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  1. I had a DG challenge, got ~178k @ 85. Made 3 Super Prayer Restores, got like 7k I believe. Made 6 Iron Titan Pouches, got 4k. Caught 132 Charm Spirits, got 43k Hunter Exp. Made 70 Decorated Fishing Urns, forgot how much Crafting exp I got, 50-70k I believe. I wish we got more than one a day. Also, don't bother doing anything that isn't your daily challenge. I did 27 laps just for the hell of it, and all I got was, "Challenge complete: Advanced Gnome Stronghold Course! Well Done!" No bonus exp at all.
  2. Say I give Smiddi and Rolayne 20 sharks each. After the run, if they only used 5, will they keep that food next time I do a trek with them?
  3. Not sure if someone else mentioned it, as I don't know if you have 99 Herblore or not, but it may also be worth it to check your Juju herbs as well while under the potion. Normally I can get to the sixth patch, finish it, and get part of the seventh before my potion wears off.
  4. I use Ahrim's top/bottom/hood, Polypore staff, god cape, arcane stream, unholy book, infinity boots, and recipe for disaster gloves. As for inventory, in your inventory you can use Vecna instead if you prefer, about 6-8 prayer potions, and whatever else you think you might need. If you aren't using a Wolp/Yak, I'd just say to not use a summon.
  5. I hadn't really cremated any of the vyrewatch, so I basically have to kill 200 of them so I can then cast bloom. My qusetion is, when killing them, do I have to use Ivandis Flail? Or can I use blisterwood equpiment to kill them and then use my flail to cast bloom after I've killed all 200?
  6. Thanks guys, that was perfect. :) As for nodes at which levels, should I mostly try to siphon what's a level or two below my max? Currently 80.
  7. Either way, that data would still only be useful for someone that has 99 RC already. For someone who's only 80 like me, those exp rates are way off. Also what I'm looking for moreso is which specific islands I should be on. :S
  8. Yeah, that's only really useful for those going for 200M exp. :/
  9. So does anyone have any recommendations on islands after say lvl 85 and 90?
  10. Exactly. :P Which is why I made this thread
  11. Hrm, I was always told that it's not best to siphon off your highest node since it's less likely that you'll successfully siphon.
  12. I've just gone to Runespan for the first time recently, and finally getting the hang of it. I'm 78 right now, and trying to get to 91 so I can finish all the diaries (tasks). I've been sitting on the third floor at the 13th platform, but I was curious about when I should move onto something better? I've been only been siphoning nodes. I know I should be doing slightly lower level nodes instead of my highest, but just curious as to when I should move onto Skulls/Bloodpools. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks! Also, if you have any suggestions on which island to skip to at what level, I'd appreciate that too.
  13. In terms of money saved, it's not worth it either? :(
  14. I've never really done Stealing Creation, but I'm getting to the point where I want high Construction/Smithing/Crafting/Fletching, yet I'm just curious whether or not it's worth getting SC items for each of these skills? I'm fairly sure it's worth it for Construction and Smithing, but I'm curious about Crafting and Fletching. Thanks!
  15. So have I.. And regarding your basic logic, the 20 wave takes much longer, so it's not basic logic. If you could provide some proof, it'd be appreciated.
  16. I was under the assumption upon completion, that they both gave the same amount of exp. But Tip.it's site says that the Hard wave gives more? Is that true?
  17. I'll be doing 1.2k Sara Brews, ~250 Juju mining, ~450 Juju farming, ~300 Juju hunter, and 28k Super attack potions. I know without boosts I'll get enough to get about 84-92, but with the bonus exp, I'm not really sure how to tabulate it all. I know I could probably do the 1.2k brews in the first hour, the rest of the jujus in the next hour, and supers just to finish out the time. It'd really be of great help if someone could tell me about how many pots you can make per hour (with the scroll).
  18. If you want some decent exp, get to buy unf irits.
  19. Can someone spill the beans a bit? I have no clue what you're referring to. Which skills can you boost +10?
  20. Yeah trust me Urza, unless you want to camp at LRC, just stick to C2-fishing, it's darn fast.
  21. I'll start off by saying I'm 78 Hunter, 83 Herblore, 79 Construction, and 83 Farming. I started on Common Jadinkos for a while and that wasn't too bad, but I was told to hunt highest level I could, so I went to Carrion Jadinkos, which I haven't gotten a single seed from yet. I really want to just get established, and get some herb seeds so I can build up a supply of Juju farming potions, which Jadinko should I be focusing on? Over 50 caught and not a single seed of any kind.
  22. Yaks are better to use than Lava Titans?
  23. I'm just wondering how many urns to bring for one trip at the LRC (aka, full-length of Lava Titan summon spell). I plan on doing herb runs in-between, but I'm not really sure what the ideal number of urns to bring is. If I bring too many, it seems like I have to bank too often. I'm thinking somewhere between 5-7?
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