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  1. The series is great, keeps improving every episode. I read the books a long while ago and have been trying to read them along with the series again, I love the attention to detail. HBO shows never fail to impress. Can't wait to see what they do for the second and third books.
  2. EmperorJosh


    Today I got paid for manual labour for the first time in two and half years. The joys of being a University student.
  3. I've had my account since some time in 2001, I couldn't tell you when though, is there anyway to check? I've played RS on and off since 2001, only just came back to it after a year and a bit break, hence logging in to this Tip.it account and see what's going on.
  4. The last game I got was Shogan 2: Total War. I'm however currently playing Witcher 2, Fable III and LEGO: Pirates of the Carribean all on PC. And every so often I play a little FIFA 11 on PS3 over at a friend's house.
  5. I play Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on PC under the name: Yahowshuwa. Rank 45 or so. Before that I played over 300 hours of Battlefield 2 also on PC. Can't wait for Battlefield 3 which looks amazing. As for the discussions I can see on this page. The vietnam xpac is definitely worth the money, lots of fun, and the maps are well designed for the most part. Although Hardcore servers on Bad Company 2 can be fun as they make some of the bad guns a little more powerful, I find there's a lot more teamwork on the normal servers which leads to some more interesting rounds.
  6. The last thing I watched was Limitless, relatively interesting film but the ending fell short in my opinion. Probably a 6/10. The last thing I saw in the cinema was Thor, good action packed fun film that I enjoyed throughout, 8/10 for that.
  7. Currently reading: Game of Thrones - George R. R. Martin Prodigal Mage - Karen Mirren The Lair of Bones - David Farland I usually pick up one book and finish it quickly but I've been slowly switching between these three for a few weeks now. Need to get back on track.
  8. Hey, I've had a RuneScape account since 2001 and been playing on and off since then, I recently came back from a two year break and thought I'd get active on forums again. I was an active member of the RC forum before its collapse, and although I've always found Tip.it's guides useful and has a forum account registered I've never logged in to it before now. I've recently picked up slayer after completing the two years worth of quests I've missed and I haven't got bored of 'scape again yet, so lets see how it goes.
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