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  1. Happy Birthday! (:

  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. There you have it; the requirement is like that so you can't smith the stuff on any old anvil or at a normal forge and what not.
  5. Under the hood does sound like mechanics but it also doesnt make much sense because its not a headline update, it sounds like an "in other news" Under the hood could be skill-cape upgrades or something along those lines although I have no idea They did have pictures of really cool looking skill capes as the background for a dragon platebody once.
  6. So you want the words uncensored so more people can use them in this way ingame, then? Uncensoring the words does little to help this problem, and promoting awareness in those too young to understand what sexuality is (which some 'Scaper's no doubt are) wouldn't exactly have a positive effect on them, I would guess. Honestly, there is no reason to be talking about sexuality on RuneScape, so the words may as well stay censored.
  7. I'm pretty sure that he is only referring to bronze through rune javelins, or he's never heard of Morrigan's javelins or seen them used. The only use I've ever found for any of those was snagging metal dragons with rune ones. You guys are being awfully picky about the wording of the OP's sentences, though. Even I can understand what he is saying, so I'm sure you all can.
  8. No, they had wings. Why would they kill it and remove it's wings? Also, from what we saw of them, we can see that their spines are curved like a vulture's, and not straight like that skeletons. Also, look. It has feet. I think Dragonkin had talons or something similar, right? I would say... They probably leave it there and energy is slowly drained from it over time and given to them.
  9. The newsflash bit just got me up in arms; that's where I got the better part from. Sorry, the internet kinda skews the whole "conveying emotions" deal, so statements seem different than they originally were meant to. Anyway, I thought everyone knew girls played before this topic came 'round. I know a girl who play[ed/s]. It seems a bit nonsensical to debate this; the vast majority agreed, didn't they? To me, each avatar is just a person; I don't care what gender they are because I treat them like my students; the same no matter their gender. I forget what point I was getting at, so I'll just say this: Have fun, try your hardest, show respect. If you do that, then people will probably return the favour. If they don't, they're unsavoury characters to begin with and you'd best forget them. If you would've guessed a year off from that, my cover would've been blown for sure!
  10. If a whole pizza can fit in one inventory space, why can't two halves? No, it's not Photoshopped. I used Paint. Anyway, when I order a pizza from Pizza Hut, it is cut into eight pieces usually. They all fit in the box, though they are separate pieces, so why should RuneScape pizza be different? Have it two pieces normally or something, because that's how we do it for real. I support.
  11. RuneScape = RS = Repetitive Strain. Seriously, though, firemake x would just be strange. You still wouldn't be able to afk it, because someone could take your line, or you could run into an obstacle, but it's not like you would be able to do anything while you watch the screen. Also, definitely not for the arrows, because couldn't you just get like a million unfinished arrows and Fletch them into arrows overnight? For the shops, I agree. I don't see why we can't put sell-x on. It wouldn't affect what is currently there, and it could help those who want a faster way to sell their items. I agree with a third of your idea.
  12. From this, it looks like you're taking this whole thing as a contest to show us boys that girls are better (or equal). I don't know, though, why anyone would want look at it that way. [sarcasm]Oh, and thanks for the newsflash. Throughout this thread, it hasn't already been proven that females can do other things than cook.[/sarcasm] The reasons male sports are prioritized, anyway, are that (1.) male athletes are usually capable of more than females, and (2.) male sports fans (apparently the majority, or at least the target group) can probably relate better to them and get into the game more. Girls aren't doing the exact same thing, anyway. Example: Longest distance run by a man on a treadmill in 24 hours Same thing, but a female this time Sure, the difference is small, but who cares about the girl who ran 153 miles in a day? Look at that guy who ran 160! It also might be like when I'd see a dog and say "What's his name?", but my friend, who is a girl, would refer to the dog as a girl (until we knew it's actual gender.) You sort of, I don't know, gravitate toward your own gender? If you can't see it, you might assume it is your own gender. Just my two cents. [hide=Disclaimer]I'm sick of the whole debate over which gender is better or worse or whatever, and sick of hearing whining minorities of guys/girls in school and such, and that probably carried over to this message. Boys aren't better, and girls aren't better, and no one should care. There are more girls in the real world, and obviously more boys in RuneScape. It doesn't matter.[/hide]
  13. What makes you think that Mod Dylan posted the thread immediately after he returned? I'd say he has been at Jagex for a longer time but just decided to post at 19-Aug-2009.He said he was gone for a year and a half, so we know he came back that long after he left. When exactly did he leave?
  14. That and the CEO of our game is treated like a Messiah by the players. -.- MMG is very similar to OMG. :idea: Could it be that...? Nah.
  15. That is true, and for skills, Jagex goes to the tenth place when calculating your experience. So that's 214,757,163.9, which is an ugly number, so they make it 200 million.
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