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  1. Tim


    Do I need to drag Australia's cost of living into this? Our technology ALONE says enough...
  2. Tim


    Do you think a real estate would get [bleep]y if I cancelled my lease 2-3 weeks early? I don't want to miss out on 2 places I'm looking at in case they wont hold it for a month.
  3. Tim


    http://www.realestate.com.au/property-unit-nsw-wallsend-415038603 I think I found my new home.
  4. Tim


    Spent $400 yesterday on some clothes and a Astro A40 headset. Followed by another $100 today in pre-orders for Monster Hunter 4 and Majora's Mask 3DS.
  5. I'm not normally a fan of Solomons, but that Nomad set. <3
  6. girls like that are rare So are guys (in the gay world). You'd think most gay men would know what they're doing since they've been on the receiving end before but most of them are just down-right terrible. Think teeth. And not to go into a personal brag or hopefully drag this thread beyond M rated, but any guy who manages to swoon me over has much to look forward to. (aka I'm one of those rare types)
  7. Tim


    ew. I'm amazed at how overpriced housing is in and around Newcastle. Cheapest place that has a proper kitchen AND isn't share accommodation is like 300p/w. the problem is I have to be close to work since I don't have a car and public transport isn't very reliable lately.
  8. Tim


    4 garlic cloves or go home. Currently house-hunting for mid-March.
  9. Do people seriously need "coaching" and "pickup artists" and all this shit? even for someone like me who is both introverted and shy I manage to talk to people.
  10. I'm pretty sure ANY inbreeding has a high chance for IQ to drop, for the obvious.
  11. Have they given ANY plans on graphically updating the DK's so they're in line with every other boss?
  12. They could have done a bit better then just "k betraying you, kbai."
  13. Neat, time to spend some quality time in dunge/runespan
  14. I'll rage AND cry if greenhouse never sees the light of day.
  15. This week, on hoarding specialists....
  16. Imo It should have been white with a cyan trim and Seren's symbol in the center.
  17. Yay. :> Also new master elf clan cape which.... to be honest is kinda lackluster.
  18. Tim


    had an emotional breakdown in public because of constant reminders how lonely and unstable my mental health and life is. 0/10, go [bleep] your relationships.
  19. Don't get your hopes up. remember what happened to the abyssal demon. Looks like an abyssal fish then a demon like its concept art.
  20. Because there are people in the game who have the amassed wealth to monopolize certain resources. If that honestly happened in what is supposed to be a fun game, then Runescape would be dead in a matter of months.
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