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  1. i thought this would be more interesting to read and Alright so as you probs know, if you kick it between the two taller middle posts without it being touched by another player, thats 6 points. If you kick it between a bigger post and a smaller one, thats 1 point, and if the ball hits any of the posts thats 1 point. A mark is only called when the player catches the ball from a kick, that has covered more than 15 meters. I was out last night but from what i heard from randoms at the bar it was a really great game, so you saw a good one :P And ta for the other stuff if it hits the small post it's out of bounds you derp
  2. Back to uni so playing time will be minimal, even more minimal than currently, which is minimally minimal. July 27 97 Summoning:
  3. master race July 15 99 Herblore: 92 Construction: 95 Woodcutting:
  4. hi im aleem dar and welcome to jackass also lollionstourripdeans
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