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  1. I took a lot of stuff that people said about my last one to heart, and now I continue on with my Halo theme presenting - FINISH THE FIGHT. C/C please
  2. I like the one in your sig best. They're all nice, but like someone else has said, they are all a bit squarish. Otherwise, I love em. 9/10
  3. That looks great! Good font and font placement! 9/10
  4. I love it. Version 2 is the best, in my opinion. The other fonts look disheveled. Great job.
  5. The other one is much, much better. Great job. :)
  6. Hmm... I don't know a ton about sig making and all, but I really think the people stand out a bit. Like, a more visible backround I'd like. Also, definatly needs a different font.
  7. Well, I'm definatly not as good as some of the people in here, but I'm not using a brand name program. I use one that came on my computer. It can do cool stuff, but really isn't totally capable of anything good. I like to think I have some skill though. Thanks for the critisism. Keep it coming :).
  8. I like the sig in general, but like others have said I think a different font would look nicer. Also, the backround on the left, is not as good IMO as the one in the top right. If you continued it like you have it in the top right, I think it would look much nicer. :D
  9. Hey my sigs up there! *points* Yay. lol. I think all your graphics are amazing. =D>
  10. I can't believe I just saw this! #-o As you can see by my avatar, I am a BIG lost fan, and I love this, (and all, for that matter) lost graphics. I think it's great, but as runemesta said, I think it's a little crowded. I suggest you take out the miror image in the corner and continue the backround. That would look nice :)
  11. What's not to be sure about? That is awesome!
  12. Great clan, and the clans you're warring are all good too! I want to see the vids but the links aren't working for me.
  13. Yeah, as they've said quests would be the best thing. Although off the top of my head, I can't think of any that raise JUST attack. Good luck.
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