideally we could know the exact time and location for spawns in every world with this spreadsheet. Keep in mind that demons spawn 15 minutes from the world-wide announcement and 1 hour since they last died. Feel free to edit this in any way you want, I just created the template and it's very rough. I will be using this to list the spawns I get from the FC that I use. Here's the link. It should be editable by everyone. https://docs.google....Vnc&usp=sharing I will not be updating this all the time. At all the times when I am demon hunting, I will use this spreadsheet to store all my related data. If many other people did the same, this would work as a permanent place to store all Demon Flash Mob spawns, in every world, 24/7. Enjoy!
  12. Happy birthday! :D

  13. For 40 or 20 hearts (Can't remember which) You can buy a valentines chocolate bar. Yes, they mentioned that right before that "riddle" in the news article (it's 50 hearts for a random chocolate out of 6 varieties). I assume they meant something else with it. Why would they spell out something and then say that there is a surprise, too, if the surprise was exactly what was just spelled out? I'm thinking there is some Easter egg hidden somewhere that people haven't yet found. Just found out that Maggie has a sweet tooth, but nothing new there either. EDIT: Aha, found it. Was thinking that it could be this but didn't bother to check for some weird reason, and then found a picture of someone feeding a heart to baby troll. There are 13 different special names that you can give your baby troll and you can randomise between those until you see the one that you want. The names are Baby, Boo, Cutie, Darling, Gorgeous, Honeybunch, Lovely, Pet, Snookums, Sugar, Sweetheart, Sweetie and Treacle. You can also use the generic Valentine heart name if you choose that.
  14. Anyone figured out what they meant by "There's even a Valentine's surprise in store for a certain sweet-tooth, too - you are what you eat, after all!"? First I thought it could refer to Tooth Fairy or trolls, but didn't find anything new there.
  15. I was under the impression that superior scrimshaws are +3% and tradable ones +2.7%. rs wiki sais tradable 2.5 and superior 2.7 RS Wikia says 3 and 2.7. I personally trust the unofficial wiki infinitely more than the official.
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