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  1. Gratz on 99 hits, the 2nd best looking untrimmed 99 1st is untrimmed prayer
  2. Lol my luck's been crap before today. Today is an amazing day: No more than 15 kills apart Amazing day Todays task: 50 Black dragons: Visage 72: Goraks 2 D spears Next 190 dust devils :D
  3. Sorry mate "/ Oh btw I was using ring of life for both visage's thanks Jak
  4. Well a year ago, I got this: Unfortunately I got hacked on Dec. 5th, 2007 and lost everything. I quit for 6 months I came back on June 2008 I got a 50 black dragon task and get this: That is why you should never skip black dragons. I killed a total of 162 black dragons from slayer. Very very good day.
  5. To Ixindor: If you would punch someone because of a game... you are taking this game wayyy to seriously That guy didn't have to bless you grave he should of but you taking it out on other people is completely stupid. OT: I started playing rs like 3 or 4 weeks ago, I got hacked lost my DFS and around 50mill worth of items, so here I am with around 5 mill in items and I do slayer blah blah I get a clue and I do it. I get a sara wizard in the Elf land way north near the spider eggs. Well me trying to act cool and saving the few monks I have and I die. Great I just started playing again and I die with all the money I have left... ( I luckily bought the 4 mins gravestone) and I am rushing to my death spot cursing my wagon off and then at the bottom of my screen I see a message someone had blessed my grave. I never ever felt so good in rs (and I gotten 3 guthan spears, a visage, and like 40 barrow drops.) Someone blessing your gravestone when you really needed is an amazing feeling. I bless all gravestones I see. I saw a guy die at metal dragons sure it cost me prayer pot but it I know how it feels to be in that situation. So anyone out there that thinks they are too cool to bless someone else's grave just remember karma is a [bleep] and its going to bite you in the [wagon] one day.
  6. Runescape is garbage Its no longer a game its a communist country, Jagex controls our economy. I give it a year for it to slowly but painfully die.
  7. Why does everyone says they hate bots? I mean I didn't like them either and they weren't good for the game but players needed them. Now the prices of bones, fish,logs, raws, and every other items is going to go to the roof. I rather pay for d bones at 1.6k ea from a bought and buy 20k at a time. then pay 5k for 1k at a time. RS will soon die.
  8. Halo 3 > Bioshock I saw you play that game today noob FFS I can't get lone wolfs to 45 so I can become a Brigadier =[ Teach me how to be noob like you?
  9. Read Summoning: Part 3 It is directly related to combat and will raise the max level to 138
  10. And summoning requires 4 member quest gf better luck next year
  11. Gorillabones I play Halo 3 try to beat me Better luck next year
  12. I constantly cheat I cheat because I want, I cheat because I can And I cheat because I never been caught just today we had a World History test I knew I wasn't going to get the highest score, so I cheat and got a High B But I stole the test, stupid teacher gave it to my buddies and they got all the answers right the people who say cheating is pathetic well You fail with honor, I pass Think of it this way, Who smarter? they guy who cheated, didn't get caught, and passed or the 'Honored guy' who failed the class, have to take it again and truly is an idiot
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