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  1. Babe plz come back.

    1. Rainy_Day


      I was never gone bro I am always here. In your heart.

  2. Tim


    I met the most amaazing guy tonight, and I almst had spaghetti fall out of my pockets. Ohhhhh my goooooood I didnt thinkk Id get smitteend that easily. also drunk, lell.
  3. Tim


    In the meantime I got highly drunk on Saturday, made out with a guy at a house party and got carpet burns on my arm.
  4. Tim


    So uh.... Cyclone weather here atm. The nearby memorial park has had half its great oaks torn up from the ground...
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Though the short beard still looks hot with the short cut you have. no homo. ...just a bit. <3
  6. Tim


    Dear god I drank so much last night, I was actually drunk enough to dance. That never happens. ._.
  7. This is a good move imo. For someone who was very un-skilled in coding, it was a pain trying to both gather data and learn to code it into guides on my own when other crewbies weren't on/available. :v
  8. Tim


    I'm buying one for $250 when I move soon. Most I found started at $600+ AU.
  9. I still want my Farming Greenhouse at some point. :<
  10. GG all my BXP, enjoy being turned into Dungeoneering points.
  11. Tim


    I dunno, the first option sounds right up my alley if they're cute enough. Flu hit me the morning before work and I only had 2 days left to the week so I took them both off so I could completely recover. Surprisingly I've recovered much faster then I normally do.
  12. Tim


    I'll never understand the whole fraternity initiation crap. Only got 10 hours work in this week thanks to the flu ._.
  13. Not enough hot men here. I'm disappointed.
  14. We're at the point now where affording a computer capable of running this newer Runescape is well within possible with a basic tower/laptop as most of the hardware can support Java/C++ with ease like this. The CURRENT version however has gone down TF2's path and just turned into an unoptimised piece of shit where salvage is almost impossible if they continue that path.
  15. Tim


    My god, it's like god himself decided to reward my eyes for all the crap I've dealt with these past few weeks. The music... the artstyle... It's just...
  16. Tim


    I'm not going to enjoy moving soon, mostly due to this shitty real estate im with currently. My lease ended 2 days ago, so I have 19 days to find a new place. In the year I've been here, they've never fixed anything, they don't do room inspections, they dont keep the place clean, the community kitchen is disgusting and most appliances are broken, there's cockroaches ALL OVER the building and to top it off, the "groundskeeper" burst into MY room this morning without permission (because the prick has a master key) to tell me I need to move my car as apparently the parking space itself is leased, which means I paid them $60 for nothing. Not only was I half-naked in bed to begin with, but walking into a room or home leased like that without permission or 24 hours notice is freaking illegal.
  17. Tim


    dropped a shelving unit on my finger and dug a deep hole in it. ...It's been 2 hours and the small jab hasn't stopped bleeding. Hoping it's fine in the morning, I really don't want to have to fill out OHS forms and have to claim compo or any of that shit, It doesn't leave a good mark on you in today's Australian job market, present or future.
  18. At least now my Farming cape will be slimmer and not look so ugly.
  19. Mod Kelpie confirmed new Skillcape designs are coming out tomorrow (Monday).
  20. Tim


    New car! :D
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